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22 May

the science is settled! What are you, some kind of mouth-breathing, knuckle-dragging science denier?

THIS is why you don’t totally take what “scientists” say as Cartesian Truth. Science is a great way of knowing things. But it is not the only way, nor is it impervious to bastardization. It is an entry to explanation, it gives you a platform to put forth your opinions, but it very obviously depends upon formal logic for ALL of its persuasive power. There is indeed persuasive power in such arguments, but this power is not in illogical and stupid appeals to authority.

There’s a Haitian proverb that goes, “If you knew what chicken eat, you wouldn’t eat chicken.” Yeah, if you knew what scientists believe, you wouldn’t believe scientists. And I say that as a scientist myself. You have to be able to pose the epistemological question: “How do you know?” I’m not taking things merely on a logically fallacious appeal to authority. I don’t give a rat’s patoot that you are a famous scientist or professor. Tell me why. (To quote Socrates) on what grounds should I believe you over a dog-faced baboon?


It doesn’t

24 Apr

surprise me, at all, that there is widespread fraud in “scientific” literature. There is a ton riding on this. One gets tenure because of peer-reviewed publications. One advances at the university because of this. This establishes you as an expert, and may well directly lead to television appearances. There is just a lot of benefit to being published. If you have tenure, it means that you get to keep your job and pay your mortgage next month. You also get to have food in your home.

So there is great potential payoff/reward for doing this and very little risk. No wonder fraud is so prevalent. Recently, several very famous and oft-taught in undergrad psychology courses studies were found to be fraudulent. The Stanford Prison Experiment, also. Even the Milgram experiments. All appear to be frauds. You know, the bedrock of modern psychology.

The problem is that it leaves one to wonder what to believe. Very clearly, you can’t believe everything you learned in Psych 101. And then you have to wonder what else is incorrect?

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Yeah, replicating

26 Feb

very famous studies in psychology has been a real problem. And some things that I have been taught from the start of my college career have been revealed as fraud. And now it is happening in other areas.

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Yep, and that’s

23 Sep

why, though I am a scientist who has published in academic outlets, I am no longer in the academy. In days past this kind of fraud was discouraged and looked down on. It happened, but it was seen as wrong. Now fraud is lauded, as long as it serves the purposes of the SJWs.

I’m really glad I am no longer a part of that world.



21 Sep

The Kitty Genovese story was a hoax. It was scientific fraud. It has been celebrated in Psychology classes for decades, but it was nothing but a blasted hoax.

Even the famous Stanley Milgram experiments were, if not an outright hoax, fundamentally dishonest and wrong. Psychology  experiment are found over and over to not replicate well at all—hoax and fraud appears to be rampant, even with some foundational things.

So what is the next foundational psychological experiment to be revealed as a fraud—the Stanford Prison Experiment? Well, even that has come under fire. It may not say what we were always taught it said…

What next? NAZIs (National Socialists) were actually on the Left and NOT on the Right? Oh, wait…

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I am a social scientist.

12 Oct

I have taught stats and research design on the University level. I am published in the scientific literature in critiquing other studies and pointing out methodological flaws. Yeah, I pretty much know what I’m talking about.

But even I am shocked by the level of outright fraud among social scientists. Things I was taught in my very first Psychology class were shown to be a fraud (see: Kitty Genovese)! In truth, I was totally bowled over by that.

Remember, there is a HUGE incentive to get published so you can get tenure and then live on Easy Street for the rest of your life (no other institution that I know of has tenure, and for good reason). And there are many other reasons for the fraud, as well. So it is no surprise whatsoever that there is fraud. I just didn’t know it was so widespread, and in “core” studies.

It makes one skeptical of science. It’s not that the method itself is bad, but it appears that a large number of people who do science are dishonest and mere hacks (see: Climate “Science”). They are shilling for a certain world-view or are just concerned about themselves. I mean, science is one (of several) great ways of knowing. But there’s no question that it can be corrupted. And it makes me worried that these people make it so we are indeed rudderless on a godless sea. What this does is make people more skeptical of science itself. That is a shame.

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26 May


Yeah, Science is bastardized, and it is too bad. We live in a truly post-modern world where there ARE no facts, only opinions. Now if the opinions were buttressed by actual evidence…

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The anti-vaxxers are just nuts.

05 Feb

Yes, they are hard left, but that is not the only reason why they are nuts. They depend on YOU to get your child vaccinated. Then they scab off this “herd immunity.” Needless to say there is absolutely no scientific evidence that they are right. They get their information from some stupid porn star. Nice. No wonder they fall for such total foolishness. They probably voted for Obama, too <shakes head sadly>.

Time to pay attention to the science, folks.


Yet another example

18 May

of the demise of science. It’s fraud if you ONLY accept the knowledge that fits with your pre-conceived notions and things from your minions. THAT’s not science, it’s mere politics. Don’t get me wrong, I am a scientist and don’t believe that science is the end-all and be-all in terms of epistemology. But it is often very good, if done well. But too often it is not done well, and that is the problem. We don’t need to lose all faith in actual science, just in the bastardized form of it.

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Good thing

14 Mar

there is global warming, eh? Now tell me again,  just WHO is anti-science?