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It’s a great question:

18 Jan

Why is the MSM in such a lather about the totally bogus and unfounded Trump’s/Russia nonsense and ignoring the Awan stuff?

Maybe I’m really cynical (true, true) but I think it is obvious that this is because the Awan stuff implicates a Democrat, and one that even ran the DNC!, while the other is just Trump-bashing. Yes, is is a huge double standard.

But such huge double standards are far from a new thing…

I just wish we had a fair and honest news media. We certainly don’t.


Don’t be a blithering fool.

16 Jan

The MSM have incessantly hammered Trump, and they are WRONG! They are NOT fair and they don’t have your best interests at heart. Don’t let the bastards win! Please.



09 Jan

I think  good part of Trump’s popularity with normal people is that he consistently acts in ways that reveal the MSM as total fools.

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Yeah, American “journalists” are

01 Jan

way too busy reporting how many scoops of ice cream Donald Trump had after dinner to address this Iran uprising stuff.

They just no longer have either the resources or the expertise to cover such a story. And of course, they also don’t have the inclination, since it reflects badly on their boyfriend, Obama. No, we DON’T have an independent media, and this shows it.

This is a really important story and our MSM is botching it, big-time!

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Yeah, no

30 Dec

media bias, right?

Do I look stupid? No really, do I look stupid?


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Well, now

29 Dec

that Obama is no longer POTUS, misery and poverty return!

Raise your hand if you were too stupid to see this coming. OK, those of you with hands raised? You are too stupid to vote.

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Wow, it

22 Dec

is really (in the words of an old Halo video game) un-freakin’-believable. The dishonesty defies rational thought. It leaves one speechless and gasping for air. Unreal! And yet the MSM have said nothing about it! Let’s face the fact: They are complicit. They are “unindicted co-conspirators.”

Republican administration are quite likely to be more honest. Why, are Republicans just intrinsically more honest? Well, perhaps, though that is absolutely NOT what I am arguing. Humans are humans. But the environment is very different for Democrats than it is for Republicans.

See, real issue is that the media has it’s lips planted firmly and lovingly on Lefty butt cheeks. Republicans know well that just as the MSM will lie and protect Democrats and their boyfriend Obama, they will quickly rag on Conservatives for anything that even approaches wrongdoing or can be spun to seem so. They have to be much more careful.

For example, how excited would a reporter be to show that Mike Pence had an improper sexual relationship (even if consensual) outside of his marriage? Pence needs to be very careful! Mrs. Pence has less reason to worry about her husband’s fidelity than perhaps any woman in history!

Understand this well when you cast your vote in 2018. Voting for the Republican is almost always the moral choice. I think this should be obvious to even the dullest among us, given current events.

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It is

21 Dec

quite clear. At times even the MSM has to admit that Trump is doing well.

To retain even a shred of dignity and reliability, the MSM is going to have to start reporting the facts.

I just wish we had a reliable watchdog media instead of Democrat/Obama/Hillary lackeys.

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Your “fair”

13 Dec

media at work.

Aren’t you embarrassed? You should be.

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The truth is

05 Dec

that the FBI truly is in tatters. And it’s in tatters for precisely the same reason that the MSM reputation is in tatters:

They lie.

They are just not trustworthy. If they just told the truth without regard to position or political affiliation, we would not be in this mess. But no, they give deference to “nobility” and thus sully their own reputation beyond repair. Goodbye, equal protection under the law!

This is embodied by Robert Mueller–well does the article state that a large proportion of people (almost for sure a majority) see Mueller as a hack who is in a Javert-like frenzy to find something, anything to pin on Donald Trump.

There is a growing sense that this is NOT justice, it is despotism. It is naked revenge. Donald Trump committed the “crime” of humiliating Hillary in the general and now he must be punished. There was never an underlying crimeSo it is JUST like the Scooter Libby case–there is no actual underlying crime and the only issue is testimony content. In Libby’s case, his recollection did not mirror his day planner. The issue is lying to investigators or decades-old financial crimes, not Russian collusion.

Not everyone is there, yet, but the pool of skeptics is growing by leaps and bounds. So whatever Mueller “finds” will be viewed by many or most as illegitimate to the current investigation. He may indeed have force behind him, but not reason or good sense. Let’s just say that might does not make right…

Oh, and did I mention that the Mueller investigation has already cost more than five million dollars?

Gee, good work, if you can get it…

I wonder how many starving children could have been fed for that? I mean, don’t you care about starving children?