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I have rarely

18 Sep

seen such an epic beat-down! Shapiro made this guy look like a total fool. Total fool.

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Is Trump in trouble?

15 Sep

He is starting to look and act like a weasel. He is getting chummy with Pelosi and Schumer. He appears to be backtracking on his immigration stands (which were rather “core” in his campaign). He cuts Steve Bannon loose.

What is happening? Is he losing his mojo? Is he falling victim to the McCain conceit?

Look, Trump was by far the best choice in November. Hillary was and is a total turd, and no thinking and moral person would either vote for her or make her election more likely by voting for some loser/idiot 3rd party candidate. That much is crystal clear.

But Trump has made a pretty big mis-step in colluding with Pelosi and Schumer. This was an unforced error. If he truly becomes “Amnesty Don” he is done for. He will certainly get a primary challenge. And just where will he run if THAT happens? He can’t run to the LEFT, yet he would not be credible in running to the Right. The Left would not support him–not by a long shot. The right could be angry and just sit at home (and that would be devastating to Trump).

He has no hope of getting the Left. They hate him with the heat of 1,000 suns. Conservatives on the Left of the spectrum <cough> Bill Crystal <cough> have long despised him and been quite open about it. He can’t afford to alienate the mainstream Right, too.

A couple solid SCOTUS picks would certainly help.

See, Schumer and Pelosi will pretend to be your friend. But as John McCain found out, Lefty “friends” will stick a knife into your back as soon as the opportunity presents itself. It’s dangerous to chase their approval!

Trump needs to be careful. He won on the basis of rabid fans who felt disenfranchised. But they are likely to turn on HIM if he strays all that far, or if they see him as just another do-nothing politician. Ann Coulter is already critical of Trump, and she was pretty firmly on the “Trump train.”  Now we are just starting to see Sean Hannity “flip” or at least openly flirt with flipping, and he was one of the biggest Trump boosters there was! Uh, is this the start of an avalanche? Trump had better “right the ship,” and soon!


Look, it’s

08 Sep

not 1996 anymore. Things have changed. I’ve told you many time the Right is angry. They have certainly had enough of the hard Left and they have also had enough of the Ryan/McCain RINO crowd. Yes, the R blue-bloods sniff at Donald Trump through their turned-up noses. The RINO crowd loves to talk tough and then crump in the face of the slightest hint of opposition. And many of us normals are sick to death of it. Read the article and just feel the anger.

There are still some goofy fringe RINO types still whining about Trump’s election–they would have rather had a corrupt Hillary and a little more status quo. But most of us realize that Hillary was hopelessly corrupt and Trump at least provided hope–many of us voted for hope. Others of us took some stupid “never Trump” pose and covered our stupidity or cupidity in faux moral outrage.

Yeah, whatever.

Well, they can go pound sand. They will not admit that they were wrong even though it is blindingly obvious. Some of us were never fooled! And I certainly don’t take political advice from people who have been chronically wrong.

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Here is a photo

04 Sep

of all the help that Antifa and BLM is giving to Hurricane Harvey victims (thanks, Powerline):

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More from

03 Sep


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It’s been a pleasant surprise.

02 Sep

Trump has been remarkably competent when dealing with the Texas storm. Remarkably. Sure-footed and perspicatious.

Of course, the openly partisan MSM are unsurprisingly silent on this, but it is obviously true.

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I would absolutely LOVE it!

01 Sep

Lefties would freak to the point of wetting themselves. I agree that Trump should authorize this immediately. Let the Lefties rail and vote against it. And pass the popcorn…

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Male Privilege

29 Aug

in actionL

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All the frantic Trump hatred

21 Aug

is boring. Totally boring. Boooooriiing.

If these guys think normal people are getting all in a lather about Trump, they are sadly mistaken. They are so narcissistic that they just assume that their concerns are the same as the concerns of normal folks.

But normals just don’t give a crap (and for good reason). They don’t care a bit about the hysterical rantings of the MSM. The fact that the soi-disant “elite” keep pushing this shows just how out-of-touch they are with regular people. Regular people really don’t care, and this is just a sign that Trump was right.



I gotta say,

27 Jul

I really hope it happens. There would not be another Democrat President for 3 generations. And California stupidity would be “not my problem” The House of Representatives would have a chunk of stupid Leftists gone, and it is FAR more likely that this left would make good laws for the rest of us.

States like Idaho, Utah, Arizona, and Texas would stop being infiltrated by stupid Californians!

Yes, there would be an income tax loss, but I think even that is in the long term a good thing. And CA would be more than happy to trade with the US–you think they would just let their produce rot in the fields? You think Hollywood wouldn’t want to continue distributing their films to the nearby states? You think they wouldn’t want to make it as easy as possible for Americans to visit so as to boost tourism? Oh C’MON!

I think there is indeed an issue of military bases (which I think is the biggest problem), but I’m sure we could work something out. And maybe they could take Oregon with them (or at least Portland). It might make Washington state “scared straight.” If not, they can sure go, too. See ya! But they won’t.

Good people would flee the state. California would have to sleep in the bed they soiled, and that pretty much warms my heart. They couldn’t scab off the rest of the country. They think the rest of the country wants them to stay, but most of us think, “Don’t let the door hit you on the butt on the way out.”

I dunno, it just seems hard to see a downside to them leaving. Any pain would be quite temporary and the gain would be immense.

I’m not lucky enough for it to happen.