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ALL your information

20 Jul

is ours.


The Government


Tell me again,

27 Jan

Just WHAT was “plan B?”

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But I’ll tell you what the

15 Jan

problem is with such things.

They are saying that they can both read and write to computers. But what if they put something illegal on the computer (like child porn)? Then every single conviction is quite suspect. The guilty may walk. The innocent may be found guilty. It is the end. There would be no way to know if you had been framed or if you are a pedophile. And maybe you are targeted because you are an Obama critic…

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Well, it might well be

31 Dec

the case that you are paranoid. Still…



04 Nov

this was doneĀ pour encourager les autres. Don’t kid yourself.

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It’s kind of funny

03 Sep

how sunlight is the best disinfectant.

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“Nice job you have there…”

03 Aug

You know, what used to be the crazed rantings of wacko conspiracy theorists has become entirely plausible, thanks to Obama. And that’s sad.

Now there are no facts, there is no universally-accepted solid ground upon which to stand (the partisan media made sure of that). It’s always just turtles all the way down. So now there isĀ only opinion–we truly live in a post-modern world now. You just hold to what you believe is true. Any wonder I have been talking over and over about epistemology? How do you know what is true?

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Yeah, Skype is

14 Jul

not secure. “Big Brother” is monitoring all you do. And don’t kid yourself, no matter how “innocent” you are, there is ALWAYS some statute you have violated. In any case, you can be brought up on charges and forced to defend yourself, even if the charges are bogus (at great personal and monetary cost), and the cost to government is minimal. We see that all the time, and the Zimmerman show trial is a prime example.

There are options that are more secure than Skype, though it’s a pain in the butt.

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Big government

11 Jul


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The gov’t wants you to

10 Jul

snitch on your co-workers!

Nah, THIS couldn’t be a problem. right? No, it worked great great for the NAZIs and the STASI and all the communist dictators! And if you don’t snitch, YOU might go to the Gulag, er, to prison. We’re not to children telling on their parents. Yet.

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