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17 Nov

ya think?

And yet the Left wants MORE government power! Go figure…


When you start

07 Oct

seeing this kind of stuff, you know that there is real change in the air.

This can’t be good for Tillerson retaining his position. NRO may well be doing “battle-space prep,” here.

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I just don’t think

07 Jul

that there are other decent options left.

But just let me say that the problems are at least grossly exacerbated if not caused outright by the foolish course we took with direct election of Senators.

Like for most stupid things, we can thank the Left for this.

If Senators were chosen by state legislatures we wouldn’t be in this mess. The House was to be directly elected, but the Senators were to be chosen by state legislatures. That increases the States’ power and made laws closer to the people. It was a combination of madness and stupidity to change this. Maybe there was a pinch of malice, too.

The founding fathers were RIGHT! This was genius, and we have been too stupid to follow the simple plan. That really is sad…

Get rid of direct election of Senators!


I think a

31 Aug

radical openness” would be startlingly refreshing! Certainly Hillary can’t do that, as being open would land her in federal prison.

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Why the Left HATES

06 Jul

the Constitution and especially the Declaration Of Independence. They want power, and the DofI specifically says the rebellion can be just and in fact morally “right.” It quite directly denies the very validity of despotic government, and justifies violent resistance. Yeah, there’s a very good reason the “Tea Party” is so rooted in the American Revolution, and it is the exact same reason the ruling Leftists hate it with a white-hot intensity–they certainly sense the threat and fool others in an effort to gain adherents. Unfortunately, the age-old story is that even the very elect are fooled…

This is NOT merely run-of-the-mill government incompetence, it is malice aforethought. And this is NOT the first time this has happened. I think that it was Thomas Jefferson who said that the tree of liberty must occasionally be watered with the blood of patriots. May it never be required in my day! I’d rather not have my blood water that tree. But then again, so thinks everyone who faces such issues (to paraphrase The Lord of the Rings). Our duty now is to just stand up for what is right.

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Let me say again,

30 Apr

their is a simple solution to this whole gay marriage deal.

Get the gov’t out of the marriage business altogether.

There IS no “marriage” from a legal standpoint. Or everyone gets a marriage license. Same thing–there is no meaningful difference. Each person owes in taxes what he or she owes, regardless of marital status. This is easier with a flat tax, but it is not crucial for this to work. Everyone files income tax. So live with and “marry” whomever or whatever you want in any number. If you have common property, there are guidelines for that. You live together more than X years? It’s a common-law “marriage.” Get a “prenup,” you fool! The only issue is the contract.

Now, if you want to be married in the Catholic Cathedral, go talk to the Priest. He can put whatever strictures he wants on his own property. You don’t have to be married by the Catholic Priest. You can have a ceremony done by any bum on the street (or none at all). Such a marriage is a religious issue, not a State  one. The State should just butt out.


WWII vets

03 Oct

win yet another battle. Obama’s behavior on this is nothing but obscene.

Oh, and you think the White House just didn’t know? Think again, and don’t be a rube.

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I was reading

11 Aug

an email recently, and it mentioned an off-the-cuff remark that I thought was very important. The group was talking about (and visiting) Scotland, and the guy said that all the enterprising Scots had left for other places (it was mainly America) long ago. That really got me thinking about a few things. The outflow last century was HUGE. There are tons of us here in America (myself very much included) who are descended from enterprising Scots.

1) Once those adventurous folks went away, who was left?  What does it mean for a society when the “cream’ left a long time ago and now the culture is very different? Kids there are reared (and have been for generations) by those and their kids who were too timid to make their own way in the world three or four generations ago. What does that mean for us now? We may have greatly benefitted from those robust generations, but what if we are now the stagnant and risk-averse ones? What if it takes three or four generations for the problems to really develop?

2) Where does that leave Scotland now? There used to be some great thinkers and even thought movements that were Scottish, but when was the last one you know of? Why has Scotland dropped off the intellectual map? There may indeed be several reasons, but this is certainly one of the main ones.

3) What does it have to do with demand for some sort of welfare state? I think people have always (and still do) want to help care for the disabled and downtrodden, but are we now seeing a different attitude?

4) How does the closing of the “wild west” in America change things? Before, if you didn’t like what the government was doing, you could just take your belongings, put them in a wagon, and leave the country. And several groups did. The Mormons left en masse because they were subject to violent and unfair treatment in the US. A lot of very enterprising people just left.

But you simply can’t just leave now. That “safety valve” is gone. People who were willing to make their own way just left. They knew they risked death, but they went anyway. The Eastern Seaboard was rather a Scotland. Will space eventually become that safety valve? We talk about Star Wars and other films as “space westerns,” but maybe that is literally true. Firefly certainly was that–notwithstanding the directors hard left bent it was really quite Libertarian.

I don’t think the “rot” is too great to produce a good settlement. Yet. But that is certainly the direction we are moving. It’s just that there are real and important benefits to having a frontier. And don’t kid yourself, there is a HUGE amount of self-selection in stuff like this. The weak and timid just don’t leave.

I don’t hear about this much, though I’m quite certain I’m not the first to come up with that idea. Heck, the Bible talks about how there was a time that people were so wicked that the children had little chance of choosing righteousness, so God killed everyone (with a flood) but a handful and started over. Otherwise, new generations just didn’t have a chance.

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Just a few

22 May

“rogue” low-level employees. Right. To quote a movie, “Do I look stupid? I mean really, do I look stupid?”

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Imagine a world

29 Apr

without limits! And while you’re at it, imagine unicorns that poop M&Ms.

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