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28 Mar

Just brutal.

You know I don’t like videos, but the second one in particular is priceless. Good article, too.

I have been a real pessimist about the SCOTUS striking down Obamacare, and I still am. But just the same, this is nice.

Nancy Pelosi (who is known for her low IQ) once berated a questioner who dared ask about the constitutionality of Obamacare by saying, “Are you kidding?” No, we’re not kidding.

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Obamacare in

28 Mar

trouble? We should be so lucky. This is NOT predictive, at all.

It’s a dilemma. I think if Obamacare is given the official okey-dokey, it will be a stinky dead albatross around Democrats’ necks and almost for sure sink Obama’s hopes for a second term. But it still should be revoked, and I really hope it is. If it is revoked, we can all laugh at Obama for backing such a stupid law because it fits his pre-conceived biases.

I was getting my teeth cleaned and some… person had left the TV on CNN. Democrat cheerleaders were on (naturally, it is CNN after all) and they were asked what “Plan B” was in case the supreme court struck down Obamacare. They said there is no “Plan B” and then talked about how if the SCOTUS strikes it down the Republicans would “own” health care and be responsible for all the problems.

Uh, that is the “Plan B.” They know Obamacare doesn’t cut the constitutional mustard (regardless of what the SCOTUS says) and so they are working to blame the possible failure on Republicans. How transparent! Since when has that not been the “Plan B?” Of course the rubes at CNN didn’t point that out. But it was obvious to me (and I had other things on my mind). Anyone with two brain cells to rub together could figure that out.

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27 Mar

curses in front of a kid. Nice. That’s just the kind of guy he is.

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CPAC head endorses Romney

27 Mar

And this is a big deal.

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What flexibility?

27 Mar

I think we ALL need to be asking some questions.

Don’t kid yourself; this is NOT an example of some politician just saying that he can do more in the second term than the first. This is NOT innocent. What Obama is doing is saying that he will sell the U.S. out but he needs to win this upcoming election first because if people knew what he really was he could never be re-elected.

THAT, my friends, is rank dishonesty. It is truly breathtaking to see Obama collude with the Russians on this. Please, read the article.

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Oh, just peachy!

27 Mar

Think Solyndra was bad? Just wait.

Obama is an idiot. Get this this idiot away from the levers of power before he does any more damage! If he were not aided and abetted by a complicit, partisan media, he would be a sure goner. Even as it is the game is up for a lot of people. They are getting to the point where they see and are willing to act on his manifest incompetence. You’re fired!

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More big

26 Mar

endorsements for Romney.

You don’t have to be a psychic to tell THIS future.

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How can Obama spin

26 Mar


So, he’s saying that there are things he can do if he gets elected again that he can’t do if he faces the voters after his behavior.

If THAT doesn’t send a shudder of fear through you, probably nothing will.

More here. The implications are nothing short of stunning. And perhaps we need to ask a bigger question.

But I’m really concerned about the dishonesty here. Obama gets in trouble when a mike is “hot” and picks up his true thoughts and intentions. But those are very different from what he publicly says. THAT is dishonest.

I have no problem with people thinking differently than I do or any sort of disagreement. But let’s be honest about our positions. Then let the public decide what they want to vote for. But no, Obama wants to pretend he’s one thing when he’s really another. I don’t like that at all. It’s dishonest.



So today the

26 Mar

Supreme Court takes up Obamacare, and I’m sure I’ll have lots to say about it. It seems unconstitutional on its face, and I’ve never heard a decent argument for it. It always rests on political posturing and what Thomas Sowell called, “Cosmic Justice.”  But we’ll see how the SCOTUS (Supreme Court of the United States) responds.

In terms of this upcoming election, Obama is in a tight spot. If SCOTUS upholds it, many people will be motivated to vote against Obama no matter who the opponent is. Something like 60% of the population hate it. Romney has said he would get rid of it, and most of us want to be rid of it.

But if the SCOTUS strikes it down, then we have the issue of Obama trying to ram down our throats a manifestly unconstitutional program. It is proof positive of just how bad his judgment is, and people will be motivated to get rid of him.

It’s really a lose/lose situation for Obama, and I’m shocked that they allowed it to go to the SCOTUS right before an election. It also, if upheld, makes SCOTUS look bad and people will have a lack of confidence in the legal system. That is bad.

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Keep germs away from your kids!

26 Mar

Right? Right? Beuler? Beuler?

When I was working in a hospital we had a JHACO inspection. For those of you who have never been through that ordeal, it’s akin to having a hot hand drill bore into your skull. From the nose.

So we were told that in our clinic (Psychology) we had to get rid of all plush toys because they couldn’t be sterilized and thus were a risk to children who came to our clinic. I guffawed. When one person asked me if I would let my kids play with such things, I said, “Sure. My kids have what I like to call an ‘immune system.'” No, we weren’t talking about an immuno-compromised population of in-process cancer kids and organ transplant survivors, and our building was in fact several hundred yards from the actual hospital. I just shook my head and threw the teddy bears away, muttering under my breath.

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