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Is there a stupider song on the radio

30 Jun

right now than Uptown Funk? Yes, it is musically insipid and entirely forgettable. But that is forgivable, even if not particularly admirable.

No, the issue is the faux cleverness of it. “I know, let’s do a song that sounds just like you are saying a gross profanity but you are actually not! Sure, the phrase makes absolutely no sense as it is, but it sure sounds vulgar and yet it can be on the radio!” Is there a person of good sense over age 17 who likes that song?

Nice, you clever little boy. Here’s your pat on the head. Now get your 2nd helping of ham and go back to the little kids’ table where you belong. It is SO immature, from a guy who is technically an adult but who quite obviously lives in the town of Juvenalia. Grow up!

As a former voice major, I can tell you that there are a number of stupid classical songs that are inflicted on that crowd, so stupid songs are nothing new. I mean, there were songs that were nothing but a punishment to sing. But let’s call things as they are–this song is both stupid and offensive. To even hear it is a punishment.

And it is quite discouraging to see putatively normal people like this song. Yet, after decades of giving IQ tests I am reminded of the old saw: “Think of how dumb the average person is and then realize that by definition half are dumber!”


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I was listening to

04 Jan

Adele’s “Skyfall” again last night, and I had a few thoughts.

Mainly, let’s acknowledge that it is a great tune, and a great song. Adele co-wrote it, and it is fantastic. Her voice is perfect for it, too. And it fits the James Bond “feel” wonderfully well.

But let’s also admit that it is a diction fail on an epic scale. Did no one have the guts to tell her that her diction was horrible? Can she not sing the /L/ sound at the end of a word? I at first thought it was a speech impediment, but I went back and watched interviews with her and heard no hint of it. No, it is just terrible diction.  I really don’t care if it is some kind of accent (I didn’t hear that when she was in interviews). Has there been such an epic diction fail since Barbra Streisand’s “hot ham” (instead of “hot hand”) in her rendition of the song from “Porgy and Bess?”

Well, this is worse. And not the least because it gets so much attention and Streisand’s didn’t.

The song is ripe for a remake. It could be SO much improved just by fixing the diction that already I am hoping for it. Too bad, really. It’s a great song marred by crappy diction, and it didn’t have to be that way. I expect more from a professional–this ain’t a high school talent show! I just wish she had been a pro and refused to let such a sub-standard effort go out. I am left to sigh and wonder what might have been…


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