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Here is perhaps the

29 Sep

underlying reason people hate the MSM: They criticize what is very obviously the truth. And they very obviously do it out of political hack-ism.

I understand that you may or may not agree with that position, but there really is no question that this is the position the founding fathers took. You may not buy into natural rights, but to preserve a shred of intellectual honesty, you have to acknowledge that the founders did. You have to acknowledge that it is a defensible position even today.

A real intellectual presses his or her point. He or she argues from a logical and defensible position. A poseur just calls names and acts affronted. They play the “special snowflake” card because they really got nothing.

This is buffoonery. This is NOT intellectual seriousness. This is just the illogical and ahistorical whining of the soi-disant “smart set” who have been beaten to a pulp and have nothing to defend themselves. Nothing. This is just a temper tantrum, and should be accorded all the weight and seriousness that temper tantrums merit.

And you think that this guy is a trustworthy source of information? You fool.

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28 Apr


You gotta be kidding!

This lame explanation is just a convenient fairy tale. He is a scammer. DUH!

Not only was he a terrible choice for President, not only would Hillary have beaten him soundly, not only would his cabinet choices have been far less conservative, but he is a dishonest criminal. Thank Heaven Trump won. Trump has his weaknesses (as do we all) but at least he is not a dishonest criminal or a total moron. McMullin is at least one and quite possibly both.

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09 Apr

it’s a really good question.

You know, it’s really abundantly clear: Obama was terrible on foreign relations and abysmal in domestic ones. Now Trump has to clean up his many messes. From Syria to the Obamacare fiasco to despotic government through the IRS and national security organizations, Obama left multiple steaming piles of messes. Let’s face it, Obama was incompetent.

Well, more malicious and hide-bound than mere incompetence. If he has only been incompetent there would be far less of a mess to clean up. But the combination of being a hide-bound Lefty idealist (with no rationality) and being not very good at politics (how often did Obama directly work with congress?) has been devastating.

Yes, Obama was a jerk. Yes, he was immoral. Yes, his policies were bad. Yes, his foreign policy was stupid and weak. But almost all of that could be rectified by Trump. The kicker was that he was also malicious. A great example of that is Obamacare: He designed it deliberately so that it would cause as many people as possible the most pain possible to remove it. It was a classic “barbed hook.” THAT is malicious.

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30 Dec

this anti-israel crap was all orchestrated by Obama. Shocker.

Yeah. Are you surprised? I’m sure not.

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25 Dec

nice gifts…

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06 Dec

This is breathtakingly outrageous.

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Look, she’s

05 Sep

either criminal or incompetent.

I think it’s mainly the former, with a whiff of the latter in the air. Folks, she is immoral. So why would you vote for a person whom you know to be immoral? As a moral person myself, I just don’t get it. So if you are a Hillary hack, how do you live with yourself? No, really. I want to understand. Can anyone fill me in?

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Guys, guys.

19 Aug

It was ransom. DUH!

Even Obama flaks admit it now. Anyone with half a brain understood that before. And remember, Obama first denied this obvious truth. It was ONLY when it was so obviously preposterous that anyone with more than room-temperature IQ knew it was false that he changed his tune.

And THAT should be a lesson to you. Let’s see, a Democrat President–aided and abetted by his MSM lackey co-conspirators–lied to you and kept up the story until it just was no longer possible. So, what else is there? Truth is the enemy of these guys…

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Yeah, gov’t

11 Aug

is just a name for money we waste together!

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This could become

08 Aug

an absolutely HUGE deal for Hillary. It was easy to dismiss her security stupidity when the damage was only theoretical. We could ignore it and say that it was merely US Presidential politics when it was only theoretical.

But now we are talking about the real death of a real person! That is a totally different story. Things just got real. Now there appears to be a body count. This is a legitimate threat to Hillary.

I just think that this makes it much harder for her to skate. Comey soiled himself in getting her off legally (and Comey will never recover his honor), but the public may not be so gullible and craven.

And here is the other issue: Many hard core Conservatives were just not going to vote or (shudder) vote for Hillary because they were so torqued about Donald Trump. But this may mobilize them. So not only could it hurt her with the mushy middle (even they may not be able to tolerate this) but it could galvanize the “Never Trump” crowd into voting for Trump.

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