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That is freakin’ awesome!

29 Jun

Not that the rare bird died, mind you.

I wonder if some of these morons were big “green energy” freaks. I’m sure some of the readers were.

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Hmm. And you wonder why

28 Jun

people get so agitated about the 2nd amendment and government over-reach!

Hey, I’m sure it could never happen here! Right? Right? Bueller? Bueller?

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Why “moderate” positions are often

28 Jun

totally nonsensical (thanks  to Jonah Goldberg, though I’ve argued this same point many times over years).

Let’s say that you want to kill 100% of the Jews. I want to kill 0%. Is the moderate position to kill 50%? Is that “middle of the road?”

Sometimes the truly moral option is on one of the extremes. To  argue otherwise is to lapse into irrationality and immorality. It’s not “moderate” to kill half the Jews. To accept the mushy middle is often to be completely incoherent. If you want to go $100,000.00 in debt and I want to go $0.00 in debt, it makes little logical or rational sense  to agree that we should take the “moderate” position and go $50,000.00 in debt. Yet we get some soft-headed “thinkers” (I use that term extraordinarily loosely) who argue that! Sheer nonsense. It is an avoidance of clear and rational thought.

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27 Jun

I don’t even know what to say.

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Are we going to get a

27 Jun

flat tax? I sure hope so.

But I think the recent DOMA  decision moves that forward. We’re talking about marriage, not taxes, right? Well, the two are inextricably linked. How so, you may ask.

There are significant tax implications bound up with being married or being single. I think that’s wrong. A flat tax takes care of that issue. No matter who you are, you pay a flat rate. My wife has no income, and therefore she would be liable for no tax. Let’s say the tax rate is 17%. Well, 17% of zero is zero. Let’s say (to make things easy to calculate) that my net income is hundred thousand dollars. I can multiply that by 17% and get my federal tax. No  mortgage deduction, no child credits, no nothing. Social Security is just a tax, and it gets taken out like any other tax. There are no payroll taxes. You just pay your taxes according to what you owe.

Now I don’t care if you are married, single, married to your dog, your neighbor, the first 10 people  you find in Starbucks, or what. I just don’t care. Already, if you want to have your wedding in the Catholic cathedral, you have to go talk to the priest. I don’t care  if you’re Catholic or not–if you want the marriage there, you have to go talk to the priest.

I think it should be the same for all marriages. Everyone gets a civil marriage. It is a contract (kind of like a prenuptial), and the only thing that the government cares about. Then, you can get the marriage “solemnized” in any church you want. And each church gets to freely decide how to arrange that. Maybe you have to wear a curly blond wig for two weeks. Really, it makes no difference to me–I just don’t care. Each church decides what they will accept and what they won’t.

I guess that government can say that if you have a certain type of contract, you get certain kinds of treatment from them. But then they have to decide who can marry whom and under what conditions. That is a hassle, and totally unnecessary. It is also unfair. I would strongly recommend against it. In terms of divorce, it goes according to the contract, duh!

So where does a flat tax fit in? The issue is that you are taxed at the same rate regardless of your marital status. Once tax issues are removed from marriage issues, things get far more simple.

I personally don’t feel married because the state says I am. No, there are other reasons that I feel married. I personally think the church marriage is far more important–I don’t give a dang what the state says, but different people can have different beliefs. And it’s true that you would no longer get “one-stop shopping” at certain churches. Oh well. Already you have to go get a marriage license from the state. How would this be any different?


What of Privacy?

27 Jun

Would I change to a more secure system? In a heartbeat. If such a system comes along, Google and Apple will be crushed on that front. Apple can always just sell computers. But Google is far more vulnerable.


I’m telling you,

26 Jun

stick a fork in Rubio because he is DONE! Sorry, when you get prominent conservative bloggers trashing him, you know that his end is near.

And it’s not just a gentlemanly disagreement. No, Rubio is being called a liar. His run is OVAH! It’s not over because he is being criticized–he could certainly survive that. It is over because he has been shown to be a not-very-bright dupe. Romney was right to not choose him as a vice president candidate. Paul Ryan needs to be very careful or he will fall in the same pit. But I think he is significantly brighter than Rubio. He has certainly played it safer.

And it’s not just prominent conservative bloggers. There are a lot of conservatives now that see Rubio as a turncoat and as too unreliable. I don’t know if he got snookered by the Left, but he certainly deserves the opprobrium that is now being heaped upon him. Either he is a turncoat or he is stupid. There just is no good explanation for his behavior. Clearly, what we’re seeing is that he is not up to being President. it seems like he has hit his ceiling.

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26 Jun

Cleaning Obama’s clock. Well, yeah. Obama is an amateur. Putin is a professional. Professionals almost always kick butt on amateurs.

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I think we need to really understand

25 Jun

That there is no need for the President to call up the IRS and tell them to harass conservative groups. It was well understood by everyone that that was the appropriate and good thing to do. At least if you have financial concerns and want your job. As Sen. McConnell said:

So, no, I don’t believe that the President ever actually picked up a phone and told someone over at the IRS to slow-walk those applications or audit anybody. But the truth is, he didn’t have to. The message was clear enough.

As anyone with ever worked for another person knows, you do what you know pleases the boss. Obama has made it very clear what pleases him. You’d have to be a total, blithering idiot to not figure out where he stands. You really should read the whole thing.

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On Snowden…

25 Jun

I’ve had some regular readers asking why I have not commented on this guy. I guess the answer is, “it’s complicated.”

First of all, I’m not really impressed by Snowden. Whether or not he should be prosecuted is, as far as I’m concerned, an open question. But there’s little question in my mind that he broke the law. That is what they call in the law (if I recall correctly) the Actus Reus. In other words, the act or or the deed was done.

But my understanding is that there is another part that has to be fulfilled in order for certain crimes to have been committed. He has to have the Mens Rea or mental intention to commit a crime (not all crimes). That is far less clear in this case. His argument is that there is no Mens Rea and therefore there was no real crime. In other words, he was doing this to protect others, and not to sell secrets–not a spy but a whistleblower.

The bottom line is that I don’t know whether he should go to jail or not. Certainly, that eavesdropping information should be known to the public. As to whether he is guilty of a crime, I’m not sure. I do know that as stained as he seems to be, he provided a service in revealing these things. I’m not sure that that is a “Get out of jail free card,” but I’m open to the possibility. And it is in the interest of the Obamaphiles to show he was a moral dirtbag. He may well be a moral dirtbag, but that doesn’t mean he is not persecuted.

Now, the truth is that he is a dead man walking. Whether it looks like an accident or not, he will have been taken out. But now it’s a little late. The damage to Obama has already been done. But yeah, there will almost for sure be revenge. It’ll just be an unfortunate accident…


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