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Is the Flynn indictment

20 Feb


This is the ONLY significant “coup” for Mueller, and suddenly it is looking quite shaky. There really is little else. THIS was the strongest thing he had? I dunno. He certainly led with it. I know Lefties are having fantasies about Mueller finding something else, but that is a delusion, a hashish-pipe dream. We’re into the realm of heroin, here. At most they will find that the valet didn’t share tips as agreed.

If Mueller did indeed hide exculpatory stuff from Flynn, he (Mueller) is going to get absolutely pasted by the judge. The whole case would then very likely bet thrown out completely.

But there are real issues, here.


Give it up, Lefties.

18 Feb

It’s over.

It was always a steaming pile of crap. Any non-hack person with room-temperature IQ knows that! But the MSM continues to promulgate this stupidity and gullible people still buy it…

So, can we get rid of Mueller now? At long last, can we leave this idiocy behind us?

Now the truth is that I think that we are seeing an exit strategy for Frankenstein Mueller. This is the end game.


Well “Powerline” “week in pictures”

17 Feb

had a few good ones:






16 Feb

is Trump cleared? 

It sure seems that maybe so. That would be a HUGE blow to Democrats.  Huge.

It if there were more, wouldn’t it have led?

This seems like a rather mealy-mouthed anti-climax. So maybe there is more to come.

But as I have said, unless there is incontrovertible evidence this will lead to a civil war.

No Americans charged.

Update: Yeah, it’s over.


Gee, another

16 Feb

known wolf.” So why are authorities so incompetent?


The FL school shooting is horrific.

15 Feb

But stupid, stupid policies have made stuff like this more likely. Just more senseless carnage in a “gun-free zone.” Gee, what a surprise. This is in not just run-of-the-mill stupidity, it is criminal stupidity! It is negligent in the extreme.

Just imagine if there had been teacher and/or administrators there who had been armed. What if there were those designated for open carry, but there were also an unknown number of teachers who carried concealed?

If that had been the case, would we have 17 dead? Would this have ever happened at all?

Why on earth do we send our children to places that not only are unprotected but that demand that they remain  unprotected? This is nuts. Totally nuts.


NOW look who is now

12 Feb

“stealing  the show” at the Olympics!

Well, Jong-Un’s sister is sure good at stealing

CNN is staffed by blithering idiots.

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Huh. We’ll

10 Feb

see what happens.

But I just have to say that we are seeing a lot of resignations. Probably just coincidence.


The OODA loop

10 Feb

President. Democrats are getting worked. They are clueless and confused.

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Yeah, maybe

10 Feb

it was just a really good job. Maybe.

But it sure seems like rats fleeing a sinking ship…

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