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It really is

14 Nov

a great article. You should read it all.

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Do college sports

30 Sep

need to change radically?

It’s a good question. What we are doing now clearly doesn’t work.

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26 Mar

not much of a shocker, eh?

The public school system really does suck. I am beyond it now, but if I had it to do over I would likely homeschool or find some other option.

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I think it is time

22 Mar

to reconsider education. My kids are past this stage, but if I were doing it now I would really consider home-schooling.


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20 Mar


But I think it’s important here to note that the Teachers’ Union opposed these common-sense actions. The Teachers’ Unions do NOT have the best interests of the children in the forefront. They are just about money and security for the teachers.

After all, those snot-nosed kids don’t pay dues…

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Look, Hillary got

12 Dec

her deal:

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Public schools are

27 Nov

a turd-basket. Back when I made the call, the problems were not so stark. And being in a rather Conservative area helps. Now, I might very well choose to homeschool. Teachers are often OK (it is variable), but administrators are almost always pretty hard Left. To be an administrator, in order to get along and get ahead, you have to be pretty Leftist. If you’re not, your job is seriously at risk. You certainly don’t want to be seen as Conservative. Not if you want to keep you job.

If your primary concern is your children’s education and overall well-being, homeschooling is probably the best choice. Each situation is different, but probably.


The new push by the Left

12 Sep

for Universal Preschool is nothing but stupid. True to form, it sounds on-so-noble on the surface but is in reality a steaming pile of crap. It is just another sop to another privilege group. It is pouring money down a rat hole. YOUR tax money, of course.

The research is clear: Preschool makes absolutely NO difference in terms of academic performance. And that should by no means surprise anyone who is even vaguely aware of  the scientific literature on the subject. Well, I know the scientific literature.

Hart and Risely found that children of highly-educated parents heard 30 million more words BY THE AGE OF 3 than children of poorly-educated parents. 30 million! By age 3. And kids closely matched both the syntax and vocabulary of their parents. There is just no way that a couple days of half-day preschool can make up that ground. Think about that for a moment. 30 million words. Wow.

You can really only get that with a traditional setting–a dad who is the breadwinner and a mom who stays home. Low SES parents just can’t do that. Gee, I guess there are some very good reasons for the traditional arrangement…

And the universal pre-K is not even envisioned to start until age 4. So 40 million. No wonder Head Start is so famously ineffective! So there is simply NO good reason to do this.

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Here’s the truth:

22 Aug

no one as a group benefits more as a group from home schooling than Black families. If we get an en masse defection of Black people from the public schools, it’s game over.

Yeah, if I were doing things over today, I would home school, for sure. My youngest is in High School and it is unfortunately too late to change anything, but it is clear to me that public school is terrible. He could do far better.

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Just some thoughts on student loans…

02 Jul

Hillary wants subsidies for students who go to elite universities so they can pay their student loans. That is not just a bad idea in economic terms, but it is a bad idea in theory, too.

Think about it. Let’s say you graduate from Harvard. You were bright and worked hard in high school so you got in in the first place. Then, with that degree, you got a decent job. Sure. you spent an outrageous amount of money, but you are at least in a position to eventually pay it off.

But let’s say that you were not a stellar student in high school. You got into, say, Boise State (the only requirement for admission is that you have demonstrated a pulse). BSU’s tuition is something like $17,000  or $20,000per year (even if you are an Idaho resident it is still about $7 grand a year–for undergraduate). So if you have to borrow for tuition only and you can graduate in four years and are a non-resident, that is still probably about $80 grand. In my world, that is a ton of money.

But what if you do 3 years and then drop out? Then you have $60 grand in debt and no degree. You can be a barista at Starbucks (if you are lucky). You just spent $60 grand and have nothing to show for it but student loan bills. You could have been an electrician or a plumber by now! Oh, and you would have no crushing college debt.


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