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Well, THAT

31 Aug

ad didn’t take long!

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So why is the left

31 Aug

so panicked about Paul Ryan?

They have talked for the last week or so about how thrilled they were that they could use “Mediscare” now that Ryan was on the ticket (as if they wouldn’t have anyway). Their plan was to lie and demagogue their way to victory.

They are panicked now because Ryan is right and they are full of crap. They simply don’t care about the truth. They always knew this but thought that you were too stupid to notice…

A hilarious comment I read somewhere: Voters went for Obama in 2008 to prove they were not racist. Now they will vote for Romney to prove they’re not fools.

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Here’s what I thought

31 Aug

the best line in Paul Ryan’s speech last night was:

“College grads shouldn’t have to live out their 20s in childhood bedrooms, staring up at fading Obama posters.”

Wow. Just wow.

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Yep, Paul Ryan is

30 Aug

indeed progressivism’s worst nightmare.

It’s not just that he is young and hip, it’s that he is an existential threat to the democrats.

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Republicans are NOT

29 Aug

diverse. Right? Right? Beuler? Beuler?

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It seems like the

29 Aug

Republican convention is going pretty well. I’m sure the partisan traditional media is freaking out.

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I gotta tell you,

29 Aug

I’m pretty excited about college football starting. Thursday can’t come fast enough for me. Not a huge fan of pro football, though.

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Looks like smoking

28 Aug

weed lowers your IQ. Permanently.

Kind of a double whammy. Pot-heads are dumber when they are in school (and you are dumb to be a pot-head in the first place) and then you are permanently dumber even when you leave the dope-head life! No wonder there seems to be an emerging lower class that spans generations…

Thanks, hippies. Thanks a lot.

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Nothing but

27 Aug

dang funny!

Obama is too characteristically (and narcissistically) sensitive to either laugh or realize the truth in the message.

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Yeah, Duh!

27 Aug

NYT biased? I say again, DUH!

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