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Is this a sign of the times?

31 Oct

Obama plays to half-filled auditorium. Wow. I wonder if Palin could have filled it, even on a Sunday evening and Halloween?

In any case, it’s NOT a good harbinger of things to come for the democrats. Or for Obama in 2012.

For the first time, my eyes really have shifted to 2012, and I doubt I’m the only one…

Oh, and let’s not kid ourselves–the Tea Party has won. No matter the outcome of the elections Tuesday, the terrain has changed drastically, and it is because of the Tea Party. So you can disparage them all you want, but THOSE are the facts.

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One can only hope…

31 Oct

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Here’s a good example of Lamestream Media bias!

31 Oct

Look here. Yep, planning on planting a fake (damaging) story on Joe Miller. Nice. Your lamestream media at work. Yet there are still some rubes who deny it and say that lamestream media bias is a myth. <shakes head>

UPDATE: Palin calls the Alaska CBS conspirators “corrupt bastards.” She’s correct.

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So what is usual for mid-term elections?

31 Oct

I mean, we have heard that it is normal for presidents to lose some seats in a mid-term, but just how many? I mean, it’s hard to judge just how good or bad this is without some historical context.

Well, fortunately, we have a record going back, well, forever. The bottom line is that is indeed “normal” for the president who is in power to see his party lose seats in a mid-term election.

AND I’D LIKE TO RE-VISIT MY PREDICTION about the number of pick-ups the R’s will have in the house. I said 90 before, but it was not clear just what I was actually predicting. So let me be clear: I predict that there will be 70 pick ups by the GOP. I think they will pick up 8 in the Senate, so they will take the House and the democrats will retain control of the Senate (but be scared spitless). There, I think that is clear now, and this is on the Sunday before the elections. I don’t really know enough about governorships to hazard a guess.

A guy I know, when talking about Obama losses (he is a professor of political science) said that it is normal for a sitting president to lose seats in a mid-term. Yeah, but not like this. He has been wrong about almost everything (gee, I wish I could have a job were being wrong all the time didn’t get me fired!) so I bet he will be wrong about this, too. He ¬†claims to be a republican, but he is a RINO at best–it’s an occupational hazard for him.

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30 Oct

cannon fodder.

I’m not sure she has EVER cared about who got hurt by Obamacare. Sure, she thought that peoples’ memory would be short and that democrats would not be shellacked, but she certainly knew that some would be casualties in this effort. I guess she figured that in order to make an omelette you have to break a few eggs… Now her own former minions are calling her doctrinaire and rigid. Oh, like THAT’s a surprise!

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A Halloween treat for

30 Oct


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Bill Maher pulls a

30 Oct

Juan Williams. Of course, you’ve heard NOTHING about this.

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30 Oct

I told you that I thought this would happen. No wonder Obama is frantically trying to co-opt Hillary. She would certainly beat him today, and she might well come 2012.

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Requiem for the democrats.

30 Oct

It’s a good article, and I think you ought to read it. Sure, the interviewee is a staunch democrat apologist, but there are some gems in there, and I don’t think we need to assume that everything he says is crap. There are some real lessons here, and republicans had better learn them if they are going to stay in power. Right now, it looks like democrats will be in the minority for a generation, and while that is a good thing, we need to understand that though people are angry with democrat incompetence, they will just as quickly turn on the GOP if given reason.

When blood is in the water and there is a feeding frenzy, even sharks get bit at times. The democrats made a HUGE mistake in thinking that anger and fatigue with Bush II and the GOP meant that they bought into the democrat thinking. They were utterly and completely wrong. The GOP had better not make the same mistake or they will suffer the same fate. What may happen is that the GOP is taken over by conservatives, and I think that is the best option. Or, there would just be a third party arise that will replace the GOP, like the GOP replaced the Whigs. Already the democrats are pretending to be more conservative (they have to lie about who they are and what they think so as to actually get elected–and that is at the heart of why they need to be so careful about what they say).

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Here is something I’ve been saying for a long time:

30 Oct

Senate democrats will have a much tougher row to hoe in 2012. The math really makes it hard for them, and we can expect that the battle will be huge. Not only that, but Obama will be on the ticket. That can be a blessing for the dems because he is a good campaigner and a great 4th quarter player. But he is also immensely unpopular right now, and unless that changes (and it likely will), he will be a drag on democrat Senators up for re-election. Not only that, but republicans will be motivated to get Obama out of office and someone in who will enact their legislative agenda (repeal of Obamacare, for example). So Obama being on the ticket is a mixed blessing. Yeah, he’s great at campaigning, but he is also quite polarizing. As of now he can simply veto anything he doesn’t like and demagogue the issue. Many people will bleatingly buy that, uh, stuff. Sure it’s weak sauce, but it’s effective just the same.

Here is my advice for Obama: right after the tsunami election, he makes changes to Obamacare. Nothing big, but mainly window dressing. Then he touts how HE didn’t like some aspects, either, and he got the GOP to go along with him to change it. If they won’t do it, they are racist jerks (like we all knew). If they do it, they are co-opted into Obama and Obama reaps the benefits of appearing flexible and “on your side.” ¬†See, he is a uniter, not a divider! He shows that he wants change (Hope and Change!), and he can blame the problems on Pelosi, Reid, and the democrat leadership while himself gaining the good will of the sheeple out there.

But I’m not sure that Obama characterologically can do that. He’s not Bill Clinton, who simply had no moral compass whatsoever–he is a idealogue and is basically rigid. But the Clinton way is the ONLY way to safety.

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