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Yeah, DUH!

29 Nov

Gee, this is news to the partisan media? <shakes head>

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Oh please have Obama try to get

28 Nov

Rice confirmed as Secretary of State. I would love to see it.

It will never happen, though (it would be a huge risk early in the Obama 2nd term–if he loses he is irrelevant from then on). But it would be great… And maybe Obama is so terminally full of himself that he would try.

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The truth is

27 Nov

that there is a nasty anti-poor classism in Wal-Mart bashing (almost universally). It is inherent in the argument. Maybe YOU can afford to shop in ritzy boutiques, but most of us can’t. And therefore we are grateful for Wal-Mart. Now if you don’t like it, don’t shop there. But there is a poor migrant worker who counts his lucky stars that he can get a made-in-China t-shirt for five bucks. So stop whining about it.

No one forces employees to work for a certain wages or benefits. That force is the domain of the left–that is the cloth such policies are cut out of. And that force has been amply demonstrated, from the Jacobins to Pol Pot to Barack Obama. You may get a smiley face at times, but you ALWAYS get coercion (and powder burns).

As a hard lefty friend of mine recently said about Obamacare taxes, they are just voluntary contributions made at the point of a gun. How true, how true.

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26 Nov

this a sign of the times?

Do it!

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24 Nov

appeasement. I guess you lick the hand that feeds you, eh?

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At Thanksgiving dinner

23 Nov

My 12-year-old son said,”Isn’t Eros The Greek God of nudity?”

I laughed and laughed. Yeah, something like that. My house is, uh, … INTERESTING.

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Was the bursting of the

23 Nov

housing bubble a result of Bush policies? Not hardly. We need to not be buffaloed by the MSM and the Obamaphiles (though I repeat myself). I wish we had a non-patisan media…

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More of that

23 Nov

Smart Diplomacy” that we’ve been hearing so much about, eh? <sigh>

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Happy Thanksgiving,

22 Nov


More posts tomorrow.

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Is a compromise

20 Nov

even possible?

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