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You need to understand,

29 May

being a Conservative will get you fired in many settings. It’s NOT just Hollywood, though it is perhaps most visible and egregious there. But it is also in many settings for us “regular” folk. And the truth is that almost all of us cannot afford to be fired. Yes, I realize that the same thing goes for 99.5% of Hollywood who are NOT mega-stars, but it is 100% for the rest of us. Many of us can tell tales about being fired or at the very least harassed on the job because we are or are assumed to be Conservative.

Many of us just shut up. We seek for safety in the closet. We hide. We have opinions but we certainly don’t voice them except to our spouses. This is one reason I started this blog. There’s a good reason I don’t put my identity or identifying stuff in this blog. Even putting the state would be far too much–I would be easily identifiable, and I have a family to provide for. In fact, if I do put a state, it might (or might not) be a lie.

You want friends. You want to keep your job. So you shut up and pretend. THIS is the life of a Conservative.

So it’s no shocker to me that people en masse lied to pollsters and then gleefully voted for Trump. Hiding is a way of life for the Conservative. I would encourage them to lie again next time–and then vote for Trump or Pence for President. You camouflage your real beliefs. I think that is the moral thing to do. Yeah, this is one setting where I think the moral thing is to lie.

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To riff on Rush Limbaugh,

22 Feb

the First Amendment does NOT prevent one from criticizing the press. It just gives you, me, and everyone the legal right to express opinions without fear of legal/govenment retribution. That’s it. The press have no more or less freedom of speech than you or me. They are NOT in a privileged position. So some “reporters” need to get off their high horse and recognize that.

A free press is important, but really the bedrock issue is free speech. You don’t have to be a NY Times reporter to have that, and a NY Times reporter has no more of it than you or me. The NY Times reporter is no more immune from criticism than you or me. If they are full of crap, they can be called out on it without any damage whatsoever to the Constitution. So I would say to NY Times reporters to quit your whining and kvetching and defend yourself! And take that weak sauce and get out of here, you freakin’ loser…

Criticizing the press is just NO problem, Constitutionally or morally. THEY need to tell us why we should believe them over a dog-faced baboon, to quote Socrates. Otherwise it is just a bald-faced appeal to authority, and I don’t buy that, even a little. Upon what grounds are they standing? Why should I believe them?

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Shut the heck up!

19 May

Say the loony Democrats. No, it won’t pass. But don’t be confused, this is battle space preparation.

The Democrats are on record as being against free speech. Disgusting! We all need to hope and pray (and act) that it will fail so miserably that they won’t try it again. This is really crossing the Rubicon. The Democrats should be in the minority for two generations over this.

It’s getting to the point that the only real option is Civil Disobedience. Please, not in my day.

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The death of

20 Mar

free speech in Britain. Really sad.

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