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I gotta say,

27 Jul

I really hope it happens. There would not be another Democrat President for 3 generations. And California stupidity would be “not my problem” The House of Representatives would have a chunk of stupid Leftists gone, and it is FAR more likely that this left would make good laws for the rest of us.

States like Idaho, Utah, Arizona, and Texas would stop being infiltrated by stupid Californians!

Yes, there would be an income tax loss, but I think even that is in the long term a good thing. And CA would be more than happy to trade with the US–you think they would just let their produce rot in the fields? You think Hollywood wouldn’t want to continue distributing their films to the nearby states? You think they wouldn’t want to make it as easy as possible for Americans to visit so as to boost tourism? Oh C’MON!

I think there is indeed an issue of military bases (which I think is the biggest problem), but I’m sure we could work something out. And maybe they could take Oregon with them (or at least Portland). It might make Washington state “scared straight.” If not, they can sure go, too. See ya! But they won’t.

Good people would flee the state. California would have to sleep in the bed they soiled, and that pretty much warms my heart. They couldn’t scab off the rest of the country. They think the rest of the country wants them to stay, but most of us think, “Don’t let the door hit you on the butt on the way out.”

I dunno, it just seems hard to see a downside to them leaving. Any pain would be quite temporary and the gain would be immense.

I’m not lucky enough for it to happen.


This indeed

17 Jul

may be the cratering of the EU.

Italy is very clearly saying that if the EU continues to make them miserable, they will make the EU miserable. It is a very thinly veiled threat.

The EU just cannot survive for long.

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So why do Trump voters

13 Jul

and many other just not care about the Russia kerfuffle? I know I sure don’t. And I was never a Trumpkin.

The first reason is, I think, because the Lefty media is SO dishonest. They have “cried wolf” over and over, and now we just don’t care WHAT they say. They lie all the time, so what makes us think that they are telling the truth THIS time? They have long lied about Trump and have a clear animus toward him. They will always couch things in the worst possible terms for Trump. I think we just assume that this is merely an expression of that animus and NOT an even-handed search for truth. If I thought I was being told the whole truth, I would care. But I really doubt I am. So I don’t. These are the wages of MSM boosterism and slavish Obama suck-up-ism. This is what happens when you reject even the possibility of Truth.

If you sacrifice Truth, MSM, it will come back and bite you in the butt. If, as you have taught with post-modernism, there IS no Truth, just why should I believe YOU over a dog-faced baboon? Huh? On what grounds could you possibly claim Truth-Value? I thought you said that there IS no Truth! So again, on what grounds should I believe YOU? Where do you get your authority?

The reason Donald Trump said he could shoot somebody in public and his people would still support him is largely because the reporting on it would be so suspect. We would think that maybe he DID shoot this guy, but then again it is quite unlikely that we are getting the whole story from the MSM. They lie. Maybe he didn’t really shoot him. Or maybe he did but it was justifiable self-defense. We simply don’t know, and the MSM are just not reliable. So we just shrug.

The other important issue here is that the alternative–Hillary–was SO bad that the point really was moot. I may not like Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream. I may correctly point out that it tastes like frozen Pepto-Bismal. But when the alternative is poop ice cream, one starts begging for the mint chocolate chip!

There were many of us who would rather be poked in the eye with a rusty nail than see Hillary as President. And Trump has done some pretty laudable things. So two things may well be true, here: You might not like Trump AND he might be the best available option. The choice is NOT made in a vacuum. Sometimes you choose the best available option, even if that is not the best imaginable one. This is something that many Republicans need to learn.

It was quite clear that Trump was a far, far better option than Hillary. So given that, what else is there? What else matters? Don’t talk to me about some sort of high-minded idealogical or moral purity–that truly doesn’t mean crap in this situation.

The moral thing is to do the best thing in the situation you are actually in. So quit whining about the lack of perfection in this world and make a freakin’ call.

