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Uhm, this is

20 Nov

sabotage. THIS is your MSM at work!

If you think you are getting the straight scoop from the MSM, you are a blinkin’ fool!

Here is an extremely big deal, and yet the partisan MSM ignores it. Disgusting!

No wonder Trump just goes around them with Tweets. Good.


Yeah, the

07 Nov

NY Times is a totally unreliable news source.

One has to be a total idiot to buy all that the the NY Times is shelling out. And a ton of newspapers (even major ones) don’t do their own reporting but buy stories from the NY Times. So you may not subscribe to that unreliable rag, but you may well still get their stories. THAT is the dirty little secret. You may not be a NY Times subscriber, but you may still be a co-conspirator.

Fortunately, newspapers in general are on the way out. They are dying fast. I don’t think I have subscribed for nearly 20 years!



26 Oct

Simply crushing.

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Uhm, did you

18 Oct

have any question about the NY Times twisting things to fit their preferences? I sure didn’t.

I’m telling you, they are not a reliable or trustworthy source of news. DUH!

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I gotta tell you

08 Oct

I am heartily sick of the overweening, dishonest incompetence and deliberate vinductiveness of the MSM. And I am NOT fooled by them. No wonder Trump won! I blame this on them. They have made it so nothing they say is believable.  Just decide what you believe and go from there–you are NOT getting “Truth” from the MSM! They are just no help. You must look to another source for Truth. Anyone who uncritically buys what they shovel out is a damned fool.

Here’s a quote: What passes for news today is speculation and advocacy, wishful thinking and self-fashioning, mindless jabber and affirmations of virtue, removed from objective reality and common sense.


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Bias comes in many forms.

02 Oct

I don’t doubt for a second that there was/is no effort by a central “mastermind” to make all the Lefty reporters (is there any other kind?) say the same thing.  It is rare and unlikely, in any case.

But we shouldn’t follow the MSM and ignore the HUGE sea-change in New England. No, the same thing happened in this case as happens with garden-variety MSM bias–There is just a “sense” that of course everyone else thinks as I do! It’s NY Times reporter Pauline Kael syndrome–when Nixon won in a landslide she said, “I only know one person who voted for Nixon. Where they are I don’t know. They’re outside my ken.” Yes, detached from reality, yet she purported to inform the rest of us! We see the exact same thing today.

And Media centers are located in (drum roll, please) big coastal cities. They couldn’t find Pocatello on a map within 5 minutes without Google (it’s in eastern Idaho). Yet there are about 60,000 people just within the city limits of that place, and that doesn’t include the suburbs!

THAT is the bias I am talking about. Yes, there is a good deal of deliberate obfuscation, but most of it is just willing ignorance. Hence, Trump.

In the article:

Seven years after the Republicans won the House and three years after they gained the US Senate majority, the media/entertainment complex still fails to accept or understand that the majority of this country is center-right. Until these institutions grasp this fact, they will continue to see their viewership drop and their trust erode.

Amazing, isn’t it? And of course this is in large part (but not totally) deliberate obfuscation. Ask yourself, if a group of 4 or 5 states that had traditionally been strongly “red” suddenly all elected Democrat governors, would they report it? I think we all know the answer to that.


Yeah, if we

22 Sep

had an independent press, people would be “outed” for their bald anti-semitism. But alas, we DON’T  have a fair news media–they see their jobs as boosting and Leftist philosophy. They are merely political hacks with bylines.

Just remember this next time you are tempted to defend the MSM.

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Hey, it’s just

11 Sep

a simple mistake, right? Right? Bueler? Byooooler?

Look, once is an accident. Twice is a coincidence. Three times is enemy action. Well, we are way, waaaay past three times!

These guys are biased. DUH! Any freakin’ moron with room temperature IQ knows that. <shakes head>

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Go ahead and hate on Trump.

28 Aug

But he is still doing better than if we had followed you bed-wetters who threw their votes away in a hissy fit of pique, giving aid and comfort to Hillary. Own it! You were freakin’ WRONG! MacMullin?! Oh puh-leeze! Get that loser out of here! What on earth were you smoking? Whatever it was, it certainly wasn’t legal. Hello, McFly?

And almost for sure Trump has done a real service to the country by bashing the Lefty news media. And he is right.

Quote: But the country saw what it saw and all the lies in the world won’t wash the images away. The left is violent, and the mainstream left covers for them.

Yes, the Left is violent. They are immoral. And yes, the MSM covers for them. I find both things morally disgusting. It would be an utter moral degradation to be a Lefty. I’m not sure I could make this any plainer.


Well, the 47%

24 Aug

are not wrong.

Only a great fool believes most of what the MSM is selling.  They might be right occasionally, but that is only by random chance. Understand that their intent is to push Lefty themes. In the 2016 elections they didn’t even try to hide it! They openly shilled for Hillary. Most of the MSM is totally biased and untrustworthy.

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