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Nice career you’ve got.

30 Apr

Be a dirty shame if something happened to it….

Hey, it is the Chicago way.

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I’m telling you,

30 Apr

Marco Rubio is in some serious crapola! He’s getting worked on this, and I’m not the only one to notice. So either he’s a rube and an idiot or he is malicious. Neither are good options for him.

He couldah been uh contendah…

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Imagine a world

29 Apr

without limits! And while you’re at it, imagine unicorns that poop M&Ms.

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29 Apr

it’s starting.

Maybe it’s not too late to back out. But as Ricky Ricardo once said, “You’ve got a lot of ‘splaining to do.”

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Refuse to accept

29 Apr

the new normal.” It is merely an excuse for mediocrity and incompetence.

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As said on Powerline,

29 Apr

You don’t need a gun any more than you need a 7-quart pressure cooker! I mean, who makes 7 quarts of stew, anyway? Sheesh, let’s be reasonable, here! What kind of a nut needs a kitchen appliance like that? It’s not like you need a Vitamix, either–a regular blender will do just fine almost all of the time.

Don’t do it just for you, do it for the ones that you love…


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Good news!

28 Apr

Biden says that they will pass gun control before the end of the year. It’s good news because there has not been a major issue in decades that Joe Biden has not been wrong on. Smart money listens to what Biden says and then does the opposite. It’s the only safe and reliable route.

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27 Apr

pretty much. They ape Hollywood and then wonder why thinking people don’t take them seriously… They are of pedestrian intellect, for the most part.


Let’s face the facts.

26 Apr

GWB is smarter, WAAAAYYYY smarter, than YOU.

I know that lefties and the bleating media idiots (but I repeat myself) like to smugly criticize his intellect, but they are too stupid to know how wrong they are. They say that if you are in a group playing poker and you can’t immediately tell who the pigeon is, YOU are the pigeon. GWB just loved to have people underestimate him. True idiots like to have people overestimate them (can you say “John Kerry?”). These folks were easily snookered by the “aw shucks” persona of GWB and his occasional word sequencing issues. But GWB certainly played it to his advantage. And the country’s.

I have been saying for years that the verbal sequencing is NOT an indication of intelligence. Lefties misunderstand this at their own peril.


You might need to

26 Apr

protect yourself from the totally unexpected. Carrying concealed is like wearing a seat belt or having life insurance. You never know when you will need it, and maybe you will never. But my buddy wearing a seat belt doesn’t make it so I don’t have to. And my buddy’s life insurance will probably do my family no good.

Every now and again you hear someone (unthinking) say, “Well they are crazy. They will attack no matter what.” Yet this guy dropped the knife as soon as someone confronted him with a gun. Even a crazy person knows if it’s warm or cold outside… If somehow they don’t, I’m still protected. I’m trying to find the downside.

Let’s see, safe, training, decent judgment. Nope, it’s all there!

If this guy had known that two thirds of the people would be armed, and that he would be shot dead shortly after first brandishing the knife (a thought experiment), he would never have done this. If you care about the well-being of others, you are for concealed carry. If you want people to get hurt, you are a gun controller.


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