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The FTC: Keeping you safe

30 Nov

from unscrupulous piano teachers. Really? Really?!


You know, things often

29 Nov

change very quickly in politics. But as of right now, things don’t look good for the Democrats. Well, they SO richly deserve to get hammered. I guess we can always hope…

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What you “know” about the

29 Nov

Sandy Hook massacre is most likely wrong. The solution?: Armed resistance. There’s a very good reason why fancy-schmancy private schools have armed guards. It’s very related to the fact that one never gets massacres at fancy-schmancy private schools.  But who would want Hoi Polloi to have such protection? Who, indeed. I guess all animals are equal, but some are indeed more equal than others…

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It’s not really surprising to me

28 Nov

that there was outright fabrication of the jobs numbers right before the election. I’ve known too many people in gov’t to not know that this happens on a fairly regular basis. Yes, this was an egregious example, but it is egregious in quantity, not in kind. It probably started out as “gilding the lilly or “putting the best spin” on things–they were already a cheerleader. It then progressed from there in incremental steps to outright fraud. At no time would they have seen themselves as dishonest… And that’s really the pity.

But it was enough to fool the low-information rubes. The partisan hacks were always on board–they are “true believers” and are characteristically (and characterologically) impervious to facts and reality.

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28 Nov

I have a lot to be thankful for.


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Obama has to be careful

27 Nov

about being too honest and forthright. He can’t actually say what his real political philosophy is.

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It’s just

27 Nov

beginning. Wait until the employers start dropping their coverage en masse

We are already starting. We’re seeing the thin edge of the wedge.

I wish this were JUST incompetence. Yes, it is that, but there is also malice toward the existing structure.

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I’m telling you now,

27 Nov

gun control is dead. 3-D printers are only the latest reason for the demise, and there are far more fundamental ones. But it is dying–fading fast. And good riddance. Only the bitter dead-enders are still vainly trying to butcher that particular cow. It was always a stupid notion…

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Check your

27 Nov

weight before you do the “Plan B” pill!

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There is just no legitimate reason

26 Nov

for Police Officers to not be wearing lapel cameras. It just protects everyone. I don’t see legal clients/patients without the recorder going, you can bet on that!

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