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Yes, I realize that it is NPR

07 Jan

and they are not a very reliable source, but their obvious bias is in the other direction. So if THEY are saying it…

Understand the issue, here. The Lefty media/Democrats had an absolute kitten during the 2016 Presidential campaign when Donald Trump told African-Americans that they had nothing else to lose so the might as well vote for him. Total freak-out! The Democrats depend on African-Americans to even be close to competitive. If Republicans got 12-15% of the Black vote rather than the typical 5-8%, it would be well and truly over.

THAT is a huge reason Democrats are bent on Trump not succeeding. And therefore improvement in Black unemployment is a real threat to the Democrats. It is a threat to their very existence. Democrats want African-Americans poor, disgruntled, and unemployed. And in violent and crime-ridden cities. Democrats just can’t afford to have Blacks leave the reservation…


Yeah, there’s

04 Nov

no corruption or voter fraud! That is a myth.

I mean, people who would do something like this would never engage in voter fraud. It is just immoral to do something like that. Voting is sacrosanct! Right? Right? Bueler? Bueler?

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Here is the problem I see:

24 Oct

Hillary will almost for sure win. But it has already been suggested that the results might be invalid or “cooked” in some way, that it could be illegitimate. Trump himself has suggested that, and he’s by no means he only one who has said it. This means that there will be a large segment of the population who is angry and feels like they have been cheated. This is also a segment that is known for their rash behavior. This does not bode well.

See, THIS is the problem when we have poor poll security. THIS is why we don’t rationally pursue motor-voter or similar schemes. THIS is why widespread vote-by-mail schemes are problematic. THIS is why Internet voting is a stupid, stupid idea. The results in such situations are absolutely questionable.

And THIS is why we need voter ID. In fact, it is in Hillary’s best interest to have the polls be quite solid and reliable. She would benefit from poll security–unless there is fraud on her part, of course. Poll security is the life blood of democracy. Once the legitimacy of elections are in question, the gig is up. At that point it is merely despotism wearing the garb of Democracy. It is no more real than a Halloween costume. That kid dressed as a witch who comes to your door? She’s not really a witch.

But having a large proportion of the population feel that they have been cheated is a recipe for disaster for a free country. You need the overwhelming majority of people to obey the laws voluntarily. There are simply not enough enforcement officials to deal with a large scale rebellion. And such a rebellion is culturally in line with American beliefs. Civil disobedience is part of the American culture. And that is only when people feel the need to work within the system. This country came into existence in response to what was seen as unfair treatment.

There are ways to push back, and I thing Murray’s The Madison Fund is both awesome and ideal. It does not yet exist, but there are many who want to contribute to it and pay a monthly “Insurance” fee to it.

Now I doubt that Hillary cares about the American democracy at all. Not one bit. She cares about getting all she can for herself. That is pretty much it. Now, I think that she is ahead in terms of the election in any case, but she would certainly not have any quibbles about engaging in voter fraud if she needed to. I mean, look what she did to the Bernie Sanders crowd! She only beat Sanders through rather nefarious means. And in the general election there may be just enough questions to lead to significant instability.

That is why a Trump presidency may not be ideal, but would not be fatal to the country. That is not necessarily true if Hillary gets the presidency. A Hillary Presidency throws the whole political system into chaos, because poll security is so poor.

Those who argue against poll security are totally ignorant of such things. They don’t even know that they are driving 6-inches from the edge of a thousand-foot drop. So they say, “What’s one or two more inches? That is not much. It is hardly noticeable! Surely we can do such a little thing,” Yes, but I’m also starting to see the edge crumble a little…

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07 Sep

let’s get serious about ballot security.

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I’ve come

18 Jul

to this conclusion. I am NOT a Trumpkin. Maybe a reluctant, grudging Trumpkin, but a Trumpkin against my better judgment in any case. I think it is nothing but sad that I am even in this position.

Let’s be honest, he was about the worst candidate the GOP voters could have chosen. Cruz would have been far better. But Hillary is a real and present threat, and THAT is the reality that we face.

But the stakes are unusually high right now. You know that the next President will replace Ginsburg and Breyer on the Supreme Court, and very possibly Thomas, too. And with Scalia’s death, it is really in your face. If she gets to choose Scalia’s replacement, kiss Heller and Citizens United goodbye. The court would be lost for a generation. And if she replaces Ginsburg and Breyer (extremely likely) it is even worse. And Thomas, too? You’ve got to be kidding me! Then we are well and truly hosed.

So if only for the Supreme Court, Trump needs to win. Gun rights, free speech, and abortion all hang in the balance. We just can’t “sit this one out” and expect to remain free. The very fabric of our Republic is at stake. So before you get all high and mighty about what a jerk Trump is, understand well what the alternative is. So go ahead, make your choice. I agree that Trump is an evil, but he is absolutely the lesser of the two evils.

And besides, it is very unlikely that Trump would be as far Left as Nixon. Probably comparable to Bush I in terms of Leftism.

I love the country. I want it to survive. Therefore, I want Trump because he represents the best chance of that. I worry that a Hillary Presidency will result in major turmoil. Texas may well leave the union if Hillary’s Leftist positions are backed up by the Supreme Court, and if they try to do so, several other states will, too.

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The writing is

20 Jun

on the wall, folks, and it says, “Thou art weighed in the balance and found wanting.” And certainly it’s Trump. But it’s also his mindless minions.

Yes, the stoooopid Trumpkins have derailed the forces of good sense. They have put a shiv into Conservatism’s back. They could have had a brilliant, real iconoclast in Ted Cruz. But no–they insisted on an irrational course of self-immolation led by a con man and secret Hillary shill. They have lost us the Supreme Court for a generation. They have almost for sure destroyed the right to bear arms. They have greatly damaged our rights in general. They have enabled a corrupt liar who will be happy to continue the crappy economic policies of Obama. They may well have hastened the demise of the country itself (though I certainly hope not). Good job, Trumpkins, good job. Way to freakin’ go.

Idiots. <shakes head in disbelief>

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I honestly think that

26 Feb

Hillary is unelectable, and right now (after 8 years of Obama) more than ever. She is shrill, she is gorked from her head injury, and she really does not connect with people, either in public or in private. Oh, and she is a traitor, an obvious criminal. She can’t win a fair election–which is why this election will be anything but fair. I mean, she won SIX coin flips to beat Sanders in Iowa. I defy anyone to win  six fair coin flips in a row! And you only have a total of six tries… Yeah, you can bet it won’t be fair! This leopard won’t change her spots.


Yes, obviously.

10 Dec

Next question?

This guy is NOT who he says he is…

He is a Hillary shill, and the sheeple who support him need to wake the heck up! I mean, a slam dunk election and you screw it up? C’mon, you idiots.

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We can hope that today is

06 Dec

the end of Mary Landrieu. Probably. And voters can send a bit of a message by thrashing her, even though it doesn’t really change who is in control of the Senate.

A few years ago, when Obama was faced with how vulnerable the democrats were, he said they would not lose. His response was, “You’ve got me.”

Turns out, that was just another manifestation of his narcissistic psychopathology. Well, the Democrats can always rely on election fraud…

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Well, it’s

01 Nov

good news. But remember, we have to not just win but to beat the ever-increasing margin of fraud.

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