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Obama was

27 May

really addicted to spying. He correctly judged that the MSM would never hold his feet to the fire on this. I just wish we had an honest and trustworthy MSM.


Oh gee, what a surprise!

26 May

I think I’m going to have a heart attack and die from that surprise (Iago from Aladin).

We always knew that Obama was as crooked as the day is long, and that the MSM have long been his lackeys. But now there is incontrovertible proof of both things.

THIS is what Democrats are all about. Remember that in 2018, because the MSM toadies will try hard to hide that fact then. I sure wish we had an honest and trustworthy MSM! We don’t.



25 May

not exactly a “hold-the-presses” blockbuster.

Folks, there’s no “there” there. It is merely juvenile whining by the Left. It is the death-throes of the damned.

And of damned losers…


The sad thing is

25 May

that we actually need an honest press. Alas, that is something we certainly don’t have.

The problems is that now there is no way to know what is true. These folks have ridden the Post-Modern horse for so long that they think they have hooves. But what they have failed to grasp is that their arguments are easily turned against them. They were accustomed to being the hare to someone else’s hound, but no they are finding out first hand now the problems inherent in being the poster child for the regnant epistemology. They are now “the establishment.” The roles are now reversed–the winds have shifted, and the hidebound MSM have not been light-footed enough to adjust. .

And the lamestream media has brought this cataclysm on itself. Instead of telling the unvarnished truth, they have been shills for a particular socio-economic viewpoint. That has led to lose credibility and believability. If they had just been honest, this all would have been avoided.


The MSM are hacks.

23 May

There is just no reason to believe them.

And that is really too bad. The press could have played a productive role, here. But they are just playing the part of the loony Left opposition. It’s a shame. It’s a sham. We could really use a free and unbiased and reliable press, and we don’t have one.

They have sold their proverbial birthright for the proverbial mess of pottage. And we ALL suffer for that bad choice. And worse, there’s no way to un-ring that bell. The genie is well and truly out of the bottle, and it will never go back in…

So now we really can know nothing. We live in a post-modern world where there are no facts–only opinions. And my opinion is just as valid and “truthy” as the NY Times. There is no reliable way to separate fact from fantasy.

For Truth, one has to look for a Truth-Teller, which is well beyond the scope of this blog.



22 May

pretty much.


Trump was not

17 May

my first (or second) choice in the primaries. Nevertheless, he is President. That kind of acceptance of reality is beyond the ken of the loony left and their MSM minions. Trump is winning, and will continue to win, because the Left is made up of transparently vicious jerks. I personally am no “Trumpkin,” but he is far better than the deranged lickspittle Left–let’s be completely honest about that. So because of the stupid antics of the crybaby Left, I am far more in Trump’s corner than I ever was. This is NOT because Trump has changed and I found I was wrong; it is because the crybabies on the Left (led by the whining butt-headed morons of the MSM) have made such total asses of themselves.

The Left is clearly deranged, unhinged. I want nothing to do with them. They have managed to alienate me, along with every thinking person of good morals. They just don’t represent who I am. And this is coming from a guy who has voted for Democrats in the past! No more. They can go take a flying leap. And if polled, I will lie. I think that’s my moral duty.

No wonder normal people say, “Kiss my butt” to the MSM and to pollsters. I would vote for Trump just to hack off the lickspittle Left. And like most people, I will be happy as a clam to do so again. And I will. Then I will vote for Mike Pence. Twice.

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Please understand,

24 Apr

there was never any reasonable evidence of Trump colluding with the Russians. It was a Democrat dodge from the get-go. It was always a frantic effort to draw attention away from how crappy a candidate Hillary was.

It was always a lie and a dodge.

The fact that it gained traction and currency among the more gullible and hide-bound parts of the population is merely a demonstration of the credulous nature of the people. Those people expected the MSM to tell the truth. Foolish move. Welcome to 2017, you unsophisticated hick.

Times have changed.

There are other sources of information now, and the MSM no longer has a stranglehold on information. Now they must confront alternative accounts of events, and do so creditably. See, the key word here is, “creditably.”

But that brings up another issue: the MSM has “shot their wad” on this and now there is little left. They have hyped a theme that is simply not true, and now they reap the predictable result now that we know for a fact that it is not true–no one believes them anymore. Even my Lefty friends are more skeptical, now.

I mean, the MSM said over and over that Trump was a monster who couldn’t win and couldn’t govern if he did. Then they said he was a Russian stooge Yet they were wrong. On all counts. They have, shall we say, pooped in the soup. And now it can never be right again.

They have endorsed the trendy Post-Modernism of the Academy in order to attack their idealogical opponents, but Post-Modernism (certainly in the hands of rubes) is a vicious dog that now turns and rends its owners. Now they are on the recieving end of the whip that they themselves crafted and gleefully used on others. It was great when they held the handle of the whip…

As a great philosopher once said, “Welcome to the party, pal!”

See, if there is no truth as the Post-Modernists gleefully argue, why on earth should I believe them? Let’s see them answer that simple question.

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So, any

17 Apr

guesses as to how long the Trump/Russia MSM fraud will go on? This is just stupid. And no mention of the obvious Hillary financial collusion with Russia.

I mean, the usual Lefty media suck-up beta males have gone on ad naseum about how Russia “hacked” the election for Trump, but that is a damned lie. Let’s call it what it is. It’s just a bunch of crap, and the MSM are snivelling idiots and partisan hacks. No wonder no thinking person cares one whit about what they say! They are just not at all reliable. Nothing they say can taken at face value. They lie. What a steaming pile of hoo-hah! Get that weak stuff out of here! It’s just a lame effort to lie and de-legitimize Trump. Lamey, lamey, lame-O. They are merely mindless amanuenses for Hillary. They are NOT a primary or reliable source.

No thinking non-hack person who has even a passing acquaintance with the facts would buy such obvious and grotesque nonsense. It’s a testament to stupidity and hackishness that it is still going. It’s a lot like bad crotch rot–it’s painful, serves no purpose, and it won’t go away.

Here’s the truth: Hillary wrote emails to Podesta that showed she is a total moral dirtbag (though that obvious fact was already well known by anyone who had two brain cells to rub together for warmth) and someone hacked into these emails to Podesta and brought them to light. No elections were “hacked”–that is a complete and total lie. She was merely exposed. DUH! I mean, you gotta be totally stupid or totally ignorant to join in this foolishness. Or you could be a dishonest hack… These folks are just whining losers. Just shut up, you fools!

I’m really sick of this crap-eating nonsense. C’mon, man! Grow up–there is no crying in politics! It’s time to put on your big boy pants and quit your whining you freakin’ wimps!

Puh-leeze, get this weak crap outta here!

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17 Apr

increasingly likely.

Look, Obama was/is totally corrupt. He is more sly than Hillary, who is brazenly corrupt–she can’t hide it–but he is every bit as corrupt as she is. They are both wannabe dictators.

There was laughter and mocking on the Left when Trump tweeted that Obama had “tapped his wires.” But it was fundamentally true, even if inelegantly spoken. And for the Lamestream hack media, the focus was on the inelegance, not the truth that would sully their hero and boyfriend.

Obama is far worse than Nixon. But he sure gets a lot more leash from the MSM!

The hard truth is that you can’t depend on the MSM to give you the unvarnished facts. They lie and have a socio-political ax to grind. They just are not a reliable source, plain and simple. They might tell the truth by accident once in a while, but that doesn’t change the indisputable fact that they lie and deceive on matters of politics as a general rule.