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On Bachmann being gone:

31 May

I was never much of a Bachmann fan, though of course she would be a HUGE improvement on what we have now.

But she is just too nutty. That was clear in the debates. She certainly clears the IQ bar, but she trips over the nut bar.

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I think it’s pretty clear what happened.

31 May

Obama was VERY afraid of a repeat of 2010. He could certainly see it coming. So he made it so “Tea Party” groups would be muzzled–he would prevent free speech on their part by intimidating donors and harassing the groups themselves. At the same time, he would grease the skids for pro-Obama groups. He would make it very difficult for the “Tea Party” folks to get their message out and simultaneously make it seem like they were fading away as a force. His record was horrible, but he wanted to be re-elected, so he resorted to tin-pot dictator tactics.

Mission accomplished.

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Just A LITTLE snooping

30 May

on Journalists!

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We’re going to be seeing

30 May

a lot more of this. And it totally makes sense, for doctors and for patients. And if only a few docs start doing this there will be a HUGE impact on others all across the nation. I’m seeing this more and more. In the city where I live, one of the most prestigious practices won’t take any insurance at all. It’s already started. It means that consumers will have to be wiser, and that docs will have to make sure that they are delivering actual value for the money. Where is the downside?

Already, there are many moving away from an insurance-based income.

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I have always liked Bob Dole

29 May

in many ways. He is a funny and a true war hero. But he has been political trash for quite a long time, and now he proves it yet again. There is a dang good reason he lost so lopsidedly to Bill Clinton. He was VERY much like the elder Bush. I’d like to chalk his current behavior up to creeping senility, but this is NOT a new thing. No, this is who he has always been. And more’s the pity… ┬áHe should just go away.

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Shooting yourself in the foot.

29 May

AKA, “pulling a Rubio.”

Rubio, rube; same thing. Let’s face it: he got worked.

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The sequester is great!

29 May

Painful, but great.

Well, not all that painful…

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There is a

28 May

whole lot of truth here.

When those who are the cause are so insulated from the effects, there is a problem. I don’t touch hot stoves. But if I couldn’t get burned, why be careful?

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In the famous words of Ben Franklin:

27 May

A republic, if you can keep it.

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The end of gun control.

27 May

It’s over. Yes, there will be a few last gasps, but it’s over. Gun control was destroyed by technology. You don’t have to be Nostradamus to see this future… And this is metal, not plastic.

Even before, anyone with a little bit of machine know-how could build a sort of gun. But now it’s really easy. And it will only get cheaper and more ubiquitous.

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