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A decent

30 Sep

article. Yes, the author engages in some goofy democrat talking points about voter ID (which are totally illogical), but the facts are the facts. People can have their own opinions, but that doesn’t change the facts. Are we starting to see the facts reported?

One can only hope. The facts are very damaging to Obama.

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Benghazi was way worse

30 Sep

than Watergate. But the press has been shamefully silent on this. Shamefully.

Mark my words, the partisan press will be the downfall of this country. It is discouraging.

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29 Sep

That is true.

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The economy

28 Sep

is at stall speed. Yet the partisan media won’t even cover it. What a bunch of hacks! No wonder no one pays attention to them anymore. Well, no one with two brain cells to rub together, anyway.

The Gallup poll found that over 60% of the population don’t believe them and don’t trust them. That’s about right. Now map that onto IQ and you’ll see what the issue is.

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A great blog

27 Sep

post. The mainstream media has been despicable. They have their lips so far up Obama’s… well, I can’t say. Let’s just say that their breath stinks and wise people will not pay attention to them. At all.

I want Obama to lose, and it would be great, poetic justice to see the mainstream media beat like a rented mule. They certainly deserve it. I want to hear them say, “Wha happened?”

I think it is quite clear. You don’t elect a Democrat president and expect to have rational fiscal or financial policy. From Jimmy Carter to Obama, we know the gig. Every few years, people are stupid enough to make the same mistake yet again. It’s like they haven’t bothered to learn from history…



27 Sep

that’s Oregon for you. What a disgrace! I think we’re all sick of such thugs. Remember, leftism has always been about force and violence. It just has a smiley face on it now. But don’t be fooled. Look at history, and you understand that leftism has always been about violence and force. Personally, I go for the freedom to choose.

We need to understand that this is a moral choice. It’s not merely a political or popularity issue. We need to understand that conservativism is the moral choice, not just the most effective one.


I find it interesting…

26 Sep

I have a Ph.D. I did a post-doc at Harvard. The guy who lives across the street from me is a plumber. Great guy, BTW. Do we value (socially) such work? Not nearly enough. Not everyone needs to have a Ph.D. This guy really saved my bacon, recently. Be really good at what you do. THAT is the secret…


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Don’t kid yourself,

25 Sep

you need your own business. There simply is no such thing as a secure job. Well, unless it’s your own business. And even that is not perfectly safe, by any stretch. Gone are the days where there were safe havens.

Here is the secret secret: be really good at what you do. Yes, some professions are more lucrative than others, but if you’re good you always have a good income. I don’t care whether you’re a cabinet maker or an attorney. Depend on yourself, there’s no one else to lean on. Obama and the Democrats say you can lean on the government and on the Democrats, they lie. Don’t be fooled.

Get your own business, and go from there. It can be selling key fobs.

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Oh my…

24 Sep

This is bad for Elizabeth Warren.

While I am no fan of licensing laws, they are in fact, the law. I thought the law applied to everyone…

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Just one more sign

24 Sep

of the Obama economy. Folks, this is the future of the country if you are not very carefulThis next election is crucial.

Let’s face it: a democrat economic model just does not work at all. We all know the real path to economic security, and it doesn’t matter if we are talking about a family or a country: budget well, spend less than you earn, avoid debt as much as possible, and generously squirrel away money for a rainy day. It’s really not that conceptually hard. There is no free lunch, contrary to what Obama and the democrats are peddling.

When I was in the Navy there was an enlisted guy I knew who had amassed a large “pot” of money over only 4 years of enlistment. I was amazed that he did this on a such a small salary; here I was a mid-level officer and yet he had far more than I did in terms of resources. He and his wife were very good at applying these principles. And I saw no evidence that they ever wanted for anything.

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