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It’s not the heat,

31 Mar

it’s the cold.

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Think so?

29 Mar

I just wanna say, “DUH!”

By no means is this even a little bit surprising…

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I’ve been arguing

28 Mar

this for several years now.


Good thing Obama kept all those

27 Mar

school kids from touring the White House (The People’s House) in order to save money due to the sequester! And no money for a kids’  Easter Egg  hunt this year–after all, they’re not voters. Never mind Joe Biden’s gratuitous travel and the HUGE bill associated with that…

Don’t yourself, Obama is trying to make this as painful as possible for you while making sure that he and the other “fat cats” are untouched. It’s really sad; here we have  American president who is bent on punishing and hurting the American people. Yeah, I question his patriotism. And his priorities.

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Sign of the times…

27 Mar

Well, it IS the age of Obama

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25 Mar

tax dollars at “work.” Nice to see all the belt-tightening, eh?

Nice “work,” if you can get it…

Tell me again, just WHAT official business was Biden on? Disgusting.

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So will the

25 Mar

Mediterranean turn into  a Russian Lake? Incompetence in the White House make this a whole lot more likely. It’s not your father’s world…

Yeah, things just happen!

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I’m trying to understand

25 Mar

how an assault weapons ban even could effectively reduce gun violence. Nope, can’t do it. It is totally illogical; it is folly incarnate (see: Harry Reid). Help me understand the “logic” behind this! How does banning “scary looking” guns while allowing functionally identical guns help? I just don’t get it.  It makes no rational sense, and while Harry Reid may be a horse’s butt, he is not an irrational horse’s butt.

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A good reason to ignore the enviro-wacko fools…

25 Mar

Yeah, duh!

If we listen to the useful idiots, we go down the wrong path.

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No matter who you are,

24 Mar

no matter how smart or good-looking or in shape or beautiful you are, you are going to die. I’m not saying that keeping yourself up is unimportant; I’m saying that there are bigger fish to fry.

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