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Clarence Thomas:

31 Aug

Intellectual. Read it and weep, lefties!

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Your tax dollars

31 Aug

at (ahem!) work.

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You gotta admit,

31 Aug

it’s hilarious in kind of a pathetic sort of way. When you lie, the blogosphere will hang you up short. You’d think they would have learned that by now. ALL of us know a lot more than a few “anointed” lamestream media doofuses.

I’m not a big Bachmann fan. I find a lot of the evangelical stuff just plain goofy. But what I really hate is lying. What we are seeing here is lying and a brazen attempt to snooker and deceive. That is offensive to me. That is offensive to anyone who is not a hack.

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What about the

30 Aug

long-term unemployed?

The sad thing is that so many people are unemployed because of the Obama economy. And for very long periods of time. Look, get a reserve of food. Get at least a small garden (heck, maybe just some pots on your porch). Be frugal in your finances. I’ve been saying this for some time, now. The time to prepare was four years ago, but doing something now is far better than doing nothing. Are you still employed? Good. Now is the time to be wise. The likelihood is that you won’t always be, and that your unemployment will last for some time. Prepare NOW! You also need to understand that the safest thing you can do is to go into business for yourself.

Now if you have a job, for heaven’s sake don’t quit it. But a little side business is going to be the norm. Maybe I can knit really cool beanie caps. Well, do so and sell them. That probably won’t provide for all your needs, but it is a start, and it is part of being self-reliant.

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Do as I

30 Aug

say, not as I do. I think that is the mantra for leftists everywhere. It certainly fits, eh?

The masses are hungry because they have no bread? Well, then let them eat cake!

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When you implement

30 Aug

school vouchers, what happens? Kids flee. THAT’s why the left is so against vouchers. It has nothing to do with what is good for kids.

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Obama needs to

30 Aug

change course. You know he won’t, but he would sure be a lot more popular if he did.

No, he will cling to the bitter end and hope that he gets re-elected. He might. There are a TON of foolish people around.

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Battlegrounds of

30 Aug


It’s by no means a given that Obama will lose in 2012. In fact, I would expect it to be close. I hope I’m wrong and Obama loses in a landslide.

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If Obama thinks that hurricane

30 Aug

Irene was bad, just wait until 2012!

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When only 14% of likely voters

29 Aug

think that the country is heading in the right direction, you know that as the incumbent President you are in trouble. Don’t get me wrong–Obama’s approval rating will get a ton better as he starts actively campaigning, and let’s not forget that he has the MSM as his staunch ally–they will do their best to make him look good. But you’ve got to admit that these numbers are far from ideal.

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