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There are indeed

31 Jul

some pretty serious scandals to investigate. And the Trump/Russia crap is not among them. I think the Imran Awan deal is seriously explosive. Really seriously.

But I think it is quite clear that the Trump/Russia deal is meant to distract from the real issues, to give guilty Democrats “cover” for their nefarious behavior. That’s what Mueller is all about, as well. Can’t he see that he is being used? He is just a tool in the hands of Lefty shills.

But let’s investigate all the scandals, I say.

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Yeah, even

30 Mar

Nixon didn’t destroy the tapes. Hillary is more Nixonian than Nixon… Yeah, lots of people are recognizing that fact.

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Lois Lerner may retire, but

27 Sep

that doesn’t mean that the scandal is over. Far from it.

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State Department obstructing Benghanzi

17 Sep

investigation? DUH!

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I’m sure they were

02 Jun

just talking about… uh… FLOWERS or something.

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It’s not just the IRS…

01 Jun

This scandal goes far deeper.

P.S. I had to add a new category, “Scandals.” What hath Obama wrought?

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