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Obama really didn’t want

02 Nov

people to understand the relationship between OBL and Iran. That would really complicate Obama’s efforts to cozy up to Iran.

It’s just so nice now to have someone who is NOT a total idiot and who actually has the best interests of the United States at heart in charge of foreign policy! It is just a breath of fresh air after being forcibly held under water, unable to breathe.

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If that happened,

21 Sep

it would be absolutely HUGE! Of course, it probably deserves to happen, but so often what deserves to happen does not actually happen.

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16 Aug

never mind. Kim Jong-Un has finally realized that he is no longer dealing with the feckless Obama.

After years of ineffectual and downright wimpy (non) action by Obama, it is refreshing to see Trump kick butt and take names. You may carp about Trump’s moral failings (and I may agree with you) but there is NO question that he is better, waaaay better, at foreign policy. We are far worse off because Obama was President.

Obama, like almost all bullies, had no problem being tough when it came to “safe” victims, like Republicans. They were never going to bomb him. But he was a spineless wimp when it came to other countries, who might actually hurt him! Now we are facing the wages of weakness. And like almost all bullies, Obama was all hat and no cattle–and our enemies knew it.

We can just hope that Trump continues to be tough. I may not like everything he does, but very often he does the correct thing, and I have to recognize and trust that. It is a welcome change.


Now that we

16 Aug

don’t have a “weak sauce” foreign policy, as we did under Obama (who loved to fight the Right, but absolutely no one else–he deliberately chose a victim he knew wouldn’t nuke him), we are making some real progress. Obama was a wimp, plain and simple. He was a groveling ninny to anyone who had real power. Like any bully, he was tough on the weak and sucked up to the powerful.

And that invites violence. His approach was this: If you get violent (the only power Obama valued), you get what you want. He knew Republicans would not get violent, so he went all “tough guy” on them. Iran might indeed get violent, so he folded like a cheap tent before them–he became their prison wench. He was Wormtongue in The Lord Of The Rings. He was a toady–he sucked up to power. And we’re all the worse off because of that.

I can whine about what a jerk Donald Trump is, but unlike Obama, he is NOT a suck-up toady. Obama certainly was.

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22 May

did a fantastic job in Saudi Arabia.

Those who whine about his foreign relations chops are just idiots!

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In case you wondered

24 Apr

just how stupid the MSM meme of Trump being a Russian stooge is, all you have to do is look at the facts.

We now know that this was a smarmy, self-serving excuse concocted by the LOSER Hillary Clinton within 24 hours of her losing to Trump and then promulgated by the Wormtongue-esque toady MSM. It is amazingly doofy, and backed by not a shred of evidence. Not even a hint of evidence. It is merely Leftist whimpering as they lay curled up on the floor mumbling to themselves. It is an old man yelling at the clouds and screaming at imaginary teens to get off his freakin’ lawn. It is madness.

And when one sees it, one has to wonder if the meds need to be adjusted. At the very least, one backs away very slowly and carefully–no sudden moves…

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Yeah, the MOAB

14 Apr

killed off a lot of things! Piss-poor leadership is one of them.

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Here is the pickle the Palestinians are in:

25 Jan

They have thrown their lot in with American liberals Leftists only to find it a real problem. It is not that the American Left is any less disposed to favor them–quite the opposite. The Left remains quite hostile toward Jews and Israel.

The issue is that the American Left is TOTALLY out of power. No Presidency, no House, no Senate, and no Supreme Court. And huge reductions on the state level. Nothing. The Palestinians have simply chosen a weak and losing horse. The result is an asendent Israel and declining Palestinians. They chose…poorly.



There appears

18 Jan

to be a major Trump Effect in this case.

Look, one can whine and moan about Trump, but the proof of the pudding is in the tasting…

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Remind me,

09 Jan

just why does the US bankroll the UN? It seems like there could be a better use for the money, but that is far from the main issue for me.

Why is it here? Why can’t it be, for example, in Brussels? Or in China?  Why is it in NYC and why are we a part of it? Sure, all the UN elites like it better in NYC, but Beijing might suit them!

Even if we stayed in the UN, why do we have to host it? Why? I mean, what good does that do us? And why can’t someone else host them now. It’s just hard for me to understand.

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