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An interesting argument.

30 Jun


I think it’s wise not to make too much out of it, but this clearly woke a lot of people up.

In ancient times when Roman legions once faced other Roman legions (in one of the civil wars) something important happened. The Roman legions would basically build a fort each night (they were great builders) so they could sleep in safety. It was a HUGE advantage.

This time, before the battle facing another legion, one side was told to yank a board off last night’s “fort” as they walked by to line up for battle in the morning. Thousands upon thousands did this, and there was not much left of the fort by the time they were done. All this time, the other side was watching. This did two things:

First, it meant that there was no place for those troops to return to that night. They had their backs up against the wall, and they either conquered or died. They knew it, and their foes knew it. That, my friends, is motivatin’.

Second, it gave a message to the other side: “We have no fort to return to. We’ll be sleeping tonight in yours.

That night, the “homeless” commander dined on the victory dinner made by the personal chef of the defeated general.

That is the situation conservatives are in with Obamacare being upheld by the SCOTUS. There are no other options apart from winning in November. There simply is no fort to return to. There is no deus ex machina SCOTUS to save us now, so we can drop that fantasy. No, strap on your armor and get out there!


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It’s not a TARP,

30 Jun

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True, true:

30 Jun

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Holder gets

29 Jun

held in contempt. Good. He richly deserves it.

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It’s quite

29 Jun

clear now that Obamacare is nothing but a huge tax increase. It was obvious before, but the SCOTUS made it so clear that anyone who is smart enough to breathe in and out understands that.

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There is a

29 Jun

huge effort to try and find something conservative about the SCOTUS upholding Obamacare. It seems at this point that if Roberts was indeed trying to set up future legal issues, he was too tricky by half. While things may end up well, I think that Roberts was wrong.


This election

29 Jun

just became about Obamacare. We are seeing MAJOR new life injected in the Tea Party folks, and there are rallies held tonight in various cities. And this is only the beginning… If this election is about Obamacare (as it was in 2010), we will see the same result as 2010. Obama is desperately trying to make it NOT about Obamacare. Romney should harp on this incessantly. The economy has just become the “other issue” that Romney focuses on. This is a gem, and Romney should not throw it away.

There is a lot of chatter on the left about how Romney can’t criticize Obama and be effective because the MA health plan also required something like a mandate, though it was legal and acceptable for a state to do. Nonsense.

There are several reasons that is just wishful thinking on the part of leftists. Not only did Obama and the rest of the democrats promise that this was not a tax and the plan won’t be carried on the backs of the middle class (it is a tax as the SCOTUS noted, and the middle class is funding it), but the court clearly stated that the commerce clause would not permit such a course–only the taxing power could. So Obama’s opportunity to engage in future power grabs is limited.

Good decision? No. The court could have done that even if they struck Obamacare down (though in fact it may have been far more difficult). But it is a silver lining and will almost for sure be the subjects of future suits. In any case, a whole lot of clarity was just poured on the Presidential race.

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Y’all know that

29 Jun

I don’t like videos, but this one is worth seeing.

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Never, never, NEVER

28 Jun

leave it to the Supreme court to do your work. That is the overriding lesson, here. The SCOTUS ruled that McCain-Feingold was OK, too (and that was an obviously wrong decision). We all hoped that the SCOTUS would save us from ourselves. They didn’t, and John Roberts “evolved” to the detriment of the nation. I think his middle name is, “Souter.”

In any case, it really is up to voters to correct this travesty. And now Obama will have to defend the Obamacare tax after he said (lied) that he wouldn’t raise taxes. It certainly would have been better for the SCOTUS to strike down Obamacare in toto, as they should have, but there are still grounds to challenge it.

For example, the law says ALL tax bills must originate in the House. Obamacare is formally a tax, and it originated in the Senate. Is it valid?

Again, the lesson is to not leave important things to the SCOTUS. Do it via elections. There is NO guarantee that SCOTUS would rule Obamacare and the associated tax invalid because it originated in the Senate rather than the House. But elections could change the picture, drastically. A republican House, Senate, and White House would fix it.

I have long been a fan of divided government (different parties holding different branches of government), but we are now at the point where that strategy won’t work. We need to heal problems, not prevent more. Divided government is good for prevention, but horrible at healing.


First take:

28 Jun

Obamacare gets upheld, for the most part (mandate as a tax). The Medicare stuff must be narrowly interpreted. Roberts turns left.

Surprising to me. I thought the mandate was so clearly unconstitutional that there was no way it would survive.

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