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Could Obama bow out?

30 Sep

Yeah, he could. But I really doubt he will. I mean, I really doubt it. I would be gobsmacked.

There are a couple reasons he won’t. First, he doesn’t have that in him. He is so narcissistic that he just assumes that he is all that and a bag of chips.

Second, him bowing out would be a public acknowledgement that his lefty policies are pure crap, and that he led us down the primrose path to Hell. He would NEVER admit that what he did was wrong. Him not running would be an admission of failure and would endanger every lefty idea ever put forward. Third, Obamacare would immediately be dead. It would be the failed experiment of a failed president. Fourth, I really don’t think that this would at all slake the desire for blood among the general population. Yeah, the democrats are going to lose the Senate in 2012, but they would even if Obama pulled out.

Finally (and this is related to my fourth point), the democrat would still lose. He or she would have to totally repudiate Obama in a believable way. Who could do that? Certainly not Hillary, who is a known liar and who was a BIG part of the Obama team. No, Obama not running would be conceding defeat right here and now.

It won’t happen. It’s too late and Obama has shown that he is already in campaign mode. Obama not running would just be blood in the water for sharks. Once the bleeding starts, it’s all over for anyone trying to survive.

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Et Chu, Brutus?

30 Sep

Yeah, Chu is going to get the ax over this. He richly deserves it.

Like Obama himself, he just is not up to the job, never having done anything like this. Nothing on this scale.

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For Obama and his ilk,

30 Sep

the peasants truly are revolting!

Just let the bureaucrats take care of everything. Don’t you worry your pretty little head…

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More guns,

30 Sep

less crime? Whoda thunk?

Oh yeah, those of us who were tied to actual data thought it.

I remember in Boston when I bought the original “More Guns, Less Crime” book. I went to a big chain bookstore. The clerk there was insufferable–he guffawed at the idea that more guns could lead to less crime and commented incessantly on the title of the book. He didn’t know his head from a hole in the ground.

I’m sure if I had bought a porn magazine he would have said NOTHING.

It was about then that I started buying all my books online.

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Three cheers for Civil Rights!

30 Sep

Oregon forced to allow people to carry on campus.

What a great day for those who value Civil Rights!

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Why most Americans

30 Sep

support the death penalty.

Part of it is that it feels just that a person who wantonly kills another person should forfeit their own life. There is a sense of justice about that. To do otherwise is truly to hold the victim in low esteem.

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OK, I’m on Twitter now.

29 Sep

Look for “GregrMendel.”

I’m still pretty dang new at this, and am trying to figure it all out.

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I REALLY don’t think that

29 Sep

Chris Christie will run for President. It would NOT be a good move for him now. He has been too adamant about not running, and I don’t want to see him be the belle du jour¬†of the GOP.

Now, could he be a good VP choice? Yeah, he could. I don’t know who Romney will choose as his running mate (don’t kid yourself, Romney is the nominee), but Christie would be a good choice. Herman Cain might also be good, though he has been a little off at times (then again, we don’t even know how Christie would be). Perry is not even in the running–not only is he a total weenie, but Romney (rightly) hates him. So do I.


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Obama 39%, CAIN 34%

29 Sep


Even Ron Paul.

Has it really come to this? Really? The joke was that a syphilitic camel would beat Obama. Wow.

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It really IS disgusting

29 Sep

how the lame, lame, lamestream media have ignored the “Gunwalker” story.

These guys aren’t watchdogs, they’re yappy little lapdogs. I honestly hope they rot in Hell. They deserve it for this alone. <shakes head>

I mean, there just is no defending this. It was stupid from start to finish, and people, lots of them, died because of it. It’s not that Obama should just not be re-elected. If he was part of this he should be in jail. And there’s no need to pay one bit of heed to what the lamestream media says now. We knew they were liars before, but no there is no question.

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