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Good thing there is global warming, eh?

31 Dec

Yeah, things are cold, but you know that no matter what happens man caused it by pollution. That’s why they changed it from “global warming” to “global climate change.” I think that “global climate chaos” is on the horizon… It’s like a rubber sheet–just pull it to cover whatever came untucked!

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I saw the movie “Tangled” yesterday, and

31 Dec

I was surprised at how decent it was. It had pretty good music, a decent villain  (a bit one-dimensional and not as good as Ursula in “The Little Mermaid,” but that is a level rarely attained), and while the story was a bit tired, it was a good film. I thought the horse stole the show. The scene with her watching the floating lanterns was excellent. All in all, it was worth the money, and few are the modern films one can say that about.

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Wow. Just wow.

31 Dec

I guess there’s no way to understand the constitution because it is so old. And the left says that Sarah Palin is stupid? You’re kidding, right?

The double standard here is mind-blowing. And yet Era Klein really believes that, while it takes some, uh, creative* license to make Palin look bad.

*”creative” in this case means just lying.

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I certainly don’t begrudge the president

30 Dec

from taking a vacation, but isn’t this a little extravagant?

We’re starting to see a narrative here of Obama as “king of the world” who doesn’t care what his extravagances cost others. He is now in the catbird seat and he is going to milk it for all it’s worth! There’s kind of a Marie Antoinette “Let them eat cake” attitude with him, and his wife is simply a nightmare in this regard!

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NRO has predictions for the year

30 Dec

and I find them pretty good. The one I really like and think in fact will happen is the one that says that our politicians will continue their foolish path. To quote: “Of course, the longer the politicians postpone it, the worse the crash will be: but politicians always think the horse may sing.

The singing horse story is a great one, and one I’ve used often over the years.

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The bowl match ups are a complete

30 Dec

joke. Why oh why do we not have a playoff? Oh yeah, because the fat cats want to keep all the money to themselves and they can’t stomach the idea of a “Cinderella” team winning over their favored teams. They don’t care about us fans, and that’s why we have such a crappy slate of bowls.

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The utter futility of

30 Dec

reducing Carbon emissions. I wish more people understood the facts! Folks, this is nothing but a scam.

An old Haitian proverb says, “If you knew what chickens eat, you wouldn’t eat chickens.” If you knew the details about “global warming” you wouldn’t buy it. These folks are watermelons–green on the surface but red to the core. I don’t mind conservation (in fact I like it) but I don’t like fraud.

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The rich should pay their fair share!

29 Dec

Of course, if this were actually fair they might pay less. Dave Ramsey tells it like it is. Never have so many been so dependent on so few…

That simply is unsustainable. It is not good for the country and not good for people in general, for the world.

But there is another issue, not just the inherent unfairness of our tax code and the broad-based damage that is the result. And that is that everyone is not a shareholder in society. Not everyone has “skin in the game” so to speak. In other words, we have about half the population who pay no taxes at all and are functionally disenfranchised. They do indeed vote, but their only role is to take money that others have earned.


Let’s not forget, the

29 Dec

left intelligentsia have consistently been wrong. No, let’s not forget that for a minute. The fact that their predictions were utterly self-serving should NOT come as a surprise. I think one ought to be very cautious about accepting what the lamestream media and other lefty lackeys are saying. It’s often not even vaguely related to the truth. The fact that I like something does not mean that it is true.

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There are three types of people who

29 Dec

touch your private parts, and finally we have a Venn diagram that helps explain it:

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