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Paul Ryan

22 Mar

is getting creamed. He’s looking more like a RINO squish every day. He must really be doing what he thinks is right, because this crap sure doesn’t make him popular! He is very much looking like a Boehner with hair…

It’s too bad–he was so promising. Even more reason to primary him. See ya!


In case you think

21 Mar

that Sweden is some sort of paradise, think again.

Western Europe is fast becoming a shell of itself. There’s a warning lesson, here. If the U.S. follows the Democrats into the same Lefty path, the same thing will happen here. DUH!

And if you think that there is no idealogical warfare going on, you are sadly and pathetically naive.

No wonder Trump won…



20 Mar

is hilarious.



14 Mar

finally. There are just too many in Britain (and the U.S.) who only value the voice of the people when the people say something they agree with.

But you are a blamed fool if you don’t recognize that things are very much changing around the world. From Brexit to Trump to Marine LePen, (and there are many more examples) there is a sea-change. This ain’t your father’s world. And it’s not at all clear that Leftism has addressed that at all!

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Well, I’m

28 Feb

not at all surprised.

I think the Oscars are just tired and trite. No one cares. At all.

The HUGE gaffe was just the icing on a crap cake. Two more years of this and the Oscars won’t even be televised. Then the media whores of all stripes won’t show up at all.

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15 Feb

the issues regarding Russia.

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As usual,

14 Feb

Ramirez hits the nail on the head:


Just what has Trump done

13 Feb

that is racist or sexist? Please, can someone enlighten me? I mean, I’ve heard these things attributed to him, but is it true?

I just don’t want to be “gaslighted,” and it seems like perhaps that is what is happening. I mean, I hear him described as a racist and sexist all the time, but no one has pointed out anything he has done that is racist or sexist. It just seems like another Lefty lie (you know, like NAZIs were on the right). Am I missing something?

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A great new cover

10 Feb

for Time magazine:

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09 Feb

really very good news. Jeff Sessions is a stand-up, moral guy. All those who voted against him in a fit of partisan hackery ought to be ashamed of themselves. Unfortunately, these folks seem to have no shame.

So far Trump is batting a thousand in getting his cabinet approved. The only major hurdle left is his SCOTUS pick, and again the only reason to vote against him is pure partisan hackery. Shame, Democrats, shame!