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There is a lot

01 Feb

to restore. Let’s just admit the Trump really hit it out of the park with his SOTU speech. There was an open hand extended to what Ron Radosh calls  “the leftover Left.” But don’t bet on them taking it. They seem Hell-bent on self-destruction. They are frantically doubling down rather than changing. I personally think they are just very hide-bound, stuck in their 1970s fantasies. The loony, spittle-lipped Left is rapidly becoming more and more “fringe.” And the Leftists are aging. Old hippies just become… really old hippies. The never get smarter or “cool.”

Yeah,1950s dudes are behind the times, but they were cool. Look at Fonzie or James Dean. Now name ONE person from the 60s or 70s that we similarly “cool.” You don’t see that again until the 80s.

Maybe the Dems can come back a bit in 2018. But if so, it is indeed the last gasp. They are car models of two years ago–still pretty attractive, but not at all “cutting edge.” That “hippie”generation is already virtually gone, and their kids soon will be, as well. Obama breathed some life into Lefties, but at least over the next 50 years it may be too little, too late.

But I just don’t think they are at all culturally “sexy.” That said, even a dead rattler can kill you… So get out and vote. And bring a friend. Don’t let the dead rattler reflexively bite you. Death throes are dangerous!


Leftism is an old and tired

24 May

political philosophy. I mean, look how freakin’ ancient Hillary is and then realize that Bernie is a few years older! Yes, Bernie attracts some youth, but let’s face it, that is because a) they have Leftist professors who have little else in their repertoire and b) because Bernie’s acolytes have very little life experience and tend to be not overly bright. They lack good sense and have never provided for themselves. And they’re not going to vote, anyway. Bright, voting, competent, and experienced young people are usually not Leftists…

But the truth is that the future is NOT Leftist. Oh, there will be some other moral-agency-attacking schtick, but Leftism has been throughly discredited. Like explosive diarrhea it has finally just about run its course. For now. The facts just don’t support it, though like bad crotch rot it will never go away entirely.

You think it works? Look at Venezuela, for Pete’s sake! Leftism is the philosophy of old hippies (now mainly just wannabes) who have nothing remaining in their quivers. They have shot their wad and now have NOTHING left. Or Left.

NO thinking person under the age of 65 is a Leftist! And those Lefties who are over 65 just walk around humming “Imagine,” taking bong hits, and dropping acid. You can hear them muttering to themselves, “Power to the people!  and “Make love, not war!” while their grandkids shrink with embarrassment. And they will be gone, soon. A total waste of a generation. Total losers, unlike their parents. They are just an embarrassment. Sheesh!

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I think one thing that

15 Nov

the Paris terror attacks have very plainly shown us is that we cannot just sit back with an Obamaesque nonchalance and pretend that we can keep doing what we are doing and it can never happen here or that our behavior is not really a problem. It certainly can happen here. It is a problem, and our “leaders” need to catch up to the program and realize it is not 1990 anymore. Wake up! It’s 2015! We simply can’t afford to be “soft” anymore. Yeah, it may not be what you would choose, but to quote a modern philosopher (Ursuala the Sea Witch), “Life’s full of tough choices, iddn’t it?”

We need to get a real counter-offensive going against ISIS going, and Obama is certainly not the man to do it. Just give him his footie pajamas, pat him on the head, and get a real leader in the White House! It’s getting serious and we just can’t afford any more stupidity.

I guarantee you that if just 10% of Parisians had been carrying a gun, this never could have happened. Never. Never, never, NEVER!

No more stupid gun control. No more pampered, whiney colleges students whinging about “safe spaces.” No more old wannabe hippies as college administrators. No more. As they say in football… well, I don’t want to say it here. But we need to grow up and toughen up! We indeed live in serious times, times that call for serious responses. Maybe our parents or grandparents could afford to be pampered whiners, but not us. No, history calls us in a different direction, and now the only question is whether WE will answer the bell. Our children and grandchildren are watching, and they will judge our behavior. We don’t want to go down as another “empty” generation.

Just like those who grew up in the Great Depression learned to be tough, so we had better learn that same lesson. Maybe it is too late for my generation, but I hope not. In any case, we need our kids and grandkids to be much tougher than our parents were and likely a good deal more than we are. And remember the mamby-pamby Left is embodied by the Obama “pajama boy.” It is a sickness. We just don’t need that right now. At his age I had a doctorate, a wife and 2 kids, and was a LT in the Navy!

I agree that George Patton was by all accounts a jerk. I would not want him for a fishing buddy. I might well not even like him as a person. But he might indeed have a skill set that I need, and that skill set may not be separable from his less attractive personality traits. If I really needed someone to win tank battles, he would be a very good choice.


We owe a ton to

06 May

the first generation of Americans. We certainly got little at all good from the 60s generation.

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04 May

why marry? And it goes FAR beyond that–why even date? Even in college we are seeing a pronounced lack of dating and grossly diminished desire (on guys’ part) to get married at all. I mean, why buy the cow when you get the milk for free? Plus, you may be required to pay for that cow over and over again, even if the cow is gone.

We need to understand that there has been a dramatic shift in the culture in a single generation–in 20 years, really. Militant feminists have indeed done quite a bit of damage, but they are not the only guilty parties. Funny how traditional roles really ARE the best, eh? Yeah, they were there for a reason.

It is overweening hubris to think that this generation (and the one before it) is wiser than centuries of accumulated wisdom. The “hippies” of the ’60s were a terrible generation. And the damage they caused just keeps coming. They brought us Leftism, naked hot tub therapy, and bell bottoms. It was an ugly and stupid era all around. Unfortunately, their contaminant is still with us. The new generation would be wise to turn away.


No question,

10 Feb

The last generation was terrible. They have been as narcissistic and exploitive as can be imagined, and the next generation has/will pay a HUGE price for their selfishness. They seem to have had no conscience. Are there individual exceptions? Yes. But as a whole, this was a stupid, self-absorbed, and pathologically entitled generation who had no problem sticking it to their kids and grandkids. Sickening. They have happily munched down on the seed corn while leaving their kids and grandkids to starve. They will have nothing (historically) but the contempt that they so richly deserve. Honestly, what have they added of value, culturally? Nada. They have been totally empty.

Maybe we should nickname this “The Empty Generation.”

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A crusher

09 Feb

for Obamacare.

No question, Obamacare is an amazingly stupid set-up. But this kind of system is rigidly (and exploitatively) adhered to by leftists everywhere. It’s foolishness.

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