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No wonder

31 Jul

Lois Lerner pled the 5th. She appears to have committed crimes.

Knowing what has happened to others who have revealed criminal wrongdoing by this administration, Eliana Johnson ought to watch her back! There will never be proof, but what has happened has been extremely fishy.

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Wanna move to

31 Jul

Chicago? Why? No, I mean it. Why on earth would someone actually choose to live in that place? It’s a Hell-hole, and getting worse. And there is worse to come…

Those who can flee, do. Those who can’t are very unfortunate, indeed.

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31 Jul

Just wow. It keeps getting worse and worse!

“Mommy, make the bad people stop!”

I think it’s a voter issue, not a mommy issue…

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Let them eat

30 Jul


I eat a TON of these. I try to avoid carbs when possible and so I eat the meat out of it and throw away the bun. I can get that and a McChicken for 2 bucks plus tax. Cheapest and best meal I can imagine. Yeah, there is some breading on the McChicken. So sue me. Why on earth would I do anything else?

What a great country! Now I just want the food NAZIs to shut the frack up…


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As usual,

30 Jul

At least one of the hosts on the video clip is very crude. But the text in the article is right on. Hillary Clinton can be mad, but that doesn’t mean that this is not totally true. It is. Anthony Weiner is despicable. But to argue that Bill Clinton did not do much worse is to engage in farce and stupidity.

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Is violence EVER moral?

29 Jul

Of course it is. Only a fool thinks otherwise.

Let’s say you were witnessing someone being brutally raped, and there is no way to get the police there before it happens. You could stop the assault by firing a gun at the attacker. What is the moral thing to do?

Well DUH! The only moral thing to do is to violently stop the attack. Yeah, violently. Hopefully with a weapon (even if you are wicked tough you might get injured or incapacitated in the scuffle, and THEN where would the innocent victim be?). So there is one instance that took me about a millisecond to think of where violence is the right thing to do. So don’t give me some mindless crapola about how one is never supposed to be violent. That is simply not true, and every thinking person in the world knows it.

I think that one should avoid force and violence as much as possible. One should slaughter a hog with regret. But violence is indeed the right thing to do at times. I like hamburgers as much as the next guy. The fact that I pay someone else to slaughter the cow by no means clears me of moral responsibility. If slaughtering a cow is immoral, so is eating a hamburger. And vice-versa. If eating a hamburger is NOT immoral, neither is slaughtering a cow.

How you know what to do yet again brings us to the root of all morality–epistemology.



29 Jul

said. It really echoes what I have already said.

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I think it’s pretty clear that

28 Jul

Pelosi, the dems, and the rest of the self-proclaimed “feminists” actually don’t give a rat’s patoot about women (at least women who are not their cheerleaders). It is all a shameless scam. It is a farce and a fraud. I’ll believe that Pelosi is an advocate for women when I see her routinely criticize Anthony Weiner and Bill Clinton. Until then You can know for sure that it’s just a ruse meant to fool the stupid and the hacks.

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Here’s what

28 Jul

will happen. Bank on it.



Gee, I wonder

27 Jul


Actually, it’s obvious why. You’d have to be a freakin’ moron to not get it. To anyone who has EVER lived off the sweat of their own brow as a business owner, it is painfully clear. That’s why you NEVER vote for anyone who has not been a business owner (or partner) and lived off it. It’s not IQ, it’s life experience. But it leads to VERY bad financial and tax policy.

In short, this is NOT abstract knowledge. It’s the kind of knowledge you can ONLY get from experience.

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