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All I’ve got to say

12 May

is that I’m very glad that Trump fired Comey. Really good move.


You want

21 Apr

more Trump?

Oh, heck. You know the rest. It’s a real shot in the arm for Marine LePen.

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There is little doubt

17 Apr

as to why there is silence about this event.

It is quite clear: This was a heinous, brutal crime committed by an Islamist against a Jew. It would dramatically boost Marine LePen, so the media lackeys have to cover it up. It’s pretty simple.

I mean, do you think the coverage would be the same if a young Jew had brutally murdered an elderly and helpless Muslim? Don’t be a total idiot.

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I thank my lucky stars

15 Apr

each day. As Otto Von Bismarck said, “God has a special providence for fools, drunkards, and the United States of America.”

The U.S. was protected in the last election.

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All this

15 Apr

I very much hope.

Obama was SO terrible and so incompetent that it is a sure thing that Trump will be better. Even now he already is.

The fact that Hillary is not President makes me feel that I had a near-death experience. I feel I need to pull off the freeway, gasping and shaking.

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07 Apr

it’s a great day.

And this is possibly also a harbinger of Lefty losses in the future, which is of course a good thing.

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Yeah, Trump

07 Apr

must be nuts to say that Sweden has a terrorism problem!

The usual idiots make lame excuses.

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The Russians may

05 Apr

well have hacked the DNC. They almost for sure did. They tried to hack the RNC but the RNC was too smart and took appropriate precautions.

But the Russians did NOT hack the election. Trump’s victory was totally legitimate. To say otherwise is pure delusion. It is in the Democrat’s interest to confuse this issue. And they are trying very hard to do so. But don’t you be confused…

The ELECTION was simply not hacked. The DNC was hacked.

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I think

05 Apr

this is very important. Not only because McCain is at best an unreliable ally and we need him on board with this, but because it gives other fence-sitters permission to go nuclear. Now Collins and others can vote their conscience with a little cover. McCain has given cover, here.

Let’s say that ideologically you are in the mushy middle. You think the Conservativism is probably correct, but you also value the Georgetown cocktail parties and the favorable NYT articles.

Then a squish like McCain, who has always been a rather hide-bound traditionalist, says that he is willing to get rid of the filibuster. Suddenly, you are free. You can vote for the “nuclear option” totally unimpeded by your social desires. McCain gave you permission. If there is a problem, you can just point to McCain.

It is the end of the filibuster.

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What a

28 Mar

heartwarming story! Tale as old as time: Little boy grows up to be the man that defends the family! Awww! <sniff> They grow up so fast!

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