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Yeah, if we

22 Sep

had an independent press, people would be “outed” for their bald anti-semitism. But alas, we DON’T  have a fair news media–they see their jobs as boosting and Leftist philosophy. They are merely political hacks with bylines.

Just remember this next time you are tempted to defend the MSM.


Hey, it’s just

11 Sep

a simple mistake, right? Right? Bueler? Byooooler?

Look, once is an accident. Twice is a coincidence. Three times is enemy action. Well, we are way, waaaay past three times!

These guys are biased. DUH! Any freakin’ moron with room temperature IQ knows that. <shakes head>

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Go ahead and hate on Trump.

28 Aug

But he is still doing better than if we had followed you bed-wetters who threw their votes away in a hissy fit of pique, giving aid and comfort to Hillary. Own it! You were freakin’ WRONG! MacMullin?! Oh puh-leeze! Get that loser out of here! What on earth were you smoking? Whatever it was, it certainly wasn’t legal. Hello, McFly?

And almost for sure Trump has done a real service to the country by bashing the Lefty news media. And he is right.

Quote: But the country saw what it saw and all the lies in the world won’t wash the images away. The left is violent, and the mainstream left covers for them.

Yes, the Left is violent. They are immoral. And yes, the MSM covers for them. I find both things morally disgusting. It would be an utter moral degradation to be a Lefty. I’m not sure I could make this any plainer.


Well, the 47%

24 Aug

are not wrong.

Only a great fool believes most of what the MSM is selling.  They might be right occasionally, but that is only by random chance. Understand that their intent is to push Lefty themes. In the 2016 elections they didn’t even try to hide it! They openly shilled for Hillary. Most of the MSM is totally biased and untrustworthy.

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So reporters were dragged kicking and screaming

14 Aug

into mentioning the infamous Bill Clinton/Loretta Lynch “Hillary get out of jail free” card secret meeting. And water is wet.

Were you somehow unconscious and didn’t realize that the MSM is just an arm of the Democrat Party? Really? Really!?

This is not at all shocking. Not one bit. Wake up, pal.

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The game

09 Aug

is indeed afoot.

Look, you don’t have to be Sherlock to grasp what happened here. It’s pretty obvious to all but the terminally stupid among us. If you have even room temperature IQ, you know pretty much what went on. DWS is a criminal.

The MSM silence is both stunning and discouraging. And predictable. Totally predictable.

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I think

24 Jul

many of us have had enough.

Now let me ask you, have you EVER seen Conservatives protest? I sure haven’t. The only thing approaching it was the Tea Party stuff (which I think was a precursor). Usually they are busy at their jobs.

So it really seems to me like times are changing. We are seeing things now that we have never seen before. Conservatives are going the “Punch back twice as hard” route. They are even saying that. There is a palpable anger, now. That is a new thing. I worry that the sleeping giant is stirring, that the bulldog is almost to the stage of severe action. That would not be good.

Leftists won’t like it if Conservatives start to protest. Lefties have been the only ones protesting for two generations. Conservatives have been very slow to action. But you won’t like them when they’re angry…

So Lefties, be careful! The dog’s “leash” may not be as short or as secure as you think.



03 Jul

pretty much.

I think hoity-toity Leftists are making a HUGE mistake, here. People are sick to death of the MSM’s overweening arrogance, and the correct response for the MSM is NOT to double down on overweening arrogance. They are alienating the masses.

The disparagement here is stunning, and the MSM would be wise to pay attention to it. Alas, if they were wise the wouldn’t be in this situation in the first place…

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More NY Times

26 Jun


These guys totally deserve it. Unfortunately, decent people will get hurt, but so it always is in such cases.

I can both recognize that the NY Times is a disreputable rag and that decent people will get hurt as it falls.

But the sad thing is that the NYT soiled their own britches. If they had played it straight they wouldn’t be in this mess at all. Unfortunately, those who directed the paper sold their birthright for a mess of pottage.

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23 Jun

that is a total shellacking.

Good for Cotton. It’s about time he stood up to the NY Times bullies.

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