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Look, it’s a mistake that

30 Apr

anyone could make!

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30 Apr

is reporting that Al Gore (of ManBearPig fame) got a “D” in Natural Sciences when in college. I guess some things never change…

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Dog-eating jokes

30 Apr

are de rigeur now. Well, at least for Obama. I think this is a major victory for the new media. In past days the partisan media would have just ignored it.

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I think it is utterly disgraceful

30 Apr

that the Senate Democrats have refused to vote on a budget even though they only need 51 votes and there are 53 democrats. This is the third year running. Disgraceful, and Harry Reid is at the heart of it. He is the reason, and he ought to be ashamed (if he were capable of shame or remorse).

It is patently obvious why the democrats won’t propose a budget–they want higher taxes and more spending and the public won’t tolerate such foolishness. They would be out on their cans come November. Either that or the democrat leadership would be exposed as ineffectual and unable to rally their troops. Or both. It would be a catastrophe of epic proportions for them. So they choose the lesser of the two evils–an epic fail.

Get these bums out of office!

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So Obama in fact

29 Apr

DID make the final call to go kill bin Laden, as he so incessantly reminds us. But someone else had full operational control. You can bet your booty that if things had gone south, Obama would have quickly blamed that guy. It was a “heads I win, tails you lose” deal for Obama. If the raid was successful he would get the credit with Tom Hanks (moron) breathlessly talking about how “cool” Obama is. If the raid tanked, that would be bad for Obama, but he could blame the guy who was operationally in charge and the willing, partisan media would dutifully and meekly (in battered wife fashion) follow that particular narrative. You would have heard all sorts of “I just fell down the stairs” explanations.

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29 Apr

backs down from this stupid rule. The guy seems to be a moron. Probably just a rigid ideologue. For sure that. When you live in a bubble and are surrounded entirely by suck-ups, this is what happens…

But this is what happens when you want limitless federal power.

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I’ve already posted

28 Apr

the first installment of this series, and here is the second.

Don’t just do it for yourself, do it for those you love. Just do it.

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My hopes

28 Apr

have been dashed, but in some quarters, hope springs eternal.


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Think you don’t need to

28 Apr

carry concealed, eh?

Think again.

Don’t just do it for yourself, do it for the ones you love. Do it for those you have a moral duty to protect. Do it for innocent people you’ve never met. Just do it.

It’s the right thing to do, and unless you are for some reason incapable, you have a moral duty to do so. Don’t shirk your responsibilities or go about in la-la land.

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Absolutely and totally

28 Apr


This is criminal. Jail might be too good in this case. It makes me want to barf.

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