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27 Jun

So it turns out that those sketchy (and anonymous, of course) Trump/Russian prostitute stories at least originated with (and were almost for sure created by) a shady Democrat opposition research business. Run by former journalists, no less. And the MSM was eager to breathlessly report it because it made Trump look bad. Shocker.

It was always a bunch of crap. That much was obvious to me from the beginning. It just never made sense! I was never fooled by this crap. Unfortunately, some were.

Don’t be a fool. Don’t just automatically take what the MSM publishes as true. Some of it is true, if only by accident. But the source is just not reliable. Now if the MSM says that a door is yellow, you have to ask if there are other reliable and independent sources to confirm it.

And this speaks directly to leaks, as well. So some NYT reporter gets a letter with no return address from an anonymous  purported “whistleblower” Who says X. No one has seen the issue. The fact cannot be confirmed by an outside source. And this was anonymously leaked to this single reporter. Yeah, maybe true, but color me skeptical.

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Say it with me:

21 Jun

Wah, wah, wah, wah

This is the Democrat theme.


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Another day,

20 Jun

another “known wolf” attack in France.  

Sheesh! No wonder Donald Trump won!

Yeah, cross France off the list of place for me to ever visit.

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Yes, it is

16 Jun

the end of the beginning.

The truth is that all the Lefty doomsday freaking out about the bad things that Donald Trump would usher in–those things just haven’t come to pass as of yet, and MANY good things have already taken place.

The Democrats run the risk of being totally irrelevant and in fact, GONE–totally–gone the way of the Whigs. They have no bench and they have no guiding principles. They got nothing! They have incessantly carped about how Trump will cause catastrophe, and now if he doesn’t, what do we make of these modern-day Cassandras? What if they turn out to be full of crap? What if they are no more “truthy” than a Magic 8-Ball? What then?

Oh sure, the doctrine of force and power has always been seductive to people, so no doubt something else will come along. An Asp may crawl out of the Cockatrice’s den. But change is definitely in the wind…

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OK, now there is significant push-back

15 Jun

on Mueller. It’s looking more and more like this is a very bad move. Further, it means that Mueller is just not reliable, that he is so ensconced in the incestual DC world that he is irredeemable. That means that his recommendations may well not be accepted, especially by the public. His pronouncements may well be seen as just more hackery, the death throes of the “deep state.”

See, Mueller’s problem is not the Trump administration. They will go along. It is the public. A special counsel is effective because he or she has some intellectual “heft.” They are unimpeachable. But when the special counsel is seen as merely a representation of the problem, his or her authority is functionally gone.

The Left has been SO deranged and unhinged because of President Trump that now this special counsel is more than a little sullied. And Mueller has made it far worse with his hiring of a staff known to be Leftists and Trump critics. Raise your hand if you want to go to trial with a jury made up of people who think you are a turd. Yeah, no one. I thought not…

What should Trump do? Fire Mueller. Have someone else to take his place–the switch should be simultaneous, but fire Mueller. And do it NOW. Later it can be spun that you just don’t like the results, but there are no results now, so fire him now. Tap someone who lives in Iowa do it. The DC cocktail circuit is NOT where you want to look…

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Don’t kid yourself,

14 Jun

Mueller won’t be fair. Remember, personnel is policy. In Mueller’s personnel choices we see his policy.

By any stretch of fairness or even legality, Mueller should be gone.

See, even now, I (who am relatively establishment-oriented) don’t care one bit about any criticisms Comey has of Donald Trump. He is just not believable.

Honestly, is a Special Counsel even necessary now?


We learned

12 Jun

some important things in the Comey testimony.

We learned that Donald Trump can be a meanie. Meh. We already knew that. To paraphrase Billy Joel, he may indeed be crazy. But it just may be a looonatic we’re looking for.

So that is actually not important at all to me. It’s like someone calling me a Conservative. My response is, “Well, yeah. DUH! You say that like it is a BAD thing…”

But we found out that Loretta Lynch is a crook, and that along with Barack Obama she conspired in a criminal cover-up meant to saddle the country with Hillary Clinton. And Comey was a willing co-conspirator.

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