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Big night for

29 Feb

Mitt Romney?

If it’s true that he won both AZ and MI, it’s over. Yes, Santorum is going to spin and pretend (at least publicly) that it isn’t, but it is.

But the goofiness of the GOP nomination may have weakened Romney. I think that has happened a little, though I doubt it has been so severe as to impact the general election. Santorum is, I think, a better human being than Gingrich.

But we need now to focus on getting Obama out of the White House. THAT is by far the most important thing, and it is truly a mountain to climb.

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Obama’s low

28 Feb


All I can say is that I certainly hope so. This seems pretty optimistic to me, though I am by nature somewhat of a cynic who expects the worst of humankind. I like to think I am a realist. The Mendelian Spousal Unit (MSU) once called me “jaded” and perhaps she is right. Likely she is.

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Obama reneges on Keystone,

28 Feb

kind of.

I mean, in any meaningful sense nothing has changed, but it may be enough to make the bleating masses think something has changed.

See, Obama’s playing a double game, here. The public was mightily torqued about him nixing the Keystone Pipeline, and he took a real hit for that. But he doesn’t dare offend the loony left (his base) by approving the pipeline. So he tries to muddy the waters in hopes of getting both groups. He approves the southern part but doesn’t allow it to connect to the source. Nice.

He knows dang good and well that the lamestream media will carry his water on this. And they will–bet on it.

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The key

28 Feb

to abortion? Hide the baby.

This is an important point: true and full informed consent is damaging to the abortion industry. That alone would make any thinking person very leery about the whole process. If you have to hide what you’re doing, you can bet that something ain’t right. When informed consent is damaging to your business, perhaps what you are doing is just flat-out wrong.

But the abortion industry wants to focus on ethereal things like “choice” rather than deal with the facts on the ground. I understand why they would want that. I understand, but find what they do morally repugnant.

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Sting gets a

28 Feb

bashing. And it’s richly deserved.

Look, I like Sting’s music, all the way back to the Reggae-inspired Police. I think he is a fantastic musician with exquisite taste (though I admit that his recent “Love Songs” album was execrable–I think he’s losing his touch).

But he is a political idiot and a gross hypocrite. He has been wrong about every major issue in the last 20 years, from his wonderful song, “Russians” (“Dream of the Blue Turtles” was great music, even if some of the philosophy was just plain stupid) to the present. Talent in music does NOT cover horrible politics and just plain irrational thinking.

Sting should stick to what he does well–make music. Leave the thinking to others. He is just an amusing paid baboon, and his job is simply to entertain us. He is nuts if he thinks it is more than that.

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The U.K. just

27 Feb

doesn’t have any more money. Folks, THIS is what happens when you follow leftist dogma. Obama is trying to lead us down the same path. But we know how this movie ends, and it doesn’t end well. Such a path is terminally stupid, and the voters should get Obama and his band of merry cretins and tax cheats out as soon as possible.

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End times for

27 Feb

Global Warming? I sure hope so. As this blurb says, we need to get back to normative science, not science in the service of socio-political ax-grinding. We just can’t afford such nonsense.

The AGW sycophants have their tails between their legs and won’t even debate the issue. THAT is an indication that they are full of crap. If the facts were on their side, they would be happy to take on the likes of Lord Monckton.

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Barnes on

27 Feb

Obama’s overweening economic ignorance.

Obama embodies the worst case scenario: here is a guy who really knows nothing but thinks that he knows everything and he is the smartest and most knowledgeable guy in any room. So one can’t teach him anything. He is so enamored with an outdated and obviously incorrect set of economic assumptions that he just keeps doing bad things for the economy, yet you can’t teach him a dang thing.

He came to power on nothing but hype, and that’s still all he has.

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Gee, others are

27 Feb

noticing just how bad the GOP primary rules are.

This has just been a bad deal all around. Mark my words, we will see important and substantive changes.

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Brewer endorses Romney

27 Feb

It’s over, folks. Romney is the nominee, and that has been clear for some time, now. Even Jan Brewer has jumped on the bandwagon. It’s an important endorsement at an important moment. I don’t doubt for a second that she has planned on doing this and now is the most efficacious time to go public.

But I think all the waffling is over. At least I hope so–this isn’t good for anyone but Obama. Get behind Romney and get that buffoon Obama out of the White House! He and that clown Biden need to go somewhere else.

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