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17 Jan

Total morons. It is an epic fail of Econ 101!

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Yeah, this was

08 Jan

a total failure. Epic.

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Freakin’ LOSERS!

05 Jun

CNN, in yet another fit of fake news, choreographs London Muslims protesting ISIS. Yeah, “chorea” as in involuntary movements or seizures. It’s just a dance. A modern St. Vitus’ Dance or Salem witch trials, borne of hysteria and self-interest. It’s not actually true.

They have to fake it because there are not real Muslim protests. It is just more “fake news.” And THAT is a real pity! Muslims need to step up, here.

I honestly don’t know why any thinking person with an IQ above room temperature would believe ANYTHING CNN says without independent corroboration. They might tell the truth at times, but it is purely by accident. That, or it’s irrelevant.

Only a great fool buys what the MSM is selling without independent corroboration. They are often full of crap, and you never know when they happen to be telling the truth and when they are blowing smoke. So we have THE post-modern dilemma, and that is only solved by access to a Truth-Teller.

But then that has other logical implications, ones we may be less comfortable with…

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26 Jan

an epic beatdown. Epic.

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28 Dec

good news. And more here.

As I have said, the long, threatening night of the Orc is finally coming to a close, and we are starting to see a little lightening in the East. The last 8 years have truly been an epic fail, but we are finally feeling the boot on our necks starting to come off. At least it is no longer choking us. Things are now starting to look up. We are just now seeing a few economic stirrings–the green shoots are starting to rise from their long dormancy as the snow melts from the frozen ground.

Yes, Obama will wreak as much damage as he can on the way out–we know that very well. He has already done a great deal of damage and he will do far more before he is done. But he still has to leave. ALL gross and debilitating infections stop, eventualy. It may take years and much effort to reverse the damage, but we are on the right track. I think there is damage, but I don’t think the patient is dead, and the antibiotics are beginning to work. Obama has tried to kill the patient. He will continue to do so until he is gone. We are not done being damaged–not by a long shot. And he will do his best to make the damage lasts well beyond his actual presence.

But the dawn is breaking in the East.

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I think it is quite clear that

11 Jul

Hillary is (in the words of a famous domestic terrorist) “Guilty as Hell, free as a bird.” I guess we should not be surprised, but I can hardly think of anything more damaging to the United States.

It really undermines our whole justice system. Why even obey the law if it is so arbitrary and capricious?

And Comey’s weird “defense” of Hillary is just an exercise in delusion and psychosis. It is a trip into the Twilight Zone. Remember, he first went through how Hillary is obviously guilty, then said he would not prosecute her by distorting the actual law beyond recognition. Huh? It was an obvious dodge, an obvious excuse for not following the law. It is discouraging because I had expected better from Comey. Alas, he clearly values his salary more than his integrity.

I guess that now we can only hope that the voters choose the lesser of two evils. Of course, we could have nominated a decent candidate in Cruz, but the stupid Trumpkins pooped in the soup. Yeah, stupid Trumpkins. Hillary has to be cackling fit to beat the band. Of course, Trump would be far better than Hillary, but that is an extremely low bar. One could drag one’s feet and still get over it.


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Can you say, “uneducated?”

28 Dec

I knew that you could!

And yet these complete nincompoops vote. You can call it “stupidity” but it really is not low IQ. That provokes pity. As the uncle of a child with Downs Syndrome I understand. THIS, on the other hand, provokes anger and disgust.

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12 Dec

it is a shakedown. Maybe Obama is too naive and gullible to figure it out, but the rest of us are not fooled.

But how does he think he will get that money? I don’t know the ins and outs but last I heard the congress had something to do with holding the pursestrings.

This idiot can’t get out of office too soon!

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The “Eternal City,” eh?

21 Jul

Yeah, right.

We need to understand that the barbarians are at the gate. This is a result of TERRIBLE Lefty politics. Pretty much whatever turns Lefty eventually turns to crap. The theory sounds good on the surface and it fools even the good-hearted, but it is truly terrible (full of terror) and crappy in practice. It’s very bad from both an economic and human standpoint. In a sort of moral Jiu-Jitsu, it turns good intentions into evil things. Tale as old as time…

Has there ever been a successful Lefty government? Yeah, I know that the Lefty toadies here point to the Nordic countries, but I think that is an anomaly–those people do pretty well whatever the economic policies are–just look at immigrants. And there simply is no other success story. There may have been very transient successes for a short time, but NEVER for more than one generation or so!

And that is because the underlying political philosophy stinks. You can’t escape that.

Sometimes you hear people say that philosophy (and political philosophy in particular) is worthless. They could not be more wrong.

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The truth is,

10 Jul

anything associated with the NYT is NOT reliable. Only a total nincompoop thinks they are getting the straight scoop from them.

They merely preach to their own choir and to people who are puffed up in thinking they are better than others because they… read the NYT. Of course, those groups are one and the same.

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