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30 Dec

this anti-israel crap was all orchestrated by Obama. Shocker.

Yeah. Are you surprised? I’m sure not.

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25 Dec

nice gifts…

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06 Dec

This is breathtakingly outrageous.

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Look, she’s

05 Sep

either criminal or incompetent.

I think it’s mainly the former, with a whiff of the latter in the air. Folks, she is immoral. So why would you vote for a person whom you know to be immoral? As a moral person myself, I just don’t get it. So if you are a Hillary hack, how do you live with yourself? No, really. I want to understand. Can anyone fill me in?

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Guys, guys.

19 Aug

It was ransom. DUH!

Even Obama flaks admit it now. Anyone with half a brain understood that before. And remember, Obama first denied this obvious truth. It was ONLY when it was so obviously preposterous that anyone with more than room-temperature IQ knew it was false that he changed his tune.

And THAT should be a lesson to you. Let’s see, a Democrat President–aided and abetted by his MSM lackey co-conspirators–lied to you and kept up the story until it just was no longer possible. So, what else is there? Truth is the enemy of these guys…

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Yeah, gov’t

11 Aug

is just a name for money we waste together!

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This could become

08 Aug

an absolutely HUGE deal for Hillary. It was easy to dismiss her security stupidity when the damage was only theoretical. We could ignore it and say that it was merely US Presidential politics when it was only theoretical.

But now we are talking about the real death of a real person! That is a totally different story. Things just got real. Now there appears to be a body count. This is a legitimate threat to Hillary.

I just think that this makes it much harder for her to skate. Comey soiled himself in getting her off legally (and Comey will never recover his honor), but the public may not be so gullible and craven.

And here is the other issue: Many hard core Conservatives were just not going to vote or (shudder) vote for Hillary because they were so torqued about Donald Trump. But this may mobilize them. So not only could it hurt her with the mushy middle (even they may not be able to tolerate this) but it could galvanize the “Never Trump” crowd into voting for Trump.

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What is the answer to terrorism?

14 Jun

It is to beat them. Kill them in their beds. Kill them while they’re on the pot. Nothing like killing them in humiliating ways to discourage them from attacking innocent people.

Our current President is a wuss and a moron–he is hopelessly stuck in the 1970s. We need someone who will have no qualms about killing terrorists while they sit on the pot. Give them the bacon bomb. drop issues of Hustler on them. Let them capture a water truck full of whisky.


It’s not like

04 Apr

Hillary did nothing in the Senate! 

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If you were wise,

05 Jan

you’d have seen this coming.

As night follows day, economic decline and squalor follow Democrats. To riff on Margaret Thatcher, at some point you do indeed run out of other people’s money… Also, we see the death of morality.

And understand well, this is NOT some unusual circumstance. This is part and parcel of the whole Leftist gig. Hey pal, it doesn’t work! I know it sounds good on the surface, but it is a dog that don’t hunt. Yeah, you would take it to do good, but you are not its master, and you would inevitably become a hated and violent and immoral despot. Yeah, I fully understand that your intentions are good, but we would all still wind up in Hell if we followed you. Boromir can be very convincing, but he is still wrong. Don’t be Boromir!

In other words, Leftism turns good to evil in a kind of moral Jiu-Jitsu. Just don’t go there! YOU cannot go there and remain moral. You are not its master.

A great example of this is Bill Clinton. He is a famously nice guy, and those who work with him truly love him. He has a gift for really connecting with people. But Leftism morally corrupted him–as he became more and more Leftist as he matured, he could no longer see the moral implications of his other actions. He became inured to all sorts of sexual indulgence and even rape. He became Gollum.

But we need to clearly understand that his immorality and his Leftism spring from the same source. No doubt he always leaned that way, in terms of his Leftism (as well as his immorality). But his Leftism (and his wife; look at who he chose to marry) removed all barriers to his moral behavior. So as he became more powerful he became more corrupt. We just can’t meaningfully separate his immorality from his Leftism.

I’m sure he started out with the intention of doing good, but he ended up being a despotic old lech. That should be a lesson and a warning to us all.

I’m NOT saying that being conservative totally prevents you from being immoral, only that it doesn’t aid and abet it. I mean, when Conservatives do evil things (and they sometimes do), the people and the party openly revolt against them. On the Left, such things are hidden by the party and justified and excused. And the Left denies consequences–a subject I will elaborate on some day soon.

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