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You know,

18 Nov

there is a reason. I mean, I won’t say that Moore did not do at least SOME of the things he is accused of, at least to somebody.  He almost for sure did. But you gotta admit, parts of this woman’s account are more than a little bit fishy. And hiring Allred is hardly something that inspires confidence! These are NOT the behaviors of a women who is confident in her accusations.

But there is a reason Allred has advised her client to not produce the yearbook. And there is only ONE reason to do that, and that is because it weakens the accusation in some way. If it strengthened the case you can bet it would already be out there. If it really made little difference there would be no great objection–nothing changes.

Again, I’m not saying that there is nothing to any accusation against Roy Moore, but this is certainly the strongest one–that’s why it is such a big deal if it is discredited. If THAT has significant aspects that are not true, what else is not true? The whole thing implodes.


I think it is true.

16 Nov

Bill Clinton was very clearly a sexual predator. I knew that in the early 1990s.

And without the shameful Roy Moore issue that is now at the fore, there would not be such an excuse to hammer Bill Clinton now. But the Clintons are a serious negative for Democrats, now. So under the bus they go!


I’m telling you,

16 Nov

we are seeing a very significant sea-change.

Democrats are doing this now because they need to jettison Hillary. They don’t actually care about sexual harassment–that is just to fool the rubes, but they do care about electoral victories. So, under the bus go the Clintons! They may have defended them for years, but that was when they were of some use.



07 Nov

destroys the Lefty anti-gun narrative. I mean, TOTALLY destroys it. Leaves in a crumpled heap in the fetal position muttering the word, “Mama.”

As Twitchy has been reporting, the lefty narrative machine following the evil murderous rampage in Sutherland Springs, Texas on Sunday has been working overtime to demonize the “gun lobby,” specifically the NRA and many Republicans. After killing and wounding many inside the church, the shooter was confronted by two armed citizens. One of the men has a background that that might give the #Gunsense alarmists a moment of pause.

Soooo, the guy who intervened and stopped the Texas massacre was a former NRA gun instructor. THAT is a brutal butt-whooping. Talk about being taken out back behind the shed and shown how the west was won!

They better put some ointment on that butt-whipping!

Ho-leee crap!

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Yes, they can.

06 Nov

And they should.

Don’t scrounge off others, if you can help it. Take your own safety into your own hands!

There will be kooks. Be prepared.

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05 Nov

This is a very big deal, indeed.

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01 Nov

happy all the time. Whatever.

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It’s pretty dang obvious:

31 Oct

Manafort was indicted because he was an easy mark.

We need to understand well that this has nothing to do with Trump. The purported crimes all took place LONG before Manafort was even involved with the Trump campaign! And Manafort lasted all of four months and change in the Trump campaign. The monetary amounts are indeed staggering, but envy is not a basis for criminal charges. Not in a free country, anyway.

And the charges against Manafort are weak.  Andrew McCarthy is a former Federal Prosecutor for such things, and he pretty well knows what he is talking about. Yeah, weak.

I guess Mueller felt he had to do something to justify his existence. So he charged Manafort with the “crime” (and it was one) of not filling out the right paperwork. He had to disclose he was a lobbyist fr a former Russian country and didn’t until a few months ago. Please don’t misunderstand me–Manafort almost for sure did this for nefarious reasons. But no one gets chucked into Federal prison for such things. Manafort is worried, I’m sure. But I doubt he is panicked. Trump is laughing at the Bozo that is Mueller. As should we all… Mueller hasn’t laid a glove on Trump.

But the real reason behind Mueller’s behavior is NOT to bag Manafort. It is to squeeze him in hopes he will provide actionable intelligence on Trump. Mueller’s goal was not to get Manafort, it was always to get Trump.

Of course, there is plenty to go after on the Hillary side. I’m not at all sure that Mueller would go in that direction. Even if he did it would not be a repudiation of his very real weaknesses. I mean, I would love to see Mueller go after Hillary herself, but it’s not like that would make him a decent human being. Besides, we are not likely to be at risk for that! But maybe. Hopefully.

No, he’s after Trump and Trump only. THAT is why there are charges against Manafort for things (allegedly) done shortly after the turn of the century (and long before Manafort joined the Trump team).

I think the Papadopoulis case has far more potential for damage to Trump. But even that one rather exonerates Trump in most of the important facts. I think that one also fails to hurt Trump and is pretty weak, and that one is far stronger in terms of hurting Trump than the Manafort one.

So we’ll see how the future unfolds. As of now, Mueller’s got nothing.


There is a

30 Oct

good reason why fool like Corker and Flake are leaving the Senate: They are losers.

They know very well that regular people are mightily torqued at clowns like them, and they would almost certainly lose a contested primary. This is not them being “noble,” it is them putting their tails firmly between their legs and slinking away. Of course, they will be the biggest butt-heads they can until they are (thankfully) gone. Well, they can’t be gone soon enough for me!

Flake is not a hero, he is a lilly-livered coward. If he cared one bit about what he says he does he would rally folks of a similar opinion and fight. But he won’t because he knows he will lose. He knows his position is incredibly weak and that he has little following. People are NOT siding with him because he is obviously wrong. He just has no case. It’s all hat and no cattle. People in Arizona are sick of his brand of nonsense, and they know he is full of crap. Get this weak crap out of here! LOSER!

I was critical of Bush. I have been critical of Trump. But I tell the truth, and the truth is Flake and Corker are total cowards and losers. Be off with you both!

(And I say this as a person whose mother is good friends with the Flake family and in fact worked closely with one for years)


My nephew lives in Spain. Barcelona.

30 Oct

I’m a bit concerned for him. This is a big deal.

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