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Jobless claims

31 May

rise. Again.

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Oh my!

31 May

Here we again have Obama brag about how much of a genius he is. This time about Jewish issues. I mean, after all he had friends who were Jewish! How absurd.

I’m reminded of Jane Austen when one of her characters, a rich (and distasteful) old lady hears a girl play the piano. She says, “If I ever would have played I would have been a true proficient.” Yeah. We can laugh at the buffoonery of the old lady, but somehow Obama’s buffoonery is not nearly as funny. This guy is a piece of work…

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Apres moi,

31 May

le deluge. Well, we can always hope.

When a republican leaves the republican party, there is a HUGE deal made of it by the partisan media. You hear all sorts of claptrap about how the republicans are beholden to extremists and all that.

Of course, when a high profile democrat leaves the party over extremist democrat doctrines, the partisan media say nothing about it. But this should (but won’t) be a shot across the bow for democrats. Whistling past the graveyard…

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The Tea Party

31 May

is dead. Right? Right? Bueller? Bueller?

The Tea Party gets another scalp. Obama ignores them at his peril.

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Like we didn’t already

30 May

know that!

Yes, it is obvious that Elizabeth Warren self-identified as a minority in order to further her career. Yeah, DUH!

This is where the malarky of racial preferences eventually lands us. That said, I’ve lived in MA and Boston. Just the fact that she has a “D” after her name might be enough to get her elected.

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Obama’s new

30 May

campaign theme. How about, “This time it’ll be different.” Yeah, THAT’s a winner!

Unfortunately, there are too many rubes who will vote for Obama.

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This really bugs the crap out of me!

29 May

And this is NOT the first time.

There’s a very good reason that there is a long-time policy that the President’s actions and meetings are NEVER really alone. There is historical importance to what the President does, and anyone who will not or cannot deal with that should not be President.

For the third time Obama has “slipped his leash” and gone out without anyone to document his actions. Now the likelihood is that nothing happened. Yet it is fishy. Where did he go? With whom did he meet? We just don’t know. And that is the fundamental problem. At best, this is the behavior of a spoiled child. At worst it is treason. We just don’t know which it is and the most charitable reading is that it is just him being a petulant, spoiled brat.

We know that when Obama thought he was “off mike” he made concessions to the Russians. He thought he was not being observed, and quickly did something that the electorate would not like. What about in this case? Again, we just don’t know. What we know is a) Obama does this and it’s a pattern, b) Obama has a penchant for promising things and c) Obama does not seem at all a player in getting what is best for the United States–that’s not his gig.

And this is the third time. Whether it’s imaginary sports games or what, there are times when we just don’t know where Obama is, who he’s with, or what he bargaining away. This is not some doofy conspiracy theory, these are the facts. There’s a reason that every action of a President is documented.

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I think a lot of us

29 May

have really enjoyed Chris Christie going postal on hapless, brain-dead leftists. I know I certainly have.

But as enjoyable as that is, let’s not be fooled into thinking that those outbursts are somehow evidence of conservative bona fides. They aren’t. Christie may be entertaining, he may be harsh on stupid leftists, but he is NOT conservative, not by a long shot. THAT is the main reason why Romney should steer clear of him in the VP search.

Christie didn’t run for President for a reason, and I don’t buy for a second the “I’m not ready” crapola. No, Christie would have been shown to have feet of clay. Like Obama, he benefits from the “not a regular politician” air. Once that is gone, he has little to recommend to Romney. I strongly suspect that Romney is far too smart to pick Christie. I guess we’ll see.

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I admit,

29 May

I have high hopes for the WI recall elections.

This is turning out to be an unmitigated disaster for the democrats. Not only does this make Scott Walker “bulletproof,” but it shakes the liberal establishment to its core in that state. On a national level, it mobilizes the conservatives for the November elections; kind of a “dry run.” It gets their dander up and their participation active. Awesome!

WI has never been a republican state (at least in modern times), but this could conceivably change, at least for the 2012 elections.

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Believe the democrat malarky

28 May

about liking people to think for themselves and all that? Remember theĀ  respect for independent thinking? Uh, never mind.

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