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John Kerry’s

30 Jun

egotism knows no bounds.

Honestly, has there ever been a bigger idiot who ran for President from a major party? Ever? My disdain for him knows no bounds. He is an embarrassment to humanity. Rarely have I ever seen anyone so clearly disordered and with so little insight into his condition. How humiliating is it to have voted for this dork? Words just cannot express it.

I mean, Obama is truly horrible, but this guy defies description.

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Don’t pay attention

30 Jun

to the man behind the curtain! Hey, the lamestream media will tell you all you need to know, so just shut up! The Anointed One doesn’t make mistakes. Only stupid people like Sarah Palin and Michelle Bachman make mistakes, dontcha know!

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Obama is reportedly

30 Jun

getting nervous and the recent Rasmussen poll shows that any republican would beat him.

Now let’s not pretend that Obama is dead–he’s not. Not quite dead yet. But the ship is sinking, and unless something is done to plug the leaks quickly it will go down. No wonder Obama is nervous. He should be.

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Is the debt ceiling

30 Jun

even constitutional? There is an argument that it is not, and that Obama can just ignore it.

Of course, that would reinforce the sense that he just ignores congress when he wants to (see: Libya). I agree that it is a dangerous move, but one that Obama might well take.

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This article in the comments

30 Jun

notes that Obama is a braying Jackass.

Well, it’s obviously true that he is clueless when it comes to economic issues. Unfortunately, we all get to share in his faults. More’s the pity…

But it’s a decent article written by a knowledgeable person.

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I have no real heartburn over

30 Jun

raising the debt limit per se. The issue is that the US has been spending SO recklessly under Obama’s watch that it is simply unsustainable. 40 cents of every dollar that the US spends is borrowed. Think about that for a minute. Could you last very long if your finances were in such shape? If no, why is it that you think the gov’t can? It won’t last forever, and it is time to put down the crack pipe and face the facts.

I understand that the US credit rating will drop if we default in the short term. But the truth is that already the US is a bad investment–there’s no need to rely on debt ratings to make that call. Regardless of what the credit rating agencies say, there is a point where others won’t buy our debt. That is the real debt limit. Unfortunately, we don’t know how close we are to it. Maybe we are already over the line. We just won’t know until everything comes crashing down–there’s no way to keep juggling and keep all the balls in the air.

Also, we are passing along not a legacy to our children and grandchildren, but a debt. I’m reminded of a line from a TV show where a character was given a Christmas gift and now he has to get one for the giver. He exclaims, “You haven’t given me a gift, you’ve given me a responsibility!”

Well, we are in the same position. Are we going to give our children and grandchildren a gift or a burden? We can’t just keep spending forever and pretend that the day of retribution will never come. The democrats say to future generations, “screw you!” and they are doing just that. It’s not fair. It’s not at all responsible.

I have a 20-year-old daughter for whom I am paying to have her wisdom teeth extracted later this summer. I was talking to the Mendelian Spousal Unit (MSU) recently and we talked about how she will likely get married in the next few years. It simply would not be kind to tell her and the new spouse, “Oh, now YOU are responsible for the financial burdens.” No, I choose not to fob off my obligations as a parent onto someone else.

But this is much worse. It is knowingly fobbing off a HUGE debt onto the yet-unborn so I can glut myself on their (future) labors. Sorry, I’m not a Vampire. Obama and the democrats should be ashamed of themselves for such treachery.

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The Obama Hokey-Pokey

29 Jun

Learn it, love it.

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Democrats submit

29 Jun

Amnesty bill. Nice.

I think this shows that the democrats know that they are toast in the next election so they are grandstanding as much as possible while they can.

My son, when he was very young, ate the dry cat food outside at my brother’s house. His mom saw him through the window and yelled his name. When he knew the gig was up, he shoveled cat food into his mouth as fast as he could go. He had gotten a few more handfuls in by the time his mother got there.

Democrats are doing the same thing. They are frantically shoveling cat food into their mouths because they know that the next election may well be their last as a viable party.

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I think it’s funny that

28 Jun

anti-Mormon views are so durable. And so socially accepted. And so much a part of the democrat thinking. In many ways that is not surprising. There is little question that race is not really an issue in politics–being black is by no means a barrier to getting elected. Being a Mormon, however…

Part of the issue is no doubt that Mormons tend to be conservative, both fiscally and socially. The church has been anti gay marriage and Utah is very conservative (though no longer a majority Mormon in Salt Lake). The church is anti-abortion. So democrats will be suspicious of anyone who says they are a leftist and a Mormon–those two things really do not go together with any kind of philosophical consistency (see: Harry Reid). I mean, you really have to twist and squirm to make those two things fit at all, and even then there is a sacrifice on one side or the other.

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Surprising, eh?

28 Jun
So TSA makes a 95-year-old take off her adult diaper so they can do a more thorough search. After all, she might be a terrorist hiding a bomb in those nether regions. Huh? Well, remember that TSA has to hold to the myth that little old ladies are just as big a threat as totally unattached Muslim young men who bought a one-way ticket with cash.
I think that TSA, having not detected a single terrorist or threat and the source of great cost to the American people, are desperate to show that they are boss and that you dang well better play by their rules. Or else. So they do stuff like this, which seems outrageous to the rest of us, but is in fact a demonstration of how they can act outrageously with impunity. I will tell you that I don’t fly anymore because of their actions, and last summer they lost 5 tickets because of it. I mean, this is a bad deal for the airlines and for everyone but the TSA.
Notice they they don’t do the most egregious things in places like the Salt Lake airport or the Boise airport. There’s a reason for that. People there just would not tolerate this kind of stuff. They will in Washington DC, but not in Salt Lake.
Texas has a bill aiming to outlaw the TSA gropes, and in response the TSA threatened to make Texas a “no-fly zone” and not let there by any airlines there at all. Texas withdrew the bill. Now Texas has brought it up again because I think that most people are willing to call TSA’s bluff. I guess we’ll see if they have four aces or a pair of 2s.
This is a bad deal for Obama. He is alienating a HUGE portion of the public and he is solidifying his character as a despot and a petty tyrant.