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I just heard that

31 Oct

George Lucas sold the Star Wars franchise to Disney. But I have one question for Lucas:

Why do you hate us so?

He has chronically bastardized those movies. Coercive bastardization.

Disney will do far better than Lucas ever did (he was/is a total idiot). You can’t even buy the originals anymore. Thanks, George, for foisting  your PC crap on us. Charming in a Gestapo sort of way…

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Beware Benghazi, Obama…

30 Oct

If Obama pulls the fat out of the fire and wins a 2nd term, there will be problems down the road. For Obama personally, the best thing (legally) may well be to lose this election.

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How bad was

30 Oct


I’m really not one for conspiracy theories, but I have a good idea of what actually happens in certain cases. I’m not really a Pollyanna.

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The MSM approach

29 Oct

to the Benghazi debacle:

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Don’t get cocky…

29 Oct

The Romney/Ryan crowd at this Ohio rally was… quite large.

Here is what success looks like:

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Good thing the leftists

29 Oct

are so dang “peaceful,” eh?

Oh, and watch your car if you don’t have the “correct” opinions.

Vee haff vays…

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There IS no voter fraud!

29 Oct

To believe that you really have to be willfully ignorant. The only other option is that you are a dishonest hack.

Obama may well win this election, but it won’t be legitimate. On a fair playing field he would lose badly.

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Sorry, but this is fishy…

29 Oct

Very fishy. Remember last time when military ballots were delayed and received too late to be counted? I’m sure this is just another strange coincidence…

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A local news reporter

28 Oct

puts the partisan media to shame.

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I don’t know if this rumor is true.

27 Oct

It would be incredibly damaging if it were true. The sad thing is that it is entirely believable. You will hear much more about this. Obama will try to hide it until after the elections, at least.

Others say it is not true.

Again, I’m not sure that it is true. But it certainly seems that it is possible that is true. It is NOT “nutty” as Ace of Spades says. Plausible, not “nutty.”

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