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Welcome back, Carter!

30 Nov

Obama’s approval ratings are now lower than Carter’s were. Obama may well not get creamed in the 2012 elections. He could pull it out. Don’t get cocky.

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You needed a study

29 Nov

to figure out this? I want to say, “DUH!”

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Gingrich the

29 Nov

conservative alternative to Romney? Oh puh-leeze.

Anyone with half a brain knows that this guy is way more left than the other GOP hopefuls, and he is just unstable, to boot. Better than Obama? Of course. Good? Not so much.

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Campaigning on the

29 Nov

taxpayer dime. Are you surprised?

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Barney Frank

29 Nov

decides to retire. I guess it was too much to expect that the people of MA would make him retire.

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Does Obama want a 2nd term?

29 Nov

I think so, but it is complicated. But others are noticing the problems.

Obama losing (or worse yet, pulling an LBJ) would be an admission that his presidency was a failure. One can lose and blame it on all sorts of things other than yourself. But bowing out just says that he doesn’t think he can win and that his policies were a failure. I don’t think Obama has it in him to admit that.

He will run, and he will (hopefully) lose. He then makes a mint in speaking fees, regains some semblance of a private life, and says whatever he wants. He will be amazingly bitter, but rich and bitter.

But he doesn’t seem to want to be in the White House, and his wife certainly doesn’t seem to want to be there. I mean, he likes the self-importance and all, but he will have that even if he loses (though not so much if he just bows out).

When LBJ quit, he really wanted out. From the outside, Obama seems much more conflicted about it. But rest assured, there is no upside at all for dems if he just quits. In that case, we go from a loss to a bloodbath.

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Gee, I guess

28 Nov

Paul Ryan was right about Medicare.

I wonder if Pelosi, Reid, and the usual democrats will publicly admit they were wrong and apologize to Ryan. Naw–It’ll never happen.

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I’m not an expert in

28 Nov

European monetary issues, but it has been quite clear to me for several years that Germany is the “backstop” for all of Europe. But for how much longer? I don’t think the question any longer is, “Can the European Union survive” but “How will it end?” Will it lead to actual war?

The EU was a horrible idea from the start. There’s no way the Germans and the Mediterranean countries can share monetary policy. And the day will soon come (if it is not here already) that the Germans will no longer be willing to carry the EU’s bags. Again, it was a fantasy–it was never grounded in reality. The industrious ants will throw off the freeloading grasshoppers.


“It’s good to be the king!”

28 Nov

You think that the “Princelings” are wonderful examples of “the people.” You are wrong.

No matter what the system, there will be rich and poor, privileged and deprived. China is no different.

What’s different about America is that such things are (at least nominally) based on merit, though the prominence of John Kerry seriously strains that argument. Well, at least conservatives believe in merit. Democrats? Not so much.

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The U.S. heads into

28 Nov

oblivion. The democrats don’t seem to care. You think Greece was bad? You ain’t seen nothin’ get! I mean, we need to face the facts and stop living in a fantasy land.

Get these chuckleheads out of office!

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