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Fred Thompson on the SOTU

31 Jan

speech. Yep.

While Thompson showed very clearly that he can’t/won’t be a good presidential candidate, he is very trenchant on occasion just the same.

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Oh good grief!

31 Jan

The British again fudge climate numbers to make it look like the earth is getting warmer. When will they ever learn? Is it not enough the East Anglia has made a mockery of the scientific process? Honestly, what are they hoping to gain? I guess the goal is short-term cash and a desperate attempt to make it look like they are not villains.

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If Obamacare is such a great idea,

31 Jan

why this? Why exempt your cronies? Why exempt politicians? I mean, what about the rest of us?

Basically, Obamacare is horrible and THIS is the proof. Any business owner knows this is a nightmare. And that’s why we’re seeing all these waivers.

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Perhaps the biggest

31 Jan

negative effect of Obamacare is that Obama was so focused on it that other things were neglected.

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Chrissy Mathews spews more

30 Jan

obsessive nonsense. Yeah, He has proven without doubt that he is a democrat lackey. I mean, this is unbelievable!

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I think that most thinking people avoided the SOTU

30 Jan

speech. They did something a lot more productive. Like snoozing.

But if you want the best synopsis I’ve seen so far, here it is. It’s not one to miss, really.

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One of my friends (who reads this blog) recommended

30 Jan

“Chicks on the Right” as a web site I would like. She was right.

But more importantly, they note that the school Obama touted in the SOTU address actually is successful because it has adopted conservative ideas. That’s nothing but dang funny. Of course, the spittle-lipped left won’t even know that their idol lauded a conservative organization. They just go bleatingly along and talk about how “education ┬áis our future” and the teacher’s union is great. No one watched the SOTU except pundits and Obamaphiles anyway.

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So now a

30 Jan

radical Islamo-facist cleric is caught being smuggled into the U.S. Over the MEXICAN border. And a book in a tongue the Iraqis speak is found in the AZ desert, a book that lauds suicide bombers. And yet Washington DC will do nothing to close our border with Mexico. This is national suicide, and nothing less. Basically, the democrats want to be elected so badly that they are will to pander to anyone if they think it might translate into votes. It’s disgusting.

It’s not just that a ton of illegal Mexicans are flooding over the porous border. Not only are these politicians who have refused to secure our border utterly self-serving, not only is it treasonous, it’s a much broader security risk than just jobs lost to illegal aliens.

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The newest Obama ploy to

29 Jan

gain some sort of credibility. Folks, it’s a ploy. Don’t be fooled, it’s just Obama frantically trying to bail water from his sinking ship. It makes me laugh, though, that a hardcore lefty like Obama has to turn to the most conservative President in the last century to bolster his bona fides. Yeah, I know that Time Magazine and others think it’s clever, but they are rubes. I think it just reeks of desperation.

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More on Pelosi’s

29 Jan

use of the Air Force as her own personal travel agency. What’s funny is that she talks so much like she is for the “little guy” but then she exploits them like a bugger. This is sheer, rank hypocrisy. What an embarrassment! She ought to be ashamed, but of course she is proud of her dishonesty…

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