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Let’s play a game called

30 Apr

Let’s Pretend.” Hispanics voted for Obama with something like 67% last time (in 2008), but they are torqued with him now. So Obama has a meeting with “influential Hispanics” to shore up his support there.

But Obama is in a bind: if he caters to Hispanics by supporting amnesty he alienates Blacks and white Americans. They a) feel that illegal immigrants are taking labor-intensive entry-level jobs (Blacks) and b) are a threat to the security of the nation (whites). So Obama has to find a way to mollify the Hispanics while not losing the rest of the country.

And that’s part of the problem with catering to special interest groups, like the democrat party has done. The democrats have long been the party of special interests, and they have built an electorate based on dividing people into classes, races, etc. But if you please Peter, you offend Paul. Aye, there’s the rub! The strategy that has worked so well for democrats over the last 70 years has a weakness, and that weakness is coming (perhaps) to the fore right now.

It’s not that these groups are suddenly going to be conservative republicans–they’re not. But they may well lose interest and just sit this next election out. And once they do they are much more likely to be influenced by conservatives and republicans. Hispanics typically have values that are much closer to the republican stance than to the democrat one. So there are real risks here.

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More hope and change!

30 Apr

If you don’t think Obama has screwed things up, look at the data. All he had to do was to let nature run its course, but no. He had to try and impose his socialist/leftist ideology. Like has been the case with all socialism, economic ruin has followed. Leftism is great for university faculty rooms and classrooms (where it is ubiquitous, since these folks are attracted to power cloaked in the robes of compassion), but it’s not so great in real life.

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Here’s the deal:

30 Apr

First the gov’t sees a property it wants. So it deems it “blighted” for any reason necessary, then they take possession of it. Then they transfer the property to a crony. Then voila, it is no long “blighted” and is turned into money (for the gov’t and/or gov’t officials)

Is it theft? Yeah. Recently a court has ruled against it, but it happens all the time. This specific case is particularly bad, but it’s not like this is anything new in principle. I hope that with Kelo we see less of it, but only time will tell.

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Here’s something

29 Apr

that will cost Obama 2 points in the polls.

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Paul Krugman: laugh line

29 Apr

Here is a video of some lefty tool who says that a Nobel Prize-winning economist called Paul Ryan’s budget “a fraud.” When asked who that was, he sheepishly said, “Paul Krugman.” The audience laughs heartily. Oh my!

Look, there are few people as personally despicable and as chronically wrong as the former Enron guy and current NY Times buffoon Paul Krugman. He joined the likes of Yasser Arafat, Al Gore, and Barack Obama in getting a Nobel Prize. Nice. I’m not sure I can put into words my disdain of him. He is a Bozo, a trained chimp, and that’s about it. Maybe he is qualified to be a court jester, but really he is good at nothing else but producing laughs.

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It is pretty important to

29 Apr

understand, as this post notes, that the U.S. leaving Viet Nam produced tragedy. The left wants to talk about My Lai and Viet Nam war protests (you know, “the good old days” for the left–bongs, sex, and protests!), but they certainly don’t want to talk about the aftermath of their policies. Unfortunately, millions died because of the protesters.

We can argue about whether the U.S. should have entered Viet Nam, we can discuss the good and bad about that war. But the horrible aftermath is simply not disputable. We need to face the truth of the “hippie” movement. It was an ugly era in music, fashion, and politics.

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Don’t kid yourself, inflation

29 Apr

is killing us. And Obama is going to (and should) pay the price. His policies have led to this, don’t be confused. He is a rank amateur. My dad tells a story of when he was young and worked in a chicken slaughterhouse. To kill the chickens, they would pierce their heads with a thick needle. If you do it right, the skin relaxes and the feathers come out easily, but if you do it wrong the skin contracts and it is very hard to get the feathers out. My dad watched the process and figured he could do it since he was dang smart and competent (he ended up getting a doctorate from Berkeley). So he started killing chickens when the supervisor came roaring down to the floor saying, “Who the heck is killing? They’re screwing up big time!” Dad went back to what he was good at–pulling guts out of dead chickens.

Obama is in the same boat. The American people are roaring down saying, “Who the heck…” Obama needs to go back to pulling guts out of chickens. It’s what he can do. He just is not good at being President. To quote a famous philosopher, “A man’s gotta know his limitations…”

My wife and I used to go out to eat every Friday. It was a little “alone time” for us (on Wednesday we celebrated our 22nd wedding anniversary). Now we go out very occasionally. It’s just too expensive now.

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Americans are

29 Apr

ready to fight the national debt. This is good new for the country and for republicans. It’s bad news for Obama and the other wasteful spenders. I don’t think we need to shy away from this, and if the GOP nominee is smart, they make a BIG issue of it.

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I hate tofu

29 Apr

anyway. As one pundit said, “For my health I’m sticking with Prime Rib.”

Prime Rib. Mmmmmmmmm

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Don’t mess with Amazon!

29 Apr

They have a history of pulling out when a state tries to hose them down. It’s not anything new, and don’t even THINK that Amazon is bluffing. SC just shot themselves in the foot. Nice work, morons!

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