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28 Feb

Total idiot.

But I think that climate change foolishness is coming to an end. We can only hope. I, for one, was never duped…

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On the sequester…

28 Feb

I hope it happens. There just seems to be no other way to get this President to stop his explosive spending.

But it’s not a huge deal, anyway. The sequester constitute 1 to 2% of the total budget. Let’s say that you make $85,000 a year. Next year, your pay is cut by 1%. That is a total of $850. Now, you are not going to like that. To me, that is a significant amount of money. But if you lost that, you probably would not go out and turn your cell phones in. You probably would not need to economize by turning off cable and eating only dry beans. Heck, you probably wouldn’t notice a difference at all. 10% you would notice; 1%, probably not.

So notwithstanding the hyperbolic and rather hysterical rantings of the President, this sequester would not be a big problem. It would be far better for the country for it to happen. I think a lot of us have already tightened our belt much more than 1%.

Don’t fall for Obama’s big ol’ nicotine tears. Don’t be duped yet again!

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27 Feb

madness. Hey, YOU guy re-elected this idiot!

You made your bed, now you get to lie in it. It’s unfortunate that the rest of us have to share in the bad results of your stupidity. [shakes head]

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Edits were made SOLEY

27 Feb

because of time. Right. Do I look stupid? No, really. Do I look stupid?

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It’s a really good

26 Feb


I think it is true that you have a landed gentry and then you have serfs, with very little in between.

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It’s only

25 Feb

the first. There will be MANY others. This guy is an idiot, a numbskull. The fact that the Democratic Party nominated him for President (and that some dupes voted for him) is a testament to utter foolishness. Has there EVER been a bigger buffoon in national politics?


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My reaction to The Oscars…

25 Feb

Who cares? I honestly don’t care one bit. There are MUCH bigger fish to fry. It’s not hate, it’s a total sense of not caring. Like I care what awards these pampered court jesters give themselves… It’s just irrelevant. They are freakin’ organ grinder monkey whose job it is to amuse me, nothing more. They may make a lot of money, but that has NOTHING to do with the crux of the matter.

They can indeed be amusing. But let’s not forget what they are. Let’s not expect truth-value here. That’s not part of the skill set. I mean, my thoracic surgeon may be very good at taking out chest tumors, but I shouldn’t think he is good at fixing a broken dispose-all because of that. No, I’ll hire someone else for that…

A man’s gotta know his limitations!

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Yeah, pretty much…

24 Feb

Even Juan Williams recognizes  the bias. And he is a raging leftist. I think it’s no accident that he uses violent imagery to describe what happens. It is part and parcel of the left and ALWAYS has been. Don’t be fooled by the smiley faces–the left is and always has been violent. It’s how they have always functioned. I am against such violence and force. Therefore, I am a conservative. It’s a moral  issue and not just a practical one.

We need to understand that we are talking about morality, here. Only those who actively ignore or are ignorant of history are leftists. Well, you have your psychopaths, too. But those are a very small portion of the left. Most are people of good will who have been horribly duped.

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23 Feb


Boot, meet butt…


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My kids went to a “concert”

21 Feb

Put on by a group from a local university. They said it was terrible–bad voices and horrifyingly bad choice of music. The Mendelian 2nd daughter kept running notes that were dang funny–and snarky. Even the 12-year-old thought it was horrid. And then the yokels in the audience gave them a standing ovation. Is that just the norm now? I thought it was supposed to be reserved for a truly exceptional performances! C’mon, folks! What is this, a grade school talent show?

I gotta admit, this made me chortle, but then I shook my head in despair–for several reasons.

You see this on shows like “American Idol.” People who delude themselves into thinking they can sing, but they stink to high heaven. That’s what happened tonight, and they were supported in their delusion by a conductor and by the audience.

The Mendelian Spousal Unit (MSU) is a fantastic (and quite tonally unusual) mezzo-soprano. It was a “party trick” for her to mimic the voice of Julie Andrews, and there are some real similarities (though Andrews was a good deal higher–freakishly high). Her mom is a great composer with with true perfect pitch (and professional musician who got music for a famous professional choir) and her dad was an operatic tenor who was offered a scholarship at the Vienna Conservatory of Music. I myself was a scholarship tenor in college and that’s how I met the MSU–though the MS has rather robbed me of my singing voice, now (one of my first symptoms). My mom was a good soprano who took organ lessons from a very famous person, and my sister is a decent soprano.

I’m not sure any of the kids got the MSU’s voice, but they are all decent or better.

I only say all that to show that the family is not totally ignorant about vocal music. And even the 12-year-old said the performance stunk. But I guess, to quote the dodo bird in Alice in Wonderland, “All have won and all must have prizes!” Sad, sad…