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06 Jul

because Obama was SUCH a crappy negotiator and foreign policy “expert” and world leader and was so blasted naive,  North Korea both has the atomic bomb and now has ICBMs. Good job, Obama, good job.

I’m sure the rich and famous friends he hangs with these days have bomb shelters they will share with him and his Secret Service bodyguards. Like a cockroach, he is pretty much sure to survive the coming NK nuclear blast. And that is really the only thing he cares about.

Moron! <shakes head> It truly boggles the mind.

There’s just not much we can do now.

Nice work, Obama…

You. Are. An. Idiot.

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Don’t be a rube.

14 Oct

The idea that the Obamacare websites are not working because they are so popular is a foolish delusion and a bald-faced lie. If they were shut down because of overwhelming traffic you’d just get a “404  error.” (I think that’s the number) But it’s once one is actually IN the website that there is  trouble.  This is NOT due to the comparatively small amount of traffic they’re getting. That is a lie. Maybe they overpaid for a crappy website. Just the folks you want to dictate your health care, right? This doesn’t bode well…