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13 Jan

we need this.

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No matter how

04 Jan

good a “spin” you put on this, Panetta was not at all laudatory of Obama’s actions.

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It’s really

03 Jan

hard to know what will happen in Iran.

But one thing is for sure: Regular people are mad and it’s quite widespread. The regime may be able to clamp down enough that it can survive, but even then the basic nature of the regime will be changed.

I think the best the U.S. can do is try to destabilize the regime by public words, Internet, and radio. Also to provide help when and if the current regime is gone.

With that regime change we may see peace in the Middle East  for the first time in several generations.

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You gotta admit

25 Dec

that this is freakin’ awesome!

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We really do need to

22 Dec

understand that the U.N. needs the U.S. a whole lot more than the U.S. needs the U.N.  As far as I am concerned, The U.N. can go take a flying leap. I honestly don’t know why the U.S. taxpayer is propping them up. It is a totally useless organization (at best), and if I had my way the  U.S. would not even be a part of this farce. And of course, it would collapse without the U.S. shouldering the burden.

I mean, honestly, what is our return on investment?

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Things are

22 Dec

changing.  Good.

Obama was a friggin’ nightmare in terms of foreign policy!

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Well, Trump did pretty well

18 Dec

on this after all! Be honest, here!

See, if Obama had made this kind of progress, there would have been non-stop coverage and open celebration from the MSM for weeks! They would have wet themselves with excitement. He would be the man of the year (yet again). He most likely would have gotten a second Nobel Peace Prize. Liberals would have hyperventilated and pee’d on themselves.

But since it was Trump it is “Okay, never mind… He still is not our kind, dear. Nor will he ever be. Just look away. I don’t even want to see him in my peripherals!” (to quote a comedian)

Uh, THAT is the MSM’s response to Trump: A snooty, “Not our kind, dear…”

But we normals know the truth.

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Well, that

04 Dec

may be true, but so what?

I mean, the Palestinians have never shown a willingness to cooperate and negotiate in good faith. So really, who the heck cares?

I think we have no choice other than to come to the conclusion that the Palestinians don’t really want peace. It would gut fundraising. It also would make clear that the Palestinians are not acting in good faith.

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Obama really didn’t want

02 Nov

people to understand the relationship between OBL and Iran. That would really complicate Obama’s efforts to cozy up to Iran.

It’s just so nice now to have someone who is NOT a total idiot and who actually has the best interests of the United States at heart in charge of foreign policy! It is just a breath of fresh air after being forcibly held under water, unable to breathe.

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If that happened,

21 Sep

it would be absolutely HUGE! Of course, it probably deserves to happen, but so often what deserves to happen does not actually happen.

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