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31 Oct

The boot on our necks.

This is exactly why it is dangerous to elect someone who has no personal business knowledge. I think that there are a few exceptions, but by and large a person who has never run a business, never had to meet a payroll, never had to pay quarterly taxes, is a terrible bet. Those on the left are worst of all, and they live in a fairy land where unicorns prance and gnomes frolic.

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Think the

31 Oct

debt problems are just a show? Think again.

I have some very good reasons to want to see Social Security survive, but I’m not sure how much longer it can keep its head above water. It’s one reason that we need to get Obama OUT of the Presidency. Romney will save Social Security, while Obama will just run it into the ground.

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A known democrat

31 Oct

cheerleader (that’s what Altar is) talks about how cool it is that Obama doesn’t have any scandals. Huh?

Can you say, “Fast and Furious?” Can you say, “Solyndra?” What about his serial invasions of countries that are both weak and have nothing to do with us? Can you say, “Wag the Dog?” The real reason there have been no scandals is because the liberal media have refused to report on anything even vaguely negative about Obama. This is sheer chutzpah (defined as killing your parents and then begging the court of mercy on the grounds that you are an orphan). If the “Third Estate” had been doing their jobs, there would be scandal after scandal.

I guess I shouldn’t expect more from a chronic democrat booster, but the crap-eating smirk is just sickening. I don’t know how he looks in the mirror. Actually, I do know. He is totally unconscious of his smarmy hypocrisy. More’s the pity.

It’s a symptom of just how corrupt Altar and the lamestream media are.

He’ll be the first one to say that it is “racism” that America didn’t re-elect Obama. He is first in line to use racist epithets against Herman Cain, but he is unbelievably thin-skinned when it comes to his precious Obama. If the GOP chooses someone besides Cain, it is (you guessed it) racism. He is the Church Lady of Saturday Night Live who whispers RAAAACISSSM instead of SAAATAAAAN at every turn of events.  He is sickening.

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Good article

31 Oct

though I must admit that I skimmed the last part and don’t know what it had to do with the price of beans. I thought it spoiled the article and was rather self-indulgent.

But the issue at stake here is hypocrisy, and the left is chock full of it. Now that’s not news, but it’s nice to see them get called on it every once in a while. I mean, Obama said he is going to campaign as a “regular Joe” this time. Huh? Has there ever been a guy running for President with more of a silver spoon in his mouth? Talk about hypocrisy!

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Pretty impressed with

30 Oct

the “Occupy” crowd in London? Huh. Maybe they are more into comfort than actual protesting.

Pretty much, you have a bunch of stinky hippies and instigators eager to relive their “glory days” in the 60s. You know they are not serious because though Obama took more money from Wall Street than ALL other past presidents combined, they still shill for him. It’s not just that they are a bunch of vagrant magnets (or actual vagrants), but that they are so hypocritical that one just shakes the head. If they were at all educated they would freak.

It not that there are no real issues–there are. But the fact that this group shills for Obama leads me to think they are just not serious. Heck, Obama is the biggest offender ever. Yet they love him. They are the 1% now. No solutions, no ideas, nothing. Only bread and circuses–and when their free lunch is threatened by the homeless, they are mad. Pot, meet kettle.


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Utter and complete

28 Oct

domination. I just don’t think there is any other way to put it.

Now am I totally enthralled by Romney? Not really. I suspect I am a good deal more conservative than he is. It would be nice to see someone like me in the White House.

That said, Romney will be a good President, and a dang sight better than Obama was. He has good judgment and a long track record of success, as well as in-depth knowledge. That is something totally new. Obama was a total failure, and we need to question the judgment of politicians and lamestream media who were so enthralled with him. If they were wrong on him, what else are they wrong about? The issue is NOT just that they picked a bad President. Heck, Jimmy Carter was bad, too. It’s that this shows a distinct lack of good judgment. Chris Matthews (talking head) was saying how he got a thrill up his leg when hearing Obama speak. And it wasn’t that he just pee’d his pants. What does this tell us about them?

I think that it means that these folks are just as fallible and anyone else. To quote Socrates (IIRC from the Meno) he supposedly said something like, “Why should I believe YOU more than a grunting baboon?” That same question is the one I have for many of the “talking heads.” Why should I believe them any more than I would a hairy baboon?

In this case, they have been proven to be horribly wrong. But just being wrong isn’t the whole story here. There are issues of credibility and judgment, as well.


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28 Oct

Steve Jobs.

Don’t get me wrong, I have a number of Apple devices. I like them and this very post is being created on one. But then again, I am not a hypocrite. I think that’s an important point for the thinking person.

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No more freeloaders!

28 Oct

No, we’re sick of ’em!

Here’s a classic quote from the comments:

Tragic. The horses are tired of working for the cats, who don’t contribute anything, and have taken their case to the pigs. Let me know if they get this resolved before the farmer comes back.

Let’s see, the “professional homeless” are doing the same exact thing as the OWS groups–taking from others because they have more. Stinkin’ kulaks, er fat cats. It’s funny when they are hoisted on their own petard. Well, funny to me. I enjoy the humor of poetic justice for the hypocritical.

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Here’s something that

28 Oct

ought to make gun controllers scream out in the night.

The fact is that most American’s don’t support the gun controllers’ agenda. It makes no logical sense in any case! Let’s see, we can restrict law-abiding people from having guns while those who will use them to harm others are left in full control. Huh? How does THAT make sense?

Once again, a great article that you should read. Yes, it’s about 10 years old now, but it’s still one of the best I’ve every seen. Perhaps the best on this subject. Bottom line: Gun control makes no sense at all. Any thinking, rational person would reject such nonsense.

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More evidence of

27 Oct

Obama in trouble.

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