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You know what

16 Aug

puts an immediate stop to this kind of crap?

10% Concealed carry. Just 10%. The rest can continue to freeload–just like with taxes.

This nonsense doesn’t happen in Idaho and Texas. Why, you ask? Uh, it doesn’t take an Einstein to figure it out! DUH! I mean, how willfully stupid can you be?

France would be wise to make a few strategic changes, here…

And those of you who are panty-waist ninnies can be issued a sign that reads, “There are no guns in this place and I will not protect myself.” I mean, if that is what you really want for all law-abiding people, why would you object to such a sign on your car? And your house. And tattooed on your forehead? I mean, why even lock your doors at night? Just depend on the police! Honestly, can you even give a cogent answer? And you would also draw away violence from those of us who are far wiser. Do it for the good of the gene pool!

Talk about self-identifying as a rube and a witless victim!

If you don’t like that idea, why? C’mon, at least intellectually defend yourself! Try hard. Uh, the “no guns” crowd is just stupid and/or uneducated and naive. They ONLY speak to an echo chamber, and so are not accustomed to having their cherished beliefs challenged with facts and logic. Get with the program, folks! YOU are the freakin’ weak link!

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The truth is,

01 Aug

it is NOT in the best interest of society to cower before an assailant. I understand that it is tempting because YOU are seemingly in less immediate danger if you hide (and you never think you will be found). But if YOU stand up, others probably will, as well. In any case, it is better to die on your feet than on your knees. “Let’s roll!”

This article argues that your best defense is to fight back.

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I think it’s easy to forget

20 Apr

just how nasty edged weapons can be. Medieval battles were quite literally a bloodbath. There are stories of doomed Roman soldiers frantically digging shallow holes in the ground and burying their heads in an effort to die before the edged weapons got to them. Other stories talk about how Roman soldiers in a small depression had to wade through shin-deep blood to get to folks who were still alive.

These were not nice, clean events. In close quarters, a knife might be far more deadly and damaging than a firearm, if the person wielding it knows what they are doing. The huge advantage of a firearm is that you can kill someone who is far away from you and do it over and over if there are several enemies. But you NEVER want to get very close if a gun is your weapon. There is the “Mozambique Drill” that is practiced for a very good reason…


As they say,

07 May

When seconds count, police are only 20 or 30 minutes away. Wise people  don’t bet their lives or lives of their loved ones on the police. Keep that in mind.

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