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The corruption

12 Feb

is pretty stinkin’ obvious! Try being a little evenhanded. Try a little thought experiment. Most Conservatives, unlike most Lefties, are capable of rational thought…

I’m just sick to death of the rank injustice.

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28 Sep

I really hope this is true.

The current system is total bullcrap. You can’t buy insurance across state lines? Really? Is there a single good reason for this? A good reason. The ONLY argument is that because each state has their own rules and their own Insurance Board, a company has to be in the state so they can be regulated easier. But that is a very weak argument. Very weak, indeed.

If there are demands by the state, your insurance company can just say, “You pay 50% more than your buddy in a neighboring state because of your state regulators.” See, those regulators have to “face the music” in regard to their demands, and they don’t want to. If insurance can be sold across state lines, regulators no longer have that fig leaf. Increased rates are transparently because of them.

And if it’s one thing Lefties hate with the heat of a thousand suns, it is transparency. This will lay bare the issues in play. And THAT is exactly why regulators shy like a frightened horse at the idea.

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I see

31 Jan

this more and more.

The truth is that health “insurance” is not insurance at all. It is pre-paid services. Accordingly, it is priced much higher than actual insurance.

Around my area I am seeing more and more of this. One high-end psychiatric clinic around here has not taken insurance for 5 years–it is all cash on the barrelhead. Many others are going that way, and for good reason. I personally won’t take insurance–I will give a receipt but  that is it. If the patient wants to fight with their “insurance” company, they can. But I won’t do it for them, nor will I pay someone to do it for them.

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21 Apr

Their is a good bit of chatter about health insurance companies wanting to require your genome or making you wear some kind of “FitBit” device to track your activities. Lots of (Leftist, even if ignorant of it) folks are up in arms about it, and there are arguments that this (of course) favors the higher classes and that it is grossly intrusive and a violation of privacy. The Libertarians are up in arms about it.

I disagree.

This is all about risk. If I am actuarily more at risk, I pay more. What is the difference between insuring a teenage  son on the car rather than a teenage daughter? About $100 a month! Trust me, I know this only too well. And this even though my teenage daughter caused far more damage than my teenage son ever did! But teenage boys on the whole get into many more wrecks on the average than, say, middle age non-drinker women and much more than teenage girls. Even after running over a median curb and destroying the vegetation, My daughter’s rates were still far lower than the boy’s. As you may know, the rates are higher for the teen boys, regardless of their competence or even their records, in many cases. See, more knowledge makes the rates go up on some and down on others. That is what insurance is all about. It’s a bet, plain and simple.

Why shouldn’t an overweight, drunk, couch-potato smoker whose only exercise is to get up and get another bag bag of Cheetos and yet another beer during the commercial of their soap opera (or yell at their child to do so)  pay more in life insurance than the normal weight teetotaler athlete who doesn’t smoke? Why on earth should they pass those costs on to others? Just how is it Libertarian to make me pay for their behavior? Sorry, that’s not Libertarian at all. Quite the opposite, in fact.

So quit whining and pass the FitBit. I can float my own boat…

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Don’t kid yourself,

22 Jul

this is the way things are going.

When I recently told a physician friend that I would again see patients but would not accept insurance, he said that this was the case with most people in my specialty. He was far from surprised.

With things as they are, there are many of us looking to escape the insurance crap. It will only snowball.


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11 Jun

a world with no traditional health insurance. It can and should be done.

I am looking at opening my practice again. If I do, I absolutely won’t take insurance, though I would be happy to give a receipt. And rates would be HUGELY lower. So, for example, in my world (a decade ago) insurance “paid” $160 for the initial (diagnostic) visit and $120 for follow-ups (if you could afford to pay someone to stay on hold for hours just trying to wrangle payment from the insurance company and even then the check might take months to get to you).

My thought is that I would charge $90 for whatever (every hour is certainly NOT filled–maybe only 5 or less are). Insurance for routine things is just HORRIBLE! Catastrophic is the only way to go.

Now $90 an hour sounds like a lot. But let’s call it $100 for ease of calculation. You fill 4 hours and get $1,600.00 a month. But wait, HALF goes to taxes (both federal, State, and local–much of which is after initial income taxes). So that leaves you $800 per month. And then there are expenses (rent is not free, there is $600 left–if you are amazingly lucky and frugal). Actually, there are A LOT of expenses. Phone alone costs maybe $200 per month. $400 now. And you have advertising. $300. And after-hours service. $200 left. Taxes are horribly complicated and unbelievably abstruse. You need an accountant so you don’t go to jail. The IRS is just not very forgiving. That desk cost money. That chair cost money. Those decorations cost money. Then you had to pay a Secretary to sit for hours on hold and get Insurance Company payments–maybe. Eventually.

Your only hope is in volume. But there are only so many hours. 20 billable hours a month is HUGE. And things certainly don’t scale down.

So in reality you are at about $15 or even $20 an hour. After a few years a person makes $36 an hour at Social Security and they probably only have a high school education (and you yourself have a Ph.D. or MD). So YOU paid through the ying-yang just to get your degree, and there were 10 years of lost earnings. And now it costs you about a grand (at least) a year just to stay licensed. Plus all those student loans that are due each month.  And don’t kid yourself, you can not only go broke, but you can go into the hole. Your rent is a multi-year contract. And you wanted to buy a house and get married and get braces for your kid’s teeth… Great gig, eh?

You need to do the math.

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So I talked to a Pediatrician

09 Jun

a couple days ago. I told him that I would take patients but not insurance (I’ll give a receipt). The physician said something like, “Yeah, most people in your situation won’t these days.”

The way I see it, YOUR insurance is an agreement between YOU and YOUR INSURANCE company. Why on earth would you expect someone else to intervene in your business? To take insurance, I would have to hire someone and then pay them to sit on hold for hours in hope I would eventually get payment. I’ve done that before. I won’t do it again. It’s totally bogus.


I’ve told you

14 Jun

this was coming! It’s already happening in my neck of the woods.

I wouldn’t advise any practitioner to rely on insurance, unless you are exclusively (or mainly) hospital-based.  Now, if we could even buy catastrophic insurance, that would be awesome! And there should be no restrictions about it crossing state lines. Thanks to Obamacare, we don’t have that kind of real insurance (that’s what “insurance” means) right now, but that may well change (I sure hope so).

Obamacare is just a nightmare! The morons who voted for it in congress should be out on their butts.

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