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So conservatism

30 Sep

is dead! Well, not quite dead yet…


Now we’re starting

30 Sep

to see some fallout from the NSA spying scandal. Good.


Even some hardcore lefties

29 Sep

are getting fed up¬†with the sycophantic, suck-up media. It’s pretty much the David Spade character in “Coneheads.”

But the media are in Obama’s pocket, and they simply won’t report anything that is negative about their boyfriend. But Obama doesn’t really like them; he just uses them for certain things. Like a battered wife, they just keep trying, thinking that it’s all their fault and they should just do more.. It’s psychopathology on both sides of the ball…

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Food for thought…

29 Sep


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People think the IRS clearly broke

29 Sep

the law. They simply don’t think the IRS will suffer consequences in any way. Unfortunately, that is probably correct.

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We need to understand

28 Sep

that this is the end result of ALL lefty schemes. They are just Ponzi scams, and sooner or later someone is going to be left without a chair. Pray it is not you.

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Hey, no one supports

27 Sep

the Tea Party anymore! Yeah, and monkeys might fly out of… well, you know the rest.

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Lois Lerner may retire, but

27 Sep

that doesn’t mean that the scandal is over. Far from it.

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Obama admits that

27 Sep

he did in fact raise taxes. Yeah, duh!

Did you believe Obama’s snake oil? Rube. Own it!

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“Global Warming” dupes

27 Sep

are getting their butts kicked.

Good. They richly deserve it. Many of us were smart enough not to buy the snake oil in the first place. But this was ALWAYS a leftist Trojan horse.

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