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Unintended consequence of ObamaCare:

30 Sep

McDonald’s may drop insurance coverage. Like most lefty schemes this one has dire consequences. Oh well, I guess to make an omelette you have to break a few eggs… Next stop, the Gulags!

ADDITION: McDonald’s tries to wriggle out of it, but it is pretty clear that the initial report was accurate. This is merely splitting hairs for financial gain. It’s clear even from the so-called “denial” that McDonald’s plan won’t fly under the Obama rules. Like Nancy Pelosi said, we’ll have to pass the bill in order to find out what’s in it!

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We need more teachers!

30 Sep

Uh, well, maybe not. The truth is, adding more teachers is not the solution. This chart shows that school hiring has grown at 10 times the rate of actual enrollment over the last 40 years, and actual achievement has been quite stagnant. Next time you hear teachers whine about the education system and hiring, think of these charts.

Many teachers are in fact brilliant and quite competent–and they would be competent in any field they chose. For whatever reasons, they chose to be teachers (and the reasons are many). But many of the teachers I have seen are NOT the cream of the crop, intellectually or practically. Most who are just don’t say much and quietly do their jobs well. What’s the adage? If you’re going to pay peanuts, you will hire mainly monkeys.

So before Obama goes on his “we need more teachers” rant, maybe he should look at the data. Not that facts will sway him…

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It’s not just “funemployment,” you

30 Sep

also get to live with your friends! Honestly, will wonders never cease? What can’t Obama do?

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Things aren’t all bad

30 Sep

for democrats, but I think some people are overly optimistic about democrat chances.

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Chris Christie’s

30 Sep

greatest hits. I’m getting to be a Chris Christie fan. This is truly worth watching.

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Here’s a great example

30 Sep

of how the left forces people to do what they want. Let’s be quite clear here. Force is the main and identifying characteristic of the left. The Gulags are NOT an aberration, they are part and parcel of leftism. If the left thinks something is a good idea, they will force you to do it. Whether we’re talking about dishwasher detergent or “no-flo” government toilets, the force is the main characteristic. I had a friend crow about how an old house nearby his was being torn down and so he bought the toilets out of it for the house he was building so he didn’t have to buy the gov’t no-flo toilets. Maybe we should all get ‘twisty’ lights! Oh yeah, those don’t really work and they contain mercury (a poison).

I’ve got an idea: let people buy what they want. Enviro-nuts can buy non-phosphate soap, deal with the scum, use paper cups, etc. Oh wait, paper cups are a menace, too. People who don’t want to flush their toilets 10 times don’t have to buy a gov’t ┬áno-flo toilet! Gee, what an idea…

But let’s be clear here: the left is all about force. They may have a smiley face on their coercion, they may think that their idea is a good one, but it is force nonetheless. So let’s not be confused.


A winning democrat

29 Sep

slogan: “We really hate you.” Yeah, that’s the ticket! <shakes head>

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“Ironic Rot”

29 Sep

Yeah, that’s pretty much it. I think Colbert’s “testimony” was the ultimate in it, and both he and the rube who invited him should be ashamed. It was just a stunt, and the congressmen were unwitting extras in the play. I’m for informed consent, and that certainly was NOT what we saw here.



29 Sep

THIS certainly doesn’t bode well for the upcoming GOP majority! Folks, we can’t do business as usual. While I might or might not agree with the project, this is bull crap. Either the GOP gets a clue, or they will be out on their ear, too. Then we will see the rise of a third party who WILL act well.


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About Glenn Beck

29 Sep

I hear (and just read an excruciatingly long article) that he is “inflammatory” and that he says controversial things, but I have yet to hear anyone tell me what those things are. It’s kind of the Rush Limbaugh thing. I hear people say that he says inflammatory things, yet when I press them I don’t hear what they actually are. I think people who are saying that just have never heard them, and it’s more a a received notion than anything.

Here’s what I think is probable: Leftists don’t like the overall message so they say that there are “inflammatory” words in an effort to discredit them. Kind of a “poisoning the well” sort of approach. Kind of.