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31 Dec

So a group of global warming freaks travel  to Antarctica to document “global warming” and get stuck in the too-early ice. Priceless!

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Well, it might well be

31 Dec

the case that you are paranoid. Still…


The utter stupidity of

30 Dec

gun-free zones just boggles the mind. What kind of moron believes this crap? You’ve got to be a combination of a moron, a killer supporter, and a moral midget to get on board with this.  I mean, honestly…


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Oh, goody!

30 Dec

Something else to worry about.

See, this is about values, morality, and culture as much as anything. Don’t lie to yourself. Don’t engage in self-deception.

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Think de-regulation

29 Dec

of health care won’t drive price down? Think again.

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As they say,

28 Dec

paranoia will destroy ya.

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Just what

27 Dec

is Warner seeing? He’s acting very worried, and it probably is for good reason. As I have intimated, this is an albatross around the democrats’ necks. If Obamacare actually goes into effect, they may be completely hosed for several generations.

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Yeah, maybe

27 Dec

the House should start voting on Obamacare again. It seems like this is a total loser for democrats, and republicans should again put them on record before November. And I would do it in the Spring, and let it be the center of campaign ads after that. And if I were a republican running, I’d pound the crap out of this.

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In defense of Scrooge…

26 Dec

I know the story was written with Scrooge as a caricature. That is the point of the story. OK, I get that.

But in truth, how many people did Scrooge employ or cause to be employed? If his clerk could have gotten a better job, why didn’t he? Was coercion involved? That seems to be key, here. After the “conversion,” did more or less people benefit? I mean, not just for one day, but for the whole year? Which Scrooge was better for the poor? Not for just one person, but for them all? Who really benefits if Scrooge goes under? Does anyone? Let’s be a little tough-minded about this.

Now I agree that kindness is important as a personal characteristic. But forced charity is absolutely NOT charity at all. Not possible. So does leftism, with its congenital tic of force, categorically prevent charity?

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The gift that

26 Dec

keeps on giving.

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