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We have to bomb Syria

31 Aug

in order to know what’s in it!

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Honestly! How

31 Aug

freakin’ clumsy IS Obama? Bush is the master, in comparison.

Let’s not forget that Bush got approval from congress before he acted! Sorry, Bush was a far more skilled President. You may hold an irrational animus for him. You might have been duped by the partisan media. But let’s at least admit the plain facts.


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Oh yeah!

30 Aug

Let’s hear more about Obama’s “smart diplomacy.” And then we can talk about unicorns and the tooth fairy…



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30 Aug

You keep saying that. I don’t think that word means what you think it means. I think it’s time that we live in the realĀ world, here. Just because you name something certain thing doesn’t mean that it’s true. No, this is more than a little bit Orwellian.

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Look, I’m telling you again

29 Aug

that there is no voter fraud! Or it’s so small as to be insignificant (my own personal favorite fall-back position).

Sometimes I just shake my head in unbelief…


The tomatoes sure

29 Aug

needed a little man-madeĀ Global Warming! Well, it doesn’t exist…

The scientific data are quite clear on this. You wouldn’t want to be a science denier, would you?

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It will be VERY interesting

28 Aug

to see what happens in CO. No matter what, incumbents have been forced defend themselves and their policies, at no small expense in money and hassle (as well as personal pain). For example, someone (anyone) may sue you (for any reason) and let’s say they lose. You still had to hire an attorney and go through the very real personal trauma of being sued. So even if you win it is very painful to you. And if you lose…

Even if the judge rules that it was “frivolous” and the other side has to pay your attorney fees (which almost never happens), you still have the personal pain and the HUGE uncertainty of the suit. You don’t dare move, buy a car, or make any big change. Life is “on hold” for you.

So the very fact that these recall elections are happening at all is a big deal. And then if they are actually recalled, all heck will break loose. Yeah, this is already a very big deal.

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This dog don’t hunt!

28 Aug

By no means am I surprised. This was amazingly ham-fisted.

My son had his first day of school yesterday. He excitedly informed me that now they have “good” milk at school and not that nasty crap they had last year (that no one drank). I don’t know if this is related, but I suspect it is.


THIS is why

28 Aug

affirmative action is such a bad, bad idea.

The fact that I got As in P.E. in no way means that I can suddenly bench 300 lbs. Comptencies, not false accolades.


I really doubt

27 Aug

that we will get a fair and impartial media complex (at least in the traditional media), but it’s nice to see that every once in a while THEY even tell the truth. Dogs and cats living together, I know..

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