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Is it true?

31 Jul

Really? I mean, who the heck is Valerie Jarrett? Did we elect her?

No wonder Obama said it was a “gutsy” call. He had to go against Valerie Jarrett. Well, finally he did. It had only taken him four or five tries to get there…

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Here’s one thing

31 Jul

I never get tired of–the Veepstakes. T-Paw is often seen as a “boring” choice, but there are some reasons to think he would be the best one.

To me, a really important one is not even found in this article: Loyalty. Pawlenty had been indefatigable in his defense of Romney and as perhaps the best Romney surrogate.

I like Jindal, too. I would put my money on him, but then, I might well be wrong. We’ll know soon.

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Think politics

31 Jul

are irrelevant to your day-to-day life? Think again.

There are some all-too-real repercussions of crappy governance and bad politics. Let California be an example to the rest of the nation so the rest of us can avoid the utterly predictable crash. Don’t kid yourself–this is the “blue state model” in action. This is the natural end result of bad governance.

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Glenn Reynolds

30 Jul

says that this is the end of gun control. That’s probably correct.

Even now it’s not that hard for a person with a modicum of machining ability to make a gun, and it’s not hard–you can buy books of instructions on Amazon.

But if 3D printers become ubiquitous…

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There is lots of

30 Jul

moral hand-wring about dropping atomic bombs on Japan. But it was the right thing to do, both morally and tactically.

Is it moral to kill someone? No. But if that person is harming others, is it moral to it moral to kill him in order to save innocent others? You tell me. And what if the only way to stop it is morally reprehensible to you? Literally, damned if you do and damned if you don’t (if you believe in God).

General Patton is famously quoted as saying, “War is Hell.” I was told that the actual quote was, “All war is Hell.” Yeah, that’s true from a moral perspective as well as from a human suffering perspective.

The truth is that all war (and indeed all life, though that’s a topic for another day) puts you in a morally hazardous position. I’m not sure that this is able to be avoided.

That said, there would have been HUGE numbers of deaths on both the Japanese and the American sides had there been an invasion. There are friends of yours who wouldn’t be here if not for the atomic bombs. Maybe YOU wouldn’t be here.

There were more killed in the LeMay firebombings of Japanese cities than in the atomic bombs. Think about that. I’m not sure it matters a whole lot how they were killed.

Are atomic weapons disturbing and powerful? Yes. Does that mean the we, in a knee-jerk and unthinking fashion do away with them? I’m not at all sure. What it means is that YOU the people need to choose moral people to be in charge of such weapons. The issue is morality, not the possession of something that can be used immorally. Hence why it is so important to look at morality in elections, as well as overall competence. Don’t trust anyone who is not moral to be your leader.


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How big of a deal is

30 Jul

Romney’s Mormonism? Not that big of a deal.

You can count on hearing the Obamaphiles carp about this issue–they have few others, but most people (rightly) don’t care. It’s not really the important issue in this race. I think most people are not bigots. I don’t care if a candidate is Catholic or Lutheran or Mormon or whatever. What I care about is what skill set they have and what sort of President they would make.

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More on the

30 Jul


What do I think? I hope it’s Bobby Jindal. Paul Ryan would be great, too. The others are potentially exiting, but for me not the right-off-the-bat thrilling that Jindal or Ryan would be. Truly anyone would be better than Biden. And Obama is such an obvious oaf that I can’t wait to get him out of there.

A major issue for me is that I’m not at all sure that Ryan would not be of most benefit where he is at.


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The Obama

29 Jul

campaign is in trouble, if you look at the economy. I’m sure the Obamaphiles are just happy this came out on a Sunday, so on Monday they can say that it is old news…

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Gun control

29 Jul

makes us safer? Yeah, right.

For a competent man or woman NOT to carry concealed is a danger, and one that should be avoided. Not just for your own safety, but for the safety of your kids, loved ones, and even innocent strangers. Don’t buy the gun control tripe. It is pure nonsense.

You think it can’t happen to you? How naive!

Every time I get into a car I put my seat belt on. I don’t expect to get in an accident, but I wear the seat belt. I carry life insurance. I don’t expect to die, but I have life insurance. I carry professional malpractice insurance. I don’t expect to be found guilty of malfeasance but I carry it just the same. For precisely the same reasons, you should carry a concealed weapon. It’s only prudent.

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So why is

29 Jul

team Obama freaking? Here’s one reason why.

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