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No deal

31 Jul

is better than a bad deal.

We need to understand that. The GOP needs to understand that their head is on the chopping block, too. Sure, the democrats are horrible and tragically irresponsible. But if the GOP gets “rolled” in this deal, they are history, too. You will see the rise of a third party, and likely the end of the GOP. Remember, we have no more whigs today. The GOP gets to decide if there will be no more republican party tomorrow. If they crump, I think that the people and the fire-breathing freshmen in congress will just leave the party. The “branding” of the GOP will be worse than useless at that point.

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The world is watching.

31 Jul

And cringing. Basically, we have the GOP House who have sent three bills raising the debt ceiling to the Senate, all of which were rejected on the grounds that they were not sufficiently leftist. Obama said he would not even consider a short-term deal (before he very recently reneged on that). They could have had a short-term bill, but they rejected that out of hand when there was time to actually create one.

But the truth is that Obama and the democrats could have had a debt ceiling increase without a “poison pill,” but they rejected it. They were not content with a slice–they wanted the whole pie. Get those bums out of office! Please, for the good of the country…

No matter what happens now, the US “solidity” as an investment haven is seriously damaged. There may be a drop in credit rating no matter what, now. Investors have had their trust in the US drastically shaken. I don’t think you can un-ring that bell now.

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The previous generation

31 Jul

was not exactly “the greatest,” eh? Please, forgive us.

I think it is up to us and to our kids to make things right again. The (now) old 60’s Beatniks certainly didn’t do the right thing, and we are all paying the price for it. Shame on them!

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I think it is true that

31 Jul

liberalism is simply a luxury we can’t afford.

The truth is that it is a bad economic policy and ultimately cruel to the poor and disadvantaged. Like all lefty economies, leftism itself is bound to collapse under it’s own implausibility. It’s own weight will bring it down, just like the USSR came down. The problem is that there may well be sheer anarchy in its place. Russia has become a (ahem) gangster’s paradise since the fall of the USSR. It’s not that rational and decent government is what necessarily follows the collapse of leftism.

I think it was Churchill that said when the NAZIs invaded that the lights in Europe were going out and will not soon re-appear. I sure hope we are not in a position to say the same thing.


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The Senate and the

31 Jul

execrable Harry Reid refused to pass the House debt ceiling plan. First the GOP in the House passed Cut, Cap, and Balance and the Senate sunk it. That would have increased the debt ceiling. Then the Boehner plan also passed the GOP House. It also would have raised the debt ceiling, but Reid and the Senate democrats sunk it. Reid actually created part of that plan, but he argued against it. I mean, once it actually passed the House and the Senate had to actually vote on it, Reid chickened out. Amazing, really.

Meanwhile, Obama says he has a plan, but it’s secret. Huh? You know, the democrat Senate hasn’t produced a budget in way over two years, yet it is required by law to be done every year. Why haven’t they? Well, because then they would be forced to stand up and go on record. They don’t want that. Oh, they surely don’t want that.

So now Obama says he has a “secret plan,” but no one has ever seen it. I seriously doubt it exists. Basically, Obama, Reid, and the democrats are saying that there is no compromise whatsoever, and either the GOP jumps in the lake with them or they are going to blow up the boat. They say they want to compromise, but they certainly don’t, and they are willing to risk catastrophe if they don’t get what they want. They have hostages, and they’re not afraid to kill them–they can always effectively blame the police. Heaven knows the lamestream media will aid and abet them. Nice.

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Liberals grit their teeth

30 Jul

and support Obama.

It’s not that no one supports Obama–they do. He might win re-election. It’s that no one likes Obama anymore. Now, does that have implications for the election? I think so. He’s not going to be the “rock star” he was in 2008. And remember, with a terrible candidate in John McCain and a rock star in Obama, the election was still 45% McCain to 52% Obama.

Now I agree that Obama cleaned McCain’s clock, but McCain is and always has been a morally deficient idiot (heaven knows that I didn’t sully myself in voting for him). If the GOP gets a decent candidate, the democrats are in serious trouble. The primary process usually works in picking a decent candidate, but it failed miserably when McCain won.


Approval rating for Obama:

30 Jul

40%. Oh, and this isn’t some “conservative” lackey organization. This is Gallup.

Can you say, “Jimmy Carter?”

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30 Jul

Of course, the democrats lied about their worries about the debt. They are just leftists.

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Obama spams, loses more

30 Jul

“followers” than he created jobs last month. By double.

I’m just laughing my butt off! Funny that he want “compromise” when according to him that means he doesn’t move an inch and everyone else kow-tows to him. Nice

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Of course the White House

29 Jul

knew about the gun-smuggling operation. Duh!

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