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Well, you knew

31 Mar

it would happen.

This is a big deal. With this in light of the Rubio endorsement, why is Santorum even showing up? I think the voters will end this charade.

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How could the legal elites

31 Mar

be so wrong about Obamacare?

When it comes down to it, the answer is lack of empathy. Empathy is the ability to see what others see and feel what others feel, and the lack of it is part and parcel with the whole “bullet to the brain” lefty gig. See, a lefty point of view requires a lack of empathy, because you have to ultimately kill anyone who doesn’t agree with you. It has been that way in every lefty regime since the beginning of time–it is inherent in the viewpoint. Don’t be fooled by the “smiley face.” THAT is why the left didn’t “get” Obamacare.

What flew in the faculty room among sympathetic leftists didn’t fly in real life. Sounds like Obama himself…


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It’s been a

31 Mar

good week generally for conservatives. Let’s hope that next week is just as good.

I am heartened by events, and I think there has been a real sea-change. But perhaps I am overly optimistic.


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The new

30 Mar

political game is trying to guess who Romney will choose as his VP. Rubio is a good choice. But I’m wondering if, to gin up excitement, it has to by Ryan or Rubio. I’m not at all sure that a no-name is the way to go, here. Maybe if the credentials were amazingly good, but I would rather that Romney doesn’t have to introduce us to his pick.

On the other hand, you don’t want a national figure who has his or her reputation set in stone, particularly if it is negative. It will be interesting. Right now I’m hoping for Rubio, but it’s not like I’m an insider to the pros and cons of those decisions.


Obama’s proposed budget once again

30 Mar

gets not a single democrat vote.

Holy Toledo! Will this guy ever get serious? You’re fired!

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Is Newt’s sugar daddy

29 Mar

going to dry up?

Seems so, but we’ve heard this song and dance before. Still, it seems more legit this time. Gingrich has already scaled back his campaign. I think it’s a precursor to him being gone entirely. I don’t think he will go willingly, and if the money were still there he’d be happy to bounce along at 5%. But it may be time to turn the lights out; the party’s over for Newt.

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29 Mar

endorses Romney.

The fat lady has already sung. She’s at home having a midnight snack at her apartment.

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I think it would be best

29 Mar

if Obamacare died in its entirety. It wasn’t what I thought initially, but it would be best for Romney. In some ways, it would be nice if the SCOTUS upheld it and it became the stinky diaper hung around the democrats’ necks with the voters anxious to kick Obama out so as to avoid Obamacare. But while that option is indeed attractive (and don’t kid yourself, it might happen), I think it would be best for Romney if it were struck down. Why?

1) If the law were struck down Romney would be vindicated. He has argued that a mandate is indeed within the state’s power, but not within federal power. This would be an obvious vindication of that assertion.

2) It would take the bogeyman of a “national Romneycare” off the table. There wouldn’t even be a pretense of that, and it would gut the criticisms of Santorum on that meme. It would also be a whipping post come November (see #3).

3) Romney could still campaign on just how bad Obamacare was and that Obama had such abysmally bad judgment on this issue that he simply doesn’t deserve to hear anything except, “You’re fired!” If his judgment was that bad with Obamacare, in what other areas has his judgment been horrible? What about whispering treasonous things to Medvedev? No, THAT would never happen…

In short, it would mean that Obamacare would be no longer a risk but it would still be a major line of attack for the republican candidate. Romney could even talk about how stupid Nancy Pelosi was in saying, “Are you kidding me?” to a reporter who questioned the constitutionality of the mandate. He could (accurately) talk about how ALL the democrats were on board for such an unconstitutional power grab. NONE of the republicans voted for it.

Yes, I think it would be best for Obamacare to die completely.


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Romney on

28 Mar

the Tonight Show.

Read it and weep, haters.

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So, is

28 Mar

this a harbinger of things to come?

Yeah, probably. It can’t happen to soon for my tastes. I think he is just no longer a factor.

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