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The honest

28 Feb

university ad.

There are some good deals in education out there, but one has to be very careful! Being a really good plumber or electrician might well be a better option. Do the math. Depends on what you want to do and what your talents are. Not everyone is cut out to teach high level math. And that’s OK. The key is to be good at what you do. Those who are really good at what they do make a good living, regardless of the area. But that is not easy–it takes real and ongoing work. Welcome to the world, Adam.

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Empty threats

28 Feb

just put our nation at risk. Obama is a bumbler. He just doesn’t know what he’s doing. And yet fools voted for him over the competent Romney <shakes head>. Now we ALL get to share in the bad effects of their stupidity…

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The feminists howled over

27 Feb

and over that men don’t matter. They were horribly wrong. A lot of innocent people are paying the price for their rigid adherence to feminist dogma.

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Sorry, but Harry Reid

27 Feb

is truly despicable. I honestly don’t know how he lives with himself. He must have no conscience. Otherwise he would not be able to sleep. He appears to be totally immune to what is right. He’s a mental and moral midget. And it’s not just an isolated event, it is a characterological feature for him. It is simply beyond language to say just what a morally bad man he is. He richly deserves to burn in Hell. Just despicable. May God have mercy on his tarry soul. Thanks, Nevada! Way to go <shakes head in disgust and sadness>.

UPDATE: Yeah, he’s a dirtbag.

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It’s really

27 Feb

worrisome. And it’s not like Turley is a man of the right. Are we seeing the end of the American experiment? I sure hope not. It’s time for all good men and women to come to the aid of their country (to coin a phrase).

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Only “insignificant” voter fraud, eh?

27 Feb

Don’t be a fool or a clueless dupe.

Just because YOU would not do such a thing doesn’t mean that other’s won’t. Perhaps (at times) to the pure all things are pure, but some of us are pure AND can tell what the weather is outside and whether a stove is hot. Wise up! It’s time to be a little tough-minded rather that Pollyanna-ish. Don’t be a naif.

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The auto unions

26 Feb

are dead. Dead as Detroit. Dead men walking, but the writing is on the wall. And it says, “Thou art weighed in the balance and found wanting.” There may be a few skirmishes here and there, and the Unions will probably win one once in a while. Still, the ultimate outcome of the war has already been decided. It’s OVAH!

If you’re a Union Boss, retire NOW! If you are a rising star, avoid them like the plague. There’s just nothing good down that road…

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Look, I think

26 Feb

there should be no more “Mr. Nice Guy.”

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Just pray that you

25 Feb

don’t actually need treatment in order to live. Methinks I see democrat blood in the water. And that is only right and fair.

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Those of you involved in publishing

25 Feb

should read this. A word to the wise…


